Does Vaseline Double As A Remover For Eyelash Extensions?

The internet isn't lacking in DIY beauty remedies and removers. In fact, one single Google search will give countless results, suggesting that every household product can double as a remover for something. From lingering nail polish to blotchy spray tans, there's probably a DIY remedy for such beauty mishaps. And what about removing eyelash extensions at home? The internet has saved the day there, too, with rumors swirling that Vaseline can do the trick.


Vaseline is a petroleum jelly product with various versatile uses and benefits. Used to treat rashes, split ends, dry skin, cracked feet, burns and scrapes, chapped lips, and so much more (per Healthline), Vaseline is a household staple, and for a good reason. Since Vaseline is very moisturizing with its waxy blend of natural oils, it's no surprise many think that it can double as an inexpensive alternative to lash extension removal, providing enough slip for lash extensions to slide right off. But does it work, and, most importantly, is it safe to use?

Vaseline is not a recommended eyelash extension remover

Sorry to deliver such heartbreaking news, but, no, you really shouldn't use Vaseline to remove your eyelash extensions at home. This is because your eyelash extensions are applied using a specialized glue that's significantly stronger than traditional strip eyelash glue. In fact, beauty salon owner Van Pham tells Byrdie that "you cannot remove eyelash extensions with Vaseline because all eyelash extension adhesive is made of some form of cyanoacrylate, which won't break down with Vaseline at all."


So, trying to use Vaseline (or any DIY product for that matter) to remove eyelash extensions can result in the unnecessary and extensive pulling of the natural lash, which can bring a variety of skin, eye, and lash issues. What's more? Permanent damage (via the American Academy of Ophthalmology). So, before you run to your pantry to grab other oily DIY products to remove your lashes, you may want to refrain. While certain oils may still help loosen your lash extension from your face, you may end up with unsightly and painful eye issues.

How to remove eyelash extensions

More heartbreaking news incoming! It turns out you really shouldn't remove your lash extensions at home at all. If you can't make it into a salon to have a licensed technician remove the lashes, eyelash extension company Nova Lash recommends leaving the lashes on and alone, waiting until the very last extension falls off. It doesn't sound ideal, but most removal solutions can damage the entire eye area if not used correctly, and if you have no training on how to use it, you put your eyes, lashes, and skin at risk.


To make the process a little quicker, you can rub baby oil or coconut oil on your lashes daily, but don't tug at the lashes. Applying an oil-based product to your lash extensions may help speed up the process by softening the adhesive. However, this method should only be used while leaving the lashes intact for as long as they naturally remain, not in an attempt to remove them entirely in one day. Eyelash extensions are definitely an investment, and since you most likely turned to a professional to apply them, you should look for a professional to remove them, too. Your eyelashes will thank you!