The Best Workout Mirrors Of 2022

If you thought you were in the minority if you work out at home, think again. Home fitness has exploded into a billion-dollar industry, and experts say it's only going to get bigger, notes Globe Newswire. If going to the gym makes you nervous, working out at home can be a great alternative — you can get a great sweat session without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. 


One of the fitness trends taking over in 2022 is the fitness mirror. With celebrities like Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon buzzing about them, it's hard to ignore the hype (via Evening Standard). There's a perfect match for you regardless of your goals. These mirrors often include classes for pilates, strength, and even dance. While the choice can seem overwhelming — we've got the truth about some of the industry's best workout mirrors so you can pick what's best for you. 

The Tonal is great for strength training

One popular option is the Tonal mirror. It costs around $3,000, with additional smart accessories for an extra $450. After a quick strength assessment, it uses your results to customize sets based on your goals and current limits, and the mirror will automatically adjust in one pound increments as you progress. 


According to the Tonal website, the mirror also offers recommended workouts tailored to your goals. Some workout categories include sports performance, pre and post-natal, boxing, and barre. Streaming workouts are also available, however, they require a subscription for $49 per month. 

For a studio feel, opt for Mirror

If you're after that energized studio feel, the Lululemon Mirror might be the best option. It costs around $800, but you can bundle it with accessories if needed. They offer over 10,000 classes and have a daily live class option. 


One thing to note about the Mirror is that it's not a touch screen, rather you have to use the app to control it, notes CNET. Unlike other mirrors, which have built-in strength training tools, the Mirror is just that: a mirror. While there are bodyweight classes available, you'll need your own equipment.

The Tempo uses AI to track progress

The Tempo mirror uses 3D Tempo Vision to check your form and provide feedback. Additionally, the weights have AI sensors, so the mirror automatically can tell how heavy and how well you're lifting. 

The beginner package is around $1,500 and includes a workout mat, dumbbells, and four different sets of weights, which can be stored in the bottom for convenience. Access to Tempo's live and on-demand classes costs $49 per month. One major drawback is that it's not compatible with Android devices, so keep that in mind when you're shopping (via Healthline).


Get your Zumba on with Echelon Reflect

One perk of the Echelon Reflect is you can have up to five members on one membership, so if your friends or family want to get in on the action, that's a huge bonus. The Reflect comes in a touch and non-touchscreen option. 


If you're willing to sacrifice having a touchscreen, the Reflect will only cost you around $750. A monthly subscription costs $34.99, but you can pre-purchase up to two years in advance. If you like live workouts, Echelon offers over 40 per day, including Zumba-certified classes.

ProForm Vue is great for beginners

Like the other fitness mirrors in this roundup, the $999 ProForm Vue offers a variety of fitness classes. This mirror features reflective training, which allows you to correct your form by overlapping with the trainer reflected in the mirror. 


It comes with a barbell, two 5 lb. dumbbell bars, and two 2.5 lb. weight plates. However, FitnessBrain explains that the included weights are fairly light and are only suitable for beginners — although heavier weights can be purchased seperately. A $39 per month iFit subscription is required to stream classes.

NordicTrack Vault has a ton of accessories

If you're looking for an option with plenty of accessories, the NordicTrack Vault is for you. This fitness mirror costs around $1,500 and includes kettlebells, several sets of resistance bands, six sets of dumbbells, two yoga blocks, and an exercise mat. 


Most fitness mirrors don't have that many accessories, let alone include them with the mirror. The best part is everything included fits inside the mirror, so you don't have to worry about storage. Like the Vue, it's powered by iFit and requires a subscription for $39 per month (via Healthline).