We Already Know What 2023's Most Coveted Nail Art Trends Are Going To Be

We often hear that less is more, but when it comes to nail art trends in 2023, "more is more" is closer to the truth. Recently, nail fashion has become more of an expression of art rather than a simple swipe of nail polish. If 2022 has shown us anything about nail trends, it's that nostalgia reigns and statement nails are going nowhere. Founder of the nail salon Vanity Projects Rita Pinto explains to Allure, "We are super excited with what we are seeing on the horizon and right now. Clear gel is being manipulated to create designs with 3D texture, adding height or dimension. Sometimes new technology like Aprés Gel X enters the market and becomes a big trend and so far we see that continuing!"

Besides having new techniques and technology to create nail art, nail lovers are creating new designs with the tools we already have. Like in 2022, the new year will bring an explosion of creativity that can suit any style. Whether you want minimalist nail art or a statement art piece, there's likely to be a nail trend you will love.

Chrome nails

When Hailey Bieber stepped onto the Met Gala red carpet with her glazed donut nails in 2022, she set the trend for chrome nails to be the must-have nail of the next two years. For 2023, different variations of the glazed donut nails will continue to be all over your social feeds. Bieber's nail artist Zola Ganzorigt showcased soft chrome nails on Instagram as one alternative to this trend. As well as soft chrome, you can take the plunge into darker hues for a rich and expensive chrome look.

French illusion nails

Like many nostalgic trends coming back, the French manicure is getting remixed. French illusion nails are a special twist on the classic French manicure, where you use two colors to create an optical illusion of sorts. There are various ways to take on this trend, either with monochrome or contrasting colors. You can tackle this illusion trend with sparkles or strictly solid colors. Color Street showed off this trend in a gray sparkle on Instagram, which gives you sparkly nail art with the elegance of the French manicure.

Preppy nails

Academia is not going anywhere in 2023 and your nails are going to be a prime example of this. Professional nail artist Naomi Yasuda showcased via Instagram various preppy-inspired nail art they created for the Tommy Hilfiger show. Filled with rugby stripes, checkered prints, and logo motifs, these prep school-approved nails will definitely be everywhere, along with other Y2K fashion. Grab your favorite press-on nails and start matching your plaid mini skirts with your nails in the new year.

Melting nails

With the current trends leaning towards the early 2000s fashion, there's no doubt that grungy and edgier beauty is also coming back in. One subtle way you can add a bit of grunge to your look is by adding some "melted" nail polish. Nail artist Olivia Gane displayed her work at the Trussardi show on Instagram, inspired by melted metal work. By using press on nails or application technique, this nail art is a subtle way to add statement and movement to your nails.

Minimalist nail art

If having a statement nail isn't your style, there are also minimalist trends on the rise. One of the minimalist nail trends making waves is very subtle nail art. This kind of nail art consists of only lines or a single figure. Nails of LA displayed various options where a minimalist can still have a chic manicure that fits their style (via Instagram). This trend is perfect if you want something understated and can work with anything you have planned for the day.

3D nails

When just nail polish isn't enough, try adding a little embellishment to your nails. 2023 will see an increase in nail lovers reaching for 3D nails to add some extra oomph to their hands. Nail artist Hang Nguyen displayed on Instagram her pearl embellishments as a chic and elegant way to add a 3D element to her look. The beauty of this trend is that you may go as minimalist or maximalist as you'd like. Plus, adding 3D embellishments allows you to expand your creativity beyond a simple shade of color.

Velvet nails

Another trend that comes from the love of texture is velvet nails. While velvet nails aren't exactly made out of velvet, their textured illusion gives your nails an extra ounce of luxury. There are plenty of ways one can achieve velvet nails, meaning it's fairly easy to bring out your velvet nails for a formal occasion, or even to complement your daily look. Paintbox demonstrated on Instagram one way you can add a subtle velvet shimmer look for a nighttime event that will make your nails even more stylish.

French tips

No matter what is trending, you can always count on French manicures to be a fashion staple. The simplicity and elegance of French manicures cannot be replaced, and this is why it remains a nail trend year after year. In 2023, you can find different variations of French tips becoming as popular as the classic version. A subtle variation you can try is a reverse french manicure. The reverse manicure displayed on Instagram created by nail artist Ama Quashie is an edgy change you can make to a classic look.

Aura nails

If you've ever had a mood ring before, you'll recognize the inspiration behind the aura nails. This nail trend is a mixture of gradients and colors for a unique style. Giving you an almost airbrushed look, the aura nails are a creative way of adding pops of color through your nails. Nail artist Michelle Humphrey flaunted her aura nails creation via Instagram, which saw a mix of warm and cool tones in a harmonious pattern. Inspired by one's aura, or energy, these nails will let you add a bit of an ode to the connection to spiritual energy.