Are Cleansing Balms Ideal For Acne-Prone Skin?

If you have acne-prone skin, every step of your skincare routine is vital in keeping your skin clean. While having acne-prone skin is common, it doesn't make the skin care process any easier. While it's not unusual for everyone to get acne from time to time, those who are more susceptible to breakouts are defined as having acne-prone skin. Not much is known as to why some suffer from acne more than others, however, it's thought that it has to do with genetics and overactive oil glands.


One essential part of any routine, regardless of skin type, is removing dirt, excess oil, and makeup from the skin. Removing makeup will help prevent clogging your pores with extra gunk and reduce acne breakouts. If you regularly use makeup or have dirt or oil at the end of the day, you need to cleanse your skin. Choosing the right remover for your skin is key to ensuring you correctly start your skincare routine and see the end results you want.

Are cleansing balms safe for acne-prone skin?

Cleansing balms are an ideal product for those with acne-prone skin, depending on the product. Like with any skincare product, there's still the possibility that cleansing balms can negatively affect your skin depending on their ingredients. However, even though cleansing balms are made of oils, they are gentle for acne-prone skin. Cleansing balms tend to have oils that favor acne-prone skin by attaching themselves to dirt and leftover makeup to remove it.


The Blushing Bliss adds that cleansing balms work to melt off makeup, dead skin cells, and dirt to help remove more of the skin. The smooth texture of a cleansing balm may also make it easier to massage the product onto the skin as it can spread around easier than oils. For acne-prone skin, cleansing balms seldom clog pores and can help remove more leftover makeup than other options. Clogged pores are the most vital concern for acne-prone skin, thankfully cleansing balms don't require as much product to work as other removers. With a little product, you can remove even the most stubborn makeup and dirt for clean skin.

How to keep acne-prone skin clean?

Removing your makeup and dirt is only a small part of keeping acne-prone skin clean. When you start your skincare journey towards clear skin, you want to ensure that every product you use will go well with your skin. The American Academy of Dermatology adds that you want to stick to alcohol-free products and products that aren't too harsh. When you find a routine you feel comfortable with, stick to it for several weeks or months. It can take a long time to see results, and constantly switching products can set you back with new breakouts. While it may involve patience, results won't be noticeable for a few weeks — or up to a few months — but it's worth sticking it out.


Furthermore, those with acne-prone skin should try double cleansing to completely rid the skin of any remaining makeup, dirt, or dead skin cells. Double-cleansing eliminates the potential for pore-clogging in the future. Moreover, those with acne-prone skin should add hydration and treatment skin products. These two steps will add essential ingredients back into the skin to help fight off any acne breakouts.