How To Style Sequins For The Holidays - And The Mistakes To Avoid

There's nothing that screams Christmas more than glitz and glam. During the holiday season, there's no lack of glitter and shimmer. Far from being just a great holiday decor tool, sequins are the latest must-have item to add to your closet. For various holiday events and parties, sequins are a staple, and that's exceptionally true in the post-lockdown world. As Fall 2022 collections have debuted around the globe, it's become obvious that extravagance is a common theme. Designers like Altuzarra and Bottega Veneta have showed off the fun sequins can bring to the festivities.

While we are all used to seeing sequins dominating holiday parties, it can be challenging to style them. Because sequins tend to be over-the-top and make a statement, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by sequined pieces. Is there such a thing as too many sequins?

While everyone's preferences will differ, the truth is that sequins are almost a necessity for any holiday party. Here are our top tips for styling them. 

Pair your sequins with a non-sequined item

When styling your sequins piece, it can be overwhelming to find what to wear with it. The best option you have is to pair your sequined piece with a non-sequined item. Your non-sequined item can be anything from a graphic t-shirt to a tailored blazer. Shown in a photo on her Instagram page, entrepreneur Crystal Waldner pairs a rose-gold sequined dress with a cropped fur jacket. This combination is chic and elegant, and can work perfectly for any holiday party.

Don't mix and match sequined colors

Sequins on their own are a fun and exciting texture to add to any look. But when you mix in colors, the result can be a little too much. Instead of styling a sequin top of one color with sequined pants of another color, try going for a multi-colored one-piece for your next holiday party. Alternatively, stick to the same colors. This pink Sherri Hill suit posted to Instagram by White Hill Formal looks so chic because of the monochrome factor.

Add a knit piece

Sequins can be a rough texture on any outfit. For the holiday season, try adding a soft knit piece that will soften and lighten up any look. Influencer Füsun Lindner shared on Instagram how a creamy neutral knit is the perfect balance against edgy gold sequined pants. Mixing contrasting textures is ideal for a cozy but chic festive look.

Forget the over-the-top accessories

There's no denying that sequins make a loud statement. When wearing your sequined outfit, the last thing you want to do is go overboard with the accessories. Plus style expert Rochelle Johnson looks divine in this black sequined suit and needs no more than a simple (yet very chic) belt to pull the look together (via Instagram).

Go big with other textures

For those who like to be bold with their holiday party wear, sequins can be the perfect base to create your look. Instead of limiting yourself to just sequins, pair them with other fun textures, which will help to turn the sequins into a statement piece. London-based blogger Patricia posted this photo to Instagram, which shows the stunning pairing of sequins, a wool turtleneck, and a leather bag. By balancing out these textures, you can get the ideal mix.

Don't be afraid to pile on the sequins

Although sequins aren't for everyone, they are a fun way to glamorize any holiday party. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than going full sequins? Clothing brand Supervillain dazzled on Instagram by posting this sequined two-piece suit complete with blazer and pants. With a shining blazer and pants, there's no better way to ring in the holiday season than to double-up on the sequins.

When in doubt, make it subtle

Sequins might be fun for some, but it isn't always everyone's cup of tea. If you are hoping to incorporate this trend into your holiday wardrobe, but don't feel like going all in with clothing pieces, there are still ways you can dazzle at parties. Going with a sequined bag is the perfect way to add some shine without getting overwhelmed. Prada, for example, released a black sequined bag that would be the perfect addition to any holiday outfit (thought it will set you back over $3,000). Designer or not, a sequined bag is a perfect accessory for holiday outfits.