Dating App Prompts That Let Your Matches Really Learn More About You

Anyone who is interested in meeting a romantic partner in this day and age has probably considered using dating apps at one point or another. According to Pew Research Center, 30% of adults in the United States have admitted to trying out online dating at least once. Hinge is considered the best one overall to use for hopeless romantics everywhere. However, those who are looking to settle down and get married will have the best luck using Match (via Brides). 

Anyone in search of true exclusivity might consider using Raya. People who are interested in enjoying first date experiences can depend on Bumble. Those who are seeking LGBTQ dating opportunities can download the Her app. People who are excited about casual dating and hookup scenarios can rely on Tinder for the best possible options. With so many different matchmaking apps and websites to use, it's possible for just about anyone to pursue exactly what they're looking for. 

But, you'll want to make sure your dating app prompts are helping you connect with your matches in the best possible way. To let your potential pairings really learn more about you, these are some of the top prompts and suggested answers to add to your profile.

My typical Sunday looks like this

Opening up to your matches about what a typical Sunday looks like in your life can give them a great idea about you. They'll think about what it would be like to enjoy comfortable and lazy weekends together. Sunday is considered one of the best days of the week since it's a time for people to relax, recuperate, and prepare for any upcoming obligations connected to school or work. According to Almost The Weekend, you might want to sleep in, have breakfast in bed, or spend a leisurely day reading. If you're the type of person who loves to tick off checklists on Sundays, they'll get a glimpse of that instead.

It's a day that shouldn't necessarily be dedicated to stress or worry. Brunching, exercising, and meditating are ideal ways to spend your time on the weekend. Inc. notes that Sundays exist as a time for you to put your work aside and enjoy some leisure time. Pursuing your passions, getting some exercise, socializing, networking, and possibly handling some maintenance around your home are some brilliant time passers. How you spend your Sunday is a huge indication to your matches of what they can expect if they get together with you on their weekends in the future.

Green flags I'm looking for

One of the most common conversations to have in the dating realm is about what your red flags are in relationships. It's fun to put a positive spin on that topic by explaining what your green flags are instead. Talking about what you're looking for in the complex world of dating can show your matches what a high vibrational human being you really are. One Love explains that feeling comfortable enough to be yourself around someone, finding yourself laughing a lot around that special person, and feeling wholeheartedly respected are some of the loveliest green flags to consider. 

Dating someone who you can be yourself with, who finds out what you want, and who is supportive can definitely be attractive (via Upworthy). If you demonstrate that you are looking for green flags that lead to a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you're opening the door to favorable conversations that won't drag you down the way a red flag conversation probably would. Some other awesome things to mention would be if you're hoping to meet someone who wants to build a future with you. You could also add that you're excited to be in a relationship with someone who accepts you for exactly who you are.

Dating me looks like this

No one wants to feel like their time is being wasted when it comes to dating new people. Unfortunately, going on dates with matches you meet on apps or websites can often lead to situations where you feel like you're out with the wrong person. One of the ways that can be avoided is if you describe what it would be like to date you, before they get the chance to actually meet you. According to Emlovz, there's something very appealing about sharing insightful information about yourself with your pairings on a dating app.

Describing what dating you looks like in a prompt provides a very unique opportunity to online daters everywhere. Forgetting Fairytales says you can answer this type of prompt in humorous, sincere, and romantic ways. You might think of using an original metaphor to make your matches laugh: "Dating me is like ... taking that first sip of water after a long hike through the desert."

If you want to take this prompt a little more seriously, you can describe what a true and genuine relationship with you would really look like. Will you be there for them during their highs and lows? Will you expect them to take on some of your own interests such as hiking or volunteering at charitable destinations? Letting your matches know what a relationship with you entails is a huge service to every party involved.

This year, I really want to

Explaining to your matches what your plans for the next year look like can serve as a great indicator of whether or not you two are truly compatible. This type of dating prompt gives you the chance to describe your goals, aspirations, and resolutions. Lifehack explains that some of the most common resolutions people come up with at the start of the year are exercising, meeting new friends, and quitting bad habits. You can have a more lively, joyful, and rewarding life when you hold true to your intentions (via Good Housekeeping).

Giving your dating matches a glimpse into something as personal as your goals for a brighter future allows them the chance to decipher whether or not they see themselves with you going forward. They can take a note of your goals and see if you're both in alignment. Your hopes for 2023 might include reading more books, dressing with better style, drinking less alcohol, learning a new language, volunteering more, or finding a new hobby. Whatever the case may be, teaming up with a new romantic partner while pursuing your objectives can be great for any blossoming relationship.

The most spontaneous thing I've ever done is

Answering a dating app prompt about the most spontaneous thing you've ever done gives you the chance to show off your silly, fun, and wild side. It's difficult for people to gauge your true personality through a screen or a simple dating app profile. If you open up about how uninhibited you really are, it can open the eyes of your matches and spark a greater interest in you as a person. Spontaneity is becoming rarer these days, regardless of how special and adventurous it really is, per Afro Lady.

