Ariana Grande's Hairstylist Shared The Secret To Her Perfectly Flipped-Out Pony

From her success on shows such as "Sam and Cat" to her flourishing music career, Ariana Grande has made a name for herself in more ways than one. And while she may be famous for her various talents, the actor and singer is also known for her signature appearance. For one, Grande is known for her short stature. In an interview on the Zach Sang Show, the Florida native was asked why she always rehearses in such high heels. "I don't have a choice," she admitted. "I'm like, 5...I'm just five. Nah, I'm 5'2" (here's how tall Ariana Grande really is). 


Another signature feature of Grande's? Her hair. In an interview on the Zach Sang Show, the host spoke about Grande's hair evolution over the years, stating that the singer had been somewhat "publicly defined by her hair." When speaking about her time on "Victorious," Grande said, "the red was Cat, and that was very much a character, and that is very much a part of my life that I love and am grateful for...but again, it's not me."

Over the years, Grande's hair has changed a lot from her Nickelodeon days until now. Instead of bright red hair, Grande is now known for rocking her distinctive long and high ponytail. If you've ever dreamed of recreating this "Positions" singer's signature hair look, you've come to the right place.


To create Ari's signature updo, having the right products, brushes, and hair tie is essential

There's one man who deserves a lot of credit when it comes to Ariana Grande's stylish updo, and that's Josh Liu. The professional hairstylist has been by Grande's side since her "Dangerous Woman" days and is the visionary behind the singer's current ponytail look, which he describes as "flirty, girly and sexy," in an interview with Vogue. To get started with the look, Liu emphasizes that you need the right tools, including the appropriate product, brushes, and hair ties. Liu names his go-to hair essentials in his step-by-step guide.


If you are a wavy-haired or curly-headed cutie, straightening your hair is the first step to creating Grande's flipped-out ponytail. Next, Liu sculpts the ponytail and goes in with his first round of products. "I recommend using the vegan boar bristle brush from Diane and smoothing up the sides," Liu suggests. "Then, use an edge control to make sure you get it super sleek and combine it with a firm flexible gel and a light spray of extreme-hold hairspray." 

While it might seem counter-intuitive, the next step is to undo the ponytail. Liu likes using the Popular Brush by Mason Pearson to do another round of sleeking and smoothing and adds more hair product if needed.

Use a hair tie that's strong and secure

According to Josh Liu, the most crucial component of the ponytail process is the tool that holds it all together: the hair tie. "Your choice has to be strong, stretchy, and durable enough to prop your ponytail up and last all day," Liu shared with Vogue.


The hair stylist's weapon of choice is The Hair Tie by Útiles Beauty. "I recommend looping the hair tie twice around your hand and then sliding it over your ponytail, then pull the loops as tight as possible," Liu advised. Liu tends to loop the hair tie approximately eight times for maximum security.

The final step? Volumizing. "I recommend adding dry shampoo or some texture spray, then start teasing the base of your pony, working your way from the bottom upward." Use an extreme hold hairspray on each section and massage with a tool such as the T3 Singlepass Curl iron. Liu advises that you "gently brush out the uppermost layers of each section...but not too much, as you don't want to brush it completely out." No pressure!


Voila! If you follow these steps carefully, you should end up with a ponytail, just like the "Thank You, Next" singer that hits all the right notes.

Another note: To keep her hair healthy and nourished, Grande likes to apply coconut oil to her hair when she's not all dolled up (via Allure).

Ariana Grande prefers a high ponytail over any other hairstyle

Many people often wonder why Ariana Grande is always seen rocking a high ponytail. As it turns out, this hairdo isn't purely about comfort or making a statement — this signature style all started because of the former Nickelodeon star's damaged hair.


The "7 Rings" singer opened up about the situation in an emotional Facebook post. "I had to bleach my hair and dye it red every other week for the first 4 years of playing one would assume, that completely destroyed my hair." Grande described the ponytail as "all that works for now (AND I'm comfortable for the first time in years)."

While this hairstyle might have spawned out of necessity, Grande now wears her hair this way because it's the way she likes it best (via Byrdie). Grande even has a song dedicated to her locks (this is the real reason fans can't get enough of "My Hair"). When promoting her "Sweetener" album, Grande shocked fans by revealing her naturally curly hair.

To reassure fans that her high pony wasn't going anywhere, the Boca Raton-born star took to her since-deleted Twitter account. "My god going back to a high pony after a few days of not wearing a high pony is ........ a remarkable feeling," Grande tweeted. "i'm just ....... supposed to have a high pony u kno ? some things are just meant to be and this is jus one of those things" (via Glamour).