What You Should Know Before Going Platinum Blond

Changing up your hair color is an exciting moment for anyone. While some people go for a more natural look, there's those who like to push it out of the box and go for a vibrant color. This trend of dyeing your hair a unique color is not new, but the newest trending hair color is definitely modern. 


Recently, we have seen celebrities and fashion icons going a vibrant and dramatic platinum blond. Model Gigi Hadid surprised fans when she unveiled her own platinum blond locks in 2022 that have since become her own staple look (via Instagram). Since then, various celebrities have debuted their own version of platinum blond hair. Like any good beauty trend, this hue has become a must-have hair color in Hollywood and around the world.

As with any drastic hair change, getting platinum hair comes with its challenges. As beautiful as the hair color looks, there are some factors you want to take into consideration before requesting it at your next hair appointment.

How to get platinum blond hair

Achieving platinum blond hair is no easy task. According to iDiva, to go platinum blond, you need to have as healthy and unprocessed hair as possible. Bleaching dyed hair is extremely challenging, meaning if you plan to get platinum hair, you need to stay away from dye for around six months beforehand. In the meantime, start slowly start trimming any existing dyed hair. 


Depending on your hair color and type, the process of going blond will look different. Your hair will go through various bleaching stages before the color is applied. This process will ultimately take a long time, so don't be surprised if you find yourself at the salon for a full day, or if it takes multiple appointments to reach your desired tone.

Platinum blond hair can come in a warm or colder tones, and you should be aware of which exact hue you're after. Before your appointment, ensure you have photos to show your stylist. And of course, the top recommendation before coloring your locks is to find a hair stylist trained in dyeing platinum blond hair. Dyeing your hair platinum blond can be hard on your strands, as it lifts the outer cuticle and impacts the bonds inside the hair, per Philip Kingsley. But the best stylists will take extra care to reduce as much damage as possible during the bleaching process. 


Also keep in mind that switching your hair color to platinum blond is a long-term commitment, as it can be equally as difficult to change it back. If you're having second thoughts, it might be better to cancel your appointment.

Maintaining platinum blond hair

Getting platinum blond hair is only part of the task; the other half is maintaining it. Keeping a stark hair color healthy is time-consuming, and you should definitely keep this in mind before asking for this color. Polished & Pink blogger Aoife recommends going in for regular touch-ups at the salon. As much as we would love to naturally maintain our hair color with no effort, the reality is you'll need some extra help in keeping up the platinum. Don't be surprised if you find yourself in the salon chair every four to six weeks.


To help maintain your color at home, there are a few products you need to have on hand. LovelySkin recommends using purple shampoo to tone your color. One of the most common problems with dyeing your hair platinum blond is getting a yellow shade afterward. The purple shampoo will remove these yellow tones and keep your color bright and fresh. Using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners will also help keep your color from fading. Sulfates found in regular shampoos and conditioners can affect the chemicals in hair dye and strip the color, so it's important to stay away from these products.