The Sneaker Trends Everyone Will Be Coveting In 2023 Revealed

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There's no denying that sneakers make a unique statement with any outfit. From simple classics to new trends, you can never go wrong with a good sneaker. Recently, sneaker trends have taken note of past popular styles. In fact, Herbert Hofmann, the creative director and head of buying at Highsnobiety, explains to The Zoe Report, "Sneakers became the ultimate key piece to show to which brand world, vibe, and lifestyle you belong. Your outfits can be easy and timeless, but the sneaker brand and model you are wearing will reveal if you're 'in the know' and something about your lifestyle and identity."

With 2023 collections now fully displayed and ready to hit the shelves, we can start seeing the running theme with future sneaker trends. Many of these trends will continue to follow the same nostalgic and practical pattern that we've seen in the fashion industry in the last couple of years. With Y2K fashion only growing and becoming more popular, it's easy to see why trends have catered to this era.

High-top sneakers

Although the last time we probably wore high-tops was when we were younger, these sneakers are ready to make a splash. New high-tops include chunky trendy sneakers, but classics like the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star High Tops will forever be in style. Designers have taken notice, too, and tried to style this sneaker for spring with shorter, feminine dresses for a beautiful contrast.

Chunky running shoes

Love it or hate it, the chunky running shoes are not going anywhere. On the contrary, it seems like the chunky running shoe is only getting bigger and better. Model Hailey Bieber has recently inked a collaboration to star in Fila's newest campaign to show off classics like the chunky sneaker (via Footwear News). This comes as no surprise, as one of the reasons why this shoe remains popular is due to the '90s off-duty look sported by models.

Hiking shoes

Giving the running shoe a run for its money, the hiking shoe is slowly gaining a spot in many wardrobes. Whether you use them for hiking or not, the hiking shoe has become the chunkiest sneaker you can wear for ultimate style, protection, and comfort. Stars like Emily Ratajkowski have been spotted wearing the hiking brand Salomon's hiking sneakers with a fashion-forward midi skirt and printed crop top (via Star Style).

Soccer trainers

While it's true that the 2022 FIFA World Cup has reignited the passion for football, it has nothing to do with the popularity of this sneaker trend. Shoes like the Adidas samba have become a staple for everyone's casual outfit. Model and style icon Bella Hadid reintroduced the Adidas sambas to the fashion world after being spotted wearing them on multiple occasions, according to Your Next Shoes. Hadid's impact has subsequently led to this iconic shoe being sold out on multiple occasions.

Retro running shoes

Since everything nostalgic is back in, it's no surprise that retro running shoes are coming back. These running shoes, made popular in the 70s, have started to come back in the collections of various designers and brands. However, for those looking for instant classics, the Nike Daybreak Sneakers, released in 1979, are some of the classic representatives of this sneaker trend.

90s classic sneakers

There could be no new sneaker trend without a classic '90s sneaker. One of the clear examples of the '90s classic sneakers is the immense popularity of Nike's Air Force 1s. While the popularity of these shoes is nothing new, they belong to this wave of nostalgia that's returning. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner have repeatedly been spotted with this shoe as part of their casual outfits, per Steal Her Style.

Slip-on sneakers

Just because these sneakers are all about practicality doesn't mean they can't be chic as well. As we saw on the Collin Strada Spring 2023 show (via Women's Wear Daily), slip-on sneakers are ready to make a comeback. As well as being easy to put on, these shoes are a great way to participate in the nostalgia trend without the chunky aspect.