What To Consider Before You Shave Your Eyebrows Off

Invisible eyebrows are the style right now, thanks to another round of Gen Z trends. There have been countless eyebrow trends that have come and gone, some cute and some perhaps questionable depending on your preferences. But that is what makes beauty and makeup all the more fun. From the '90s and early 2000s over-plucked look, to the eyeliner brow, to the big, bold arched look of the 2010s, you have probably seen it all (via Rush).

Today, no eyebrows are the new eyebrows, whether this is achieved through the illusion of bleached brows or completely shaving them off. Using makeup is another great way to create this illusion of invisible brows for the people who don't want to completely remove them. Either technique helps create a blank canvas to create your own style of eyebrows with makeup or simply for the "no eyebrow" (real or drawn) look. However, for those who love to make bold fashion statements, shaving them is the way to go. Because it's a riskier move, there are several things to consider before making the jump (via Make My Shave). It is a process that may require a lot of care and patience throughout, and it is important to know how to approach it.

Approach shaving your eyebrows with care

Because your eyebrows are on your face, you need to approach the act of shaving them with care for the sensitive skin around them. "It is safe to shave your eyebrows as long as you do it with care and use the right tools and products and clean them properly," CEO of Rubis Tweezers Fides Baldesberger tells PopSugar. With the skin's sensitivity in the area around your eyebrows, there is also a risk of cuts, nicks, bleeding, or other forms of damage to the skin. If done without proper precaution, this could lead to scarring or irritation. This is why Baldesberger advises shaving your eyebrows with the right tools and techniques.

Many experts consider eyebrow-shaving to be quite the radical move. Not only will it drastically change your appearance, but it might also take time for your eyebrows to grow back. "It'll definitely change your entire look, so it's not something to take lightly," brow expert Joey Healy tells Healthline. "They will grow back, but it will take time." Healy and other experts do say, however, that shaving them is not actually damaging the hairs down to their root follicles. Because of this, the regrowth will start coming back in the form of a stubble fairly quickly after shaving them. As it grows out, it will appear "spiky" before lying flat in its natural state. This part of the process will certainly require some patience.

How to shave your eyebrows

If you are going to shave your eyebrows, you need to do it strategically. First and foremost, you do not want to use a regular razor like the one you would use for shaving your legs or other parts of your body. Board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara tells Allure that you should use a razor with one or two blades for a more precise shave, as well as using shaving cream. "When you add shaving cream, it is like the hair is [being] gently cajoled out of its home," she says. "Without shaving cream, it is like someone came in [with a] bullhorn and yanked it out of bed."

According to Gillette Venus, a popular eyebrow shaving technique is using short strokes. You will want to carefully stretch your skin toward your forehead with your non-dominant hand to make the surface easier to work with, per Healthline. When you start shaving, do so in the direction of the hair growth or in a downward motion. Avoid textured areas as much as possible, and don't shave over the same area too many times to avoid irritation or razor burn. Upon finishing, cleanse your face and eyebrow area. 

Use alcohol-free soothing creams or moisturizing lotions on the area afterwards to help calm the skin, reduce redness, and boost healing. Topical gels or aloe vera can  help to ward off post-shave itchiness, too.