Handbag Trends To Have Your Eye On For Spring 2023

Once you've gone through your entire closet to build your perfect outfit, it only needs one thing to really top it off from there: a handbag that will complete the look. No matter what the occasion, a handbag is a must-have accessory for any outfit (via Esin Akan). The color, size, shape, texture, and overall design of a handbag can make any outfit pop, giving it that extra touch it needs. Whether it's a small bag or a bigger tote, the options are almost endless, and they can certainly help you make a statement. For that reason, it's important to have something fashionable, stylish, and of course, trendy when you can.

As the new year approaches, you will want to get your hands on the best accessories to compliment it. Keep an eye out for these latest trending handbags as seen on the Spring and Summer 2023 runways, per SACLÀB. Many of them are not only cute and fashionable, but functional as well to assist you with all you need to carry on a daily basis while they help you look your best.

The bigger, the better

Perhaps inspired by the so-called tote bag girlies, big bags are making their way to the trending charts in 2023 (via Purse Blog). If you like big bags and you cannot lie, this is the trend for you. Even if you like to carry quite the load for your daily essentials, these can fit it all. Many of these bags somewhat resemble a market bag, with an unstructured design to keep it flowy, practical, and casual but with an elevated, high-fashion touch. You can carry them around your shoulder or with two handles similar to a grocery bag, making it all that much more convenient.

Soft, fuzzy shearling

Shearling bags made quite the appearance at many of the upcoming season's runway shows as a trend that continues to grow. These soft, fuzzy handbags are meant to make a fashion statement, turning this particularly cuddly texture into something quite in demand, per Petite in Paris. You can find these in a variety of styles, whether it be as a clutch, small handbag, or a bigger tote bag.

Metallic shine

Shiny bags are now in again, thanks to all the metallic designs coming your way. Keep an eye out for this lustrous style of bag in colors like silver, gold, and even popping hues of blue and pink (via Glamour & Gains). Bring the shine with you everywhere you go, perhaps in your favorite color and preferred bag shape. Embrace a Y2K look or go for something more minimal. Whatever you prefer, you will likely find it in a metallic texture to add some sheen to your wardrobe.

Moon bag

Crescent-shaped handbags are only ramping up in popularity as they continue to make an appearance every season. Also known as a half-moon bag, this comes from a rise in '90s and Y2K styles that have been making a comeback these past few years (via Russh). The bag comes in a cute shape with a handle that only enhances the look. Oftentimes, it's a shoulder bag that is easy to hold and take with you everywhere you go.

Pillowy puff

Pillowy, puffy handbags are here to stay. If a puffer jacket and a handbag had a baby, it would be this pillow-style handbag that offers that squishy goodness all in one bag. Like a variety of the other styles mentioned, you can find this one in an oversized tote, handbag, or clutch, as seen on Purse Blog. They can be colorful or a little more minimalistic, but they always add extra contrast to any outfit no matter what.

Power professional

Make your professional outfits that much more powerful with a structured, boxy, and top-handled handbag. These sleek and balanced designs look to be inspired by the workplace briefcase, resembling the classic Hermès Kelly high-end design. You can expect to see this in a variety of styles that make it perfect for both the workplace and a night out after you finish your work day. It's fashionable, professional, and practical (via SACLÀB).

Uniquely sphere

Keep an eye out for some uniquely designed handbags offered in a circle or sphere shape. These round bags have been trending before and only continue to evolve in design, per The Fashiongton Post. Often held by a hand strap or chain, these bags can almost be the defining fashion statement in any outfit alone. It's likely you won't ever find a plain sphere bag because of the thought that goes into making them a quirky fashion choice that stands out anywhere.

Woven design

Perhaps you have been seeing the Prada Raffia Tote Bag everywhere, which may have inspired the influx of woven or crochet-style handbags on the spring runways. Now, many brands are starting to incorporate raffia material into a variety of different styles suitable for any occasion, per Editorialist. High fashion meets casual for a bag that is perfect for either everyday use or a beautiful tropical vacation.