Why Warming Up Before Your Workout Is So Vital

You've probably heard time and time again about the importance of getting daily exercise. Whether you are into cardio or strength training, getting in physical activity is one of the keys to a healthy life. While we may not always like the idea of working out, it's essential to include it in your daily routine, and the American Heart Association recommends getting at least 150 minutes a week of physical activity. Getting your heart and body moving will ultimately help you feel better each day. And one important aspect of physical activity often left out or ignored is the warm-up and cool-down stretches. 


While some may say that warm-ups are not vital for your exercise, they can play a major role in ensuring you are ready to hit your workout goals. There are various reasons why you would want to include a warm-up in your workout regimen. Getting a good, efficient warm-up is not complicated and doesn't need to take up much of your exercise time. You will also find that a good warm-up can help you go far in your fitness journey.

Benefits of warming up before working out

If you want a great workout and to get started on the right path to a successful fitness journey, you need to be warming up before exercising. Fit Athletic explains that a warm-up will increase your body temperature, which sends more oxygen to your muscles and allows them to work more efficiently. This is essential in preparing your muscles to take on those extra reps. This preparation also means you'll be less likely to experience an injury from any sudden moves you might make, as stretching boosts muscle elasticity.


Results Physiotherapy adds that warm-ups are also beneficial for your mental preparedness. If you plan to exercise right after work, a proper warm-up can help you transition from a work mindset to an exercise mindset. The warm-up period is a great time to set aside any distracting thoughts and get ready to take on your exercise goals for that day. Warming up lets you prepare for your workout in both your body and mind.

How to warm up before a workout

Warming up before a workout doesn't need to take much of your time. NHS Inform explains that only a 10-minute warm-up is suggested before taking on light physical activities. To get a proper warm-up, you want to mimic some of the exercises you plan on doing but at a lower intensity. Any dynamic stretches that target the area you plan to work will help heat those same muscles. Examples can include arm swings on arm day or lunges if you plan to exercise your lower body.


Vertical Wise suggests picking up the intensity of your warm-up slowly, while your body is still getting used to the activity. Your warm-up will also look different depending on factors such as the type of exercise you plan to do, your physical abilities, age, and severe weather. On colder days, for example, your muscles may take some time to get ready for exercise, meaning you may need to add some extra minutes to your warm-up. The amount of time you take in your warm-up is entirely up to your body. Once you feel like your body is warmed up enough, you can start your exercise with more ease.