These Are The Best Devices For At-Home Laser Hair Removal

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There are many techniques to remove unwanted hair, such as plucking, threading, waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal. If you want professional-grade hair removal for smooth hairless skin, you can go to a spa or a dermatologist's office to do it too.


According to Mayo Clinic, laser hair removal removes unwanted hair using a concentrated beam of light that damages the hair follicles that hair grows from. While some claim laser hair removal is permanent, it usually slows down hair growth, and you'll need multiple treatments depending on the area of the body. One session lasts between 30-60 minutes and can be painful, explains American Academy of Dermatology. You might experience some swelling, redness, and irritation after your treatment, so it's important to follow the aftercare procedures.

The cost can depend on factors such as the area of hair removal, your location, and the medical professional. Alabama-based dermatologist Cory L. Hartman told Forbes Health, "Individual treatment session costs are generally in the range of $100 to $800." The average cost was about $389 in 2020, per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


In-office hair removal can be pricey, but thanks to modern technology, we have at-home laser hair removal devices. They aren't cheap, but they are much cheaper than getting the procedure done at a spa or doctor's office. If you're tired of shaving and waxing and want to try laser hair removal at home, here are the best devices.

Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5

If you're tired of shaving every day in the shower and want easy at-home laser removal, Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 is an excellent choice. According to Braun, it uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to remove hair by targeting melanin in hair follicles, which prevents hair growth for up to four weeks. It has ten settings so that you can customize it based on your skin type and pain tolerance. It has an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars.


It has a SensoAdapt technology that can automatically adjust the IPL strength depending on which part of your body you're using it on, however, this device isn't best for light hair color or dark skin, notes Forbes.

The Braun Silk-Expert pro 5 is a best seller on Amazon and boasts an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 5,000 reviews. "Quick results, and very little pain," raves one happy customer and added, "I noticed a big difference in my armpits and face after 4 weeks (using once a week), and that was my primary goal. There were a few stubborn spots that took 8-12 weeks, but it's been well worth it. I'm only using on bikini and legs every 2-3 weeks, but I'm seeing results there too."

Silk'n Flash And Go Express Hair Removal Device

If you're not a fan of the pain associated with waxing or the razor bumps post-shaving, an at-home laser hair removal device can save you from all that. Dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick told Harper's Bazaar, "Because using lasers offers a more targeted treatment, they reduce the potential of irritation or bumps that may be associated with shaving or waxing." Dr. Garshick added that laser hair removals keep you hairless longer too.


If you're going on vacation and want a quick and easy way to remove hair, you need Silk'n Flash And Go Express Hair Removal Device. According to the brand Silk'n, it has faster pulses called Home Pulsed Light Technology (HPL) that can remove hair in half the time and it's great for hard-to-reach places because of the size. It has 4.1 out of 5 stars. It has five modes, and you will notice hairless skin in four treatments (via Forbes).

It's much cheaper than other at-home laser hair removal devices and work equally well, if not better. With an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, one reviewer said, "Yes, this really works. I started using this early December, and my bikini line and upper lip are pretty much non-existent. This works. I also used it every 3 days. I am very light skin with dark hair."


Yachyee Ice Cooling Laser Hair Removal Device

Laser hair removal can be slightly painful, and you can feel a burning sensation. However, the Yachyee Ice Cooling Laser Hair Removal Device reduces the pain of hair removal by cooling the skin as it slides across, not to mention it's pretty affordable (via Women's Health). It's cheaper and less painful than other at-home laser hair removal devices, but due to its size can take longer to remove hair in larger areas. It can remove hair on the face, armpits, legs, or bikini area, as it has two modes for smaller and larger areas and nine levels to adjust based on your skin type.


To use any at-home laser hair removal device carefully, dermatologist Dr. Arash Akhavan told Forbes, "The only risk is a burn, but if the settings are set and the treatment is executed correctly, it is typically very safe and effective."

It has an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with one reviewer saying, "I've spent way too much money on professional laser services. They've done what they needed to but at a high cost. I love this laser. It totally works and has saved me money (legs are expensive to laser)."

JOVS Venus Pro

If you want to remove hair while getting antiaging benefits, you should get yourself the Jovs Venus Pro. This snazzy-looking device comes with changeable heads to help remove hair from different parts of your body (via Jovs Beauty). You can use the Photo Rejuvenation, SR Mode to help treat skin conditions like fine lines, sunspots, pores, and dry skin. Healthier and younger-looking skin with no hair is quite a combination to beat. It's pricey, but it comes with six interchangeable heads, a cooling setting to make it less painful, and a feature to improve the quality of your skin, so it packs many punches for one device, per Forbes.


It has an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars, and one reviewer said, "this device is the real deal. I've used it for about three weeks now and definitely have major results. I'm old-school, and I usually do the waxing thing on my legs, but I'm going to use this from now on. I also noticed after using it just for a couple of weeks that the hair wasn't growing back as quick, and it's crazy, but my age spots from sun damage seem like they've faded." It does improve the quality of your skin after one use, as revealed by an Amazon reviewer who had some very dark spots on her face. She said, "After the first application, I noticed that the skin around the spots was lighter."