Here's Why You're Going To Want To Add Vitamin F Into Your Skincare Routine

If you're a fan of skincare products and have the best ingredients in your routine, you probably have researched the importance of vitamins. Besides being vital in your nutrients, vitamins are essential to your skincare routine. Herbal Dynamics Beauty explains that skincare products that are infused with vitamins can help prevent problems like wrinkles, uneven texture, and dark circles under the eyes. With so many benefits of incorporating vitamins into your skincare routine, it's no doubt that many look for products infused with vitamins. However, like many skincare ingredients, there are still specific vitamins that are little known in the skincare industry.


One of the ingredients that are currently rising in popularity is vitamin F. While not as well known as other vitamins, vitamin F has plenty of benefits that can level up your routine. Knowing how to incorporate vitamin F into your skincare routine correctly will help you get one step closer to your skincare goals. Even though consumers are just learning about vitamin F benefits, this ingredient has already started to become a staple in many skincare routines.

Benefits of adding vitamin F

Like other vitamins we already have in our skincare routines, vitamin F can do plenty to help give us healthy and glowy skin. Indagare Beauty explains that vitamin F is a mixture of two fatty acids that are vital for great skin, however, they aren't made by the body and need to be added into our routines topically. Some of the general benefits of vitamin F include locking in moisture, controlling inflammation, protecting against the sun and other external triggers, and delivering glowing skin.


Perricone MD adds that ingredients like chia seed oil, flaxseeds, and macadamia seed oil that contain vitamin F all contribute to healthy skin with their anti-inflammatory properties. They help lock and maintain the skin's moisture levels, ensuring that your skin maintains its plump and hydrated look. Vitamin F helps bind the skin's cells to repair and defend the moisture barrier responsible for protecting against outside triggers like pollution, UV rays, and dirt. Vitamin F can also help add moisture back into the skin as it also acts as a powerful moisturizer. An all-around beneficial ingredient, vitamin F is a versatile component that does many jobs at once.

How to incorporate vitamin F into your routine

Considering everything vitamin F can do for your skin, it's no doubt you will want to add some to your skincare routine. Skinkraft mentions that vitamin F is gentle enough to be used daily and is flexible enough to be added to any segment of your skincare routine. One recommended way of using vitamin F is by using a vitamin F-infused toner after your cleansing. If you want to use a topical vitamin F, you may do so twice a day for targeted action.


Total Beauty explains that if you want to use vitamin F to the fullest of its potential, you may want to stick with oil or fat-based products. Water-based products may dilute vitamin F, unlike these other formulations. To best get vitamin F into your skin, you will want to ensure it goes into the skin directly. Vitamin F needs to be active to penetrate the skin to work on a cellular level, as opposed to just laying on top of it. This ingredient is ideal for any skin type, from dry to oily.