There are tons of impulsive things to try every year that don't require tons of planning. If you were spontaneous enough to try bungee jumping, skydiving, swimming with sharks, or planning a solo trip somewhere international within the last few years, these are things you should definitely be mentioning on your dating profile. Sometimes being impromptu means doing something as small as attempting a feat that would typically scare you, like watching a horror movie, riding an intense roller coaster, or joining a panic room game. Showing off this part of yourself will attract matches who are equally willing to be just as spur of the moment as you.

My most embarrassing memory is

Are you comfortable talking about your most embarrassing memory on a dating app? If so, you could be opening the door to a great connection with someone who appreciates your authenticity and honesty. Bored Panda explains that just about everyone has experienced silly, unfortunate, and embarrassing moments in their lifetime. There's no reason to stress out about these memories, though. Human beings have had unlimited times when they've done something where they've felt sheepish afterward, including naming an ex during a wedding toast, or accidentally approaching a total stranger with open arms who you thought you recognized from afar (via BuzzFeed).

Drunkenly losing your balance and falling down, or forgetting the name of someone you're supposed to be very familiar with are a few other cringe-worthy examples. If you're comfortable enough in your own skin to share the awkward details in your memory, it will show your pairings how down to earth and confident you are. Instead of pretending like you don't have any embarrassing memories, you can prove that you are human by sharing these endearing flaws.

My most irrational fear is

Having a phobia or the irrational fear of something isn't the most uncommon thing for adults to deal with. Most people have faced some sort of trauma in their childhood or beyond that makes them feel a certain way about something that other people find completely normal. According to Thought Catalog, fears of crowded elevators, loudly popping balloons, and mold growing on your bread are some common ones.

There is nothing wrong with feeling a tad fearful about something if it really bothers you. Opening up to your dating app matches about your phobias can help you become more connected to the people you're trying to date. Some think clowns are the scariest thing ever, while other people are petrified of snakes. Some folks have a persistent fear of needles in medical clinics, while others can't stand the idea of swallowing a pill. Whatever your irrational fear might be, revealing your vulnerable side can be helpful in the dating realm.

The best part about sharing your most intense fears is that you might have something in common with the person you want to get to know. This could be the perfect icebreaker! Another lovely possible outcome would be if they figure out a way to encourage you to move on past your irrational fear. Sometimes, getting over something you're scared of requires a loving push from someone you care about.

In need of travel tips for

When you express that you're in need of travel tips, it's the start of some very interesting and fun conversations on dating apps. Asking matches for advice on travelling gives them a chance to open up about their favorite memories and experiences while globetrotting. It also allows them to see how adventurous you are when it comes to packing up your suitcase, and going somewhere new. Nomadic Matt explains that most travellers make mistakes at the start of their adventures because becoming savvy with travel culture doesn't happen overnight. 

Some of the most basic travel tips include always opting for travel insurance, finding a local guide to show you around, and getting a travel credit card that offers rewards, per The Planet D. You can research all you want in preparation for a fun vacation, but sometimes it's best to get insight from someone who's been to the places you're interested in going. For this reason, it's great to hear pointers from potential romantic partners by using this thought-provoking prompt.

There is something intimate about engaging in conversations about visiting new places. Letting a new partner know about spots you've been or where you intend to go is exciting. Hearing about their past travel, and where they hope to go with you is just as exhilarating. If you realize that you're not interested in travelling because you're perfectly comfortable where you are, that will help you relate to the right person as well.

My simple pleasures in life include

Revealing your simple pleasures on a dating app can be one of the most helpful ways for you to connect to someone you're romantically interested in. According to Zen Habits, adding these to your life will help brighten your day. Some of the best ones you might want to list on your profile include walking barefoot in the grass, singing along to good music in your car, and taking long showers. You might also mention your desire to enjoy beautiful sunrises, a good wine, or the peace you feel when you lay back and watch the night stars.

You might talk about your love for candles, smelling coffee brewing when you wake up, or the blissful feeling you get when you are complimented, per The Upside By Twill. There are so many little joys in life that make things feel more lovely. Vocalizing yours is a great way to let your dating app matches know what it takes to make you smile.

Keep in mind that they are not to be confused with guilty pleasures. Some people might consider binge-watching reality TV, wearing your pajamas all day, and sleeping in until noon to be some of their favorite guilty pleasures. It might be fun to share details about these with your romantic partner down the line, but when it comes to your dating profile it's best to keep things positive by mentioning a handful of your sweet pleasures.

The backbone of a solid relationship is

Before jumping into a serious relationship with someone, it would be great to decipher if you're both on the same page about what the backbone of a solid relationship is. For this reason, having this as a prompt on your dating profile will help you weed out a lot of people who probably aren't right for you. Ryan Ginn explains that there are several things to consider if you want things to remain as healthy as possible. For some couples, honesty is the greatest possible backbone to have.

Without trust, you might feel like you have nothing. Being honest with your partner about everything from how you're feeling about a dispute to what you're doing on a Friday night without them can help you both stay on the same page. Dexcomm explains that the main backbone for most relationships is communication. If you and your partner don't know how to open up with each other in an ethical, gentle, and consistent manner, your partnership might eventually crumble. Whether you and your partner decide that trust, communication, or something else is key, realizing that you're on the same page about the backbone of a relationship is beyond important.