Do You Need To Swap Out Your Haircare Products Regularly For Maximum Effectiveness?

When it comes to hair care, there are plenty of rumors and rules said to help us achieve our best hair. Many of these rumors have been passed down from generation to generation without any doubt. One example of a popular opinion is that to get the best out of your shampoo and conditioner, you need to use products from the same brand. However, according to experts, this is simply a myth. Hairstylist and salon owner Nunzio Saviano explains to Women's Health Magazine, "It's almost like you're treating two different hair textures. One is from the scalp to the mid-shaft, and [the other is from] the mid-shaft to the ends. It never has to be the same brand." So with this myth busted, we need to examine other popular rumors.

Another rule constantly promoted is to switch out hair products to keep up the effectiveness. It's important to wonder whether this idea really holds true for your hair.

Should you be switching out your haircare products?

There's no evidence that your hair strands get used to any singular product. This is good news for those who are keen on one particular brand or product. Trevor Sorbie explains that while your shampoo and conditioner can have different effects on your hair at different times, it's not because your hair strands are accustomed to the product.

There are plenty of factors that may cause a shampoo or conditioner to no longer work as it once did. Changing environmental and chemical factors could affect your hair, meaning your hair products will no longer have the same results. For example, changes in the weather or having your hair color-treated can contribute to your hair no longer reacting to products in the same way.

Living Proof Test Salon Stylist Molly Leahy explains to Mane Addicts, "If your current routine and products are serving you well and making your hair look and feel great and act the way you want, stick with them. If you find, after a period, that your hair products and routine are no longer giving you the same results that make you love your hair, that is a sign it's time to try something new. For some people, this could be every couple of weeks or months and for other people, it could be years." There is no set moment when you should switch out your products other than if you notice a lack of efficiency.

How to pick the right products for your hair

Another reason why you might find that your hair products aren't doing anything to your hair is that they simply aren't the right products for you. Senior Stylist James Valiant suggests via Huffington Post to examine the needs of your hair, even if they are a wide variety.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the needs of one (either shampoo or conditioner) are the same as the other. However, it is possible that your scalp is oily and needs extra oil control, while your ends are dry and need moisture. Examine your scalp to determine what you need to get out of your shampoo. For your conditioner, look at the mid-shaft to ends (per Women's Health Magazine). 

Rev Air suggests adding additional products on an as-needed basis. If your hair is already healthy and in a good state, there's no need to overwhelm it with unnecessary products. Using products that aren't needed could potentially end up hurting your healthy hair. Protein treatments, for example, should be added to your routine only if they are warranted.