This Viral Hack Is The Easiest Way To Get The Dimpled Look Without The Dimples

Leave it to Tiktokkers to make the impossible possible. From creating doll-like cherub lips to faking an eye lift, beauty creators on the clock app have found a hack for just about everything. Ever since contouring became mainstream, a beauty trend that resurfaced around 2012, according to Yahoo, the makeup world has become obsessed with finding new ways to enhance, chisel, and carve out dimension to what was previously a flat matte face. Now, as we contour smaller noses and higher defined cheekbones, another shocking beauty discovery has been made.


Dimples, for an unknown reason, seem to have a hold on us. They make for the most adorable and desirable smiles yet only account for 20% to 30% of the population, according to MedicineNet. Their mysterious allure is so captivating that many go under the knife to come back with adorable smiles. However, thanks to beauty creators on Tiktok, you can recreate attractive clefts within minutes at home.  

Create a dimpled shadow with contour

One of the first to go viral for her dimple makeup look is Tiktok creator @mefrga. Her shaded cheek look gained over one million views, with even makeup moguls at Fenty Beauty reposting and recreating the contoured look. To carve out dimples, you simply need a trusted contour kit to get started. It's up to you whether you want to opt for a matte or liquid contour, but whatever you have in your makeup drawer should be just fine. 


On Instagram, Melissa starts with a full face of glam, having already finished her foundation, highlight, contour, and blush. Ready to draw on the dimples, you simply apply contour where dimples would appear, which is usually an inch down outside the corners of the mouth. Fenty, as well as MUA influencer Serena Lakkiss, go a step further and accentuate the shading with a pencil stick to create the illusion of a deep indentation. Buff out, blend, and voilà.

The internet stops at nothing to achieve beauty

Others wanting in on fake dimples are trying out the trend in less comfortable ways. Labeled the "stabby pencil method," TikTokers are finding out they can indent the skin by using the bottom of pencils. How, you may ask? Well, YouTube influencer Brett Maverick swears by this method instead of going under the knife. He takes two pens on the other sides of each cheek and applies pressure into the natural divots below the cheekbone. He claims by practicing this method for 10 to 15 minutes each day, you'll slowly develop dimples over time. Ouch. We'll stick to our contour; thank you.


The pencil method surprisingly has rave reviewers, with TikTokers claiming to have created long-lasting dimples by using the methods years ago. Others are even using a bottle cap to achieve the look by placing it inside the cheek and poking a hole from the exterior. It seems that the internet will stop at nothing to recreate the most desirable beauty standards.