How To Do A Scalp Facial At Home

We tend to turn to a relaxing facial or spa treatment when considering a self-care moment. Soothing skin treatments are a great way to spend time with yourself and deliver various benefits. One area that tends to be forgotten during these moments is the scalp. Although we rarely give extra love to the scalp, it's an essential area. Having a healthy scalp will stimulate hair growth and help it be healthy and look its best. One way you can start taking extra care of your scalp is by indulging in a scalp facial. Sometimes called a head spa, a scalp facial is the newest addition to spas for some extra relaxation.


If you plan to head to the spa for a scalp facial, HelloGiggles explains that you can expect it to cost between $60 and $150. In certain situations, scalp facials can go over $150 if they involve a more complex treatment. While it's nice to head to the spa for a pamper, you can also give yourself a scalp facial from the comfort of your home. Knowing how to do your scalp facial is one easy way to add a self-care moment to your monthly routine.

How to give yourself a scalp facial

Giving yourself a scalp facial doesn't have to be expensive or challenging. According to Hair, scalp facials help unclog your scalp of dead skin cells, oils, and dirt. Like a regular facial, the purpose is to leave your scalp clean and free of unnecessary debris. To begin a scalp facial, you need to start with a pre-treatment. A pre-treatment usually involves exfoliating and cleansing the scalp of foreign elements clogged in the area.


Hair Gain adds that after your pre-treatment, you need to follow up with shampoo and conditioner. If you want a targeted application, use a scalp brush or applicator to apply the product directly to the scalp. Afterward, apply a nourishing hair mask that can lock in some new moisture, so your hair remains hydrated. Before rinsing out the hair mask, give yourself a nice scalp massage with your hands or a scalp massager. Start at the nape of the neck and work your way upwards to help rub the mask into the scalp. Once the time of your mask is done, ensure you rinse it off entirely. Let your hair air dry, as it's a safer alternative.

Benefits of a scalp facial

While the scalp facial might seem excessive for some, it's a key area you want to maintain in good shape. As scalp therapist and certified trichologist Bridgette Hill explains to Mane Addicts, "In a scalp facial, the goal is to remove the buildup of imbalances that create scalp conditions and products to allow scalp function to fuel and feed the hair follicle to keep it functioning properly to produce healthy hair." Hill explains that scalp facials are essential for those who perhaps suffer from excess sebum production, itchiness, or flakes. A good scalp facial will help clear some of these issues and give your scalp a brand-new start.


Skincare by Alana adds that not only is a scalp facial vital for a healthy hair journey and healthier scalp, but it can also help those under loads of stress. Accumulated stress can show itself as shedding and hair thinning, and taking moments to relax your scalp can release some of the tension and stress you hold.