Aftercare Tips That Will Keep Your New Lip Piercing Healthy

Jewelry is one of the best accessories out there. From a chunky necklace to a delicate bracelet, you can't go wrong with a little bling. That's why it's no surprise we endure a little pain to make room for more spots to hang our jewelry. The lip is no exception. According to Body Art Guru, there are 18 different lip piercings. That's a lot of ways to bedazzle your puckers.


However, before you go under the needle, know the truth about lip piercings. Being familiar with the aftercare procedures will save you a headache. Like with any piercing, infection is likely without the proper care, and Healthline warns that lip piercings are especially inclined to getting infected. That likelihood is heightened earlier in the healing process due to how easily the wound comes into contact with food and bacteria. Don't let this smash your lip piercing dreams, though. We're here with tips to keep your new lip piercing healthy.

Lip piercing aftercare

First things first, clean your piercing site. WebMD recommends using a saline solution and a paper towel or tissue to pat it dry. You want to avoid particles and fibers from infiltrating the piercing, and cotton pads are frequent to runway fibers. The outlet also recommends rinsing your mouth with an antibacterial alcohol-free mouthwash four to five times a day as the piercing heals. Be sure to rinse after every drink and meal and prior to going to sleep.


As you can see, your lip piercing will take a lot of maintenance to keep it clean and safe from bacteria and possible infection. Even kissing can transfer bacteria to your new piercing. As tempting as it may be to ignore these warnings and enjoy your piercing, you should take heed and closely observe your piercing during the healing process. Healthline warns that redness, discharge, and swelling can be signs of an infection; though, of course, this is also normal for a new piercing. If these symptoms persist after a couple of weeks, however, it's best to reach out to your piercer or doctor.

How long does it take to heal

The good news is that you won't have to stick to these rules forever. Authority Tattoo notes that most lip piercings take up to eight weeks to heal. However, some can take longer, around three months. If you follow the aftercare tips, though, it can prevent elongating the healing process. During this time, remember to forgo activities that will irritate your lip and expose the piercing to bacteria.


When your lip piercing heals, you'll have the pleasure of changing the jewelry. This will be the exciting part, but don't jump the gun. Changing a piercing before it heals properly can cause the piercing to close, or bacteria to enter the wound. Piercee notes that for your initial piercing, it's best to opt for a simple design like a labret or stud. If you're unsure your lip piercing is ready to change, consult your piercer. They know best and can help with swapping out the jewelry.