30 Gorgeous Nail Ideas For Your New Years Eve Manicure

The holidays are often a real rush in terms of preparation. There are gifts to buy, menus to finalize, and outfits and makeup to plan. And, of course, manicures must also be carefully chosen for this special time. With a variety of shapes and designs, your manicure allows you to express your creativity and uniqueness to celebrate the end of the year with joy and magic. Forget about rules, stereotypes, and all the norms, and give yourself permission to try styles and designs that you maybe wouldn't choose for day-to-day life: wintery hues, graphic designs, and one-of-a-kind nail art that will not go unnoticed by your family and friends.


While the nail trends for 2023 are already set, this year is not over yet, and we're seeing wavy designs, warm colors, shiny gold, and glitter prevail to celebrate the last night of 2022. Prepare your best outfit, create your most original makeup looks, and add a dazzling manicure that suits your personality perfectly to start the new year with style and elegance. Whether you choose to DIY at home or go to the nail salon, here are 30 nail ideas to give you some inspiration for your New Year's Eve manicure. 

A touch of glitter

If all that glitters is your cup of tea, you will love adorning your nails with gold glitter to create an expensive-looking manicure, as seen on the @nailbyharriet_ Instagram page. Try also adding star-shaped embellishments with gold nail polish, as if you were creating real constellations on the tip of your fingers. 


To achieve this ultra-festive look, you only need a thin brush and two nail polishes: a gold one and one with glitter. Apply the glitter polish on your nail tips first, then add the stars with the brush.

Golden French

Among nail design classics is the French manicure. In spite of its name, this now-iconic look was invented in the U.S. in 1975 by then-beauty supplier Jeff Pink. "They asked me to make a color that would go with everything," Pink, who is now President and CEO of Orly International, explained to Who What Wear. "I thought of using white polish on the tips of the nails."


If the French manicure is your typical go-to, consider giving it an NYE-themed twist by using a deep, opaque, gilded gold rather than simply white, as seen on nail art content creator Tiffany Abbigaile Beauty's Instagram page.

Glitzy foil

With gold or silver foil, you can achieve a stunning manicure that will enhance any NYE outfit you pick, as seen on @tiffanyabbigailebeauty (via Instagram).

To achieve the look yourself at home, you must first paint your nails with a dark color that will add depth to the look and reveal the beauty of these elegant foil accents. Before your polish fully dries, add the foil as desired. Then apply a top coat for added protection and shine. 


Glittering polka dots

Polka dots are a style must-try! Whether on a dress, a scarf, or even nails, '50s-inspired polka dots are everywhere right now (via People).

On Instagram, @nailsbyharriet_ tried the trend on a pale pink mani, which made the glitter polka dots even more sensational. To recreate the look, you only have to put a bit of sparkling nail polish on the tip of a toothpick and tap it onto your nail to create the dots. You're sure to get tons of compliments from all your friends and family members.


Party manicure

The theme of NYE will be "party," which is why a shiny manicure is a good idea to inspire fun until the sun comes up. Since a few glasses of champagne will probably be in the cards for New Year's Eve, why not turn your nails into a canvas and add them to your manicure too? To recreate @y.b_beauty's look from Instagram, use small brushes to paint a glass of bubbly on your nails, and don't forget to add glittery confetti!



Once the twelve strokes of midnight sound, sparkles in the sky will start to appear. Fireworks are the best way to celebrate the beginning of a new year so why not match your nails to them? With a few strategically applied brushstrokes of color, you can recreate the look @katen.nails shared on Instagram of explosive firework nail art in a starry sky. We also love the black-to-purple gradient background to really show off the gold.


Shiny stars

Stars are a true symbol of the holidays. According to Symbolism and Metaphor, they not only characterize positivity, happiness, and magic, but also renewal. That's why you can see them everywhere when the year ends.


For a brilliant manicure design for New Year's Eve use the help of a stencil or stickers to recreate nail artist Basia Góral's unbelievably crisp and clean stars look (via Instagram). The deep maroon color is a nice change from the traditional red.

Ombré glitter

Ombré is a trend that we used to only associate with hair color, but nowadays ombré is a popular look for nails, too. This gradient of color can be achieved with any shade but is even more playful when it's done with glitter, à la @ok_nailart on Instagram.


First, choose a neutral color, then top it with silver glitter polish, making sure to add more glitter to the tip of your nails and blend it down toward your cuticles.

Mirror, mirror

Mirror nails are for those who are not afraid to shine. The gleaming effect of this two-tone manicure is achieved with a holographic nail polish color painted on a black base. With this look, as seen on Sara Georgie on Instagram, your nails will be able to catch the light. The more you move your hands, the more visible the effect will be, so be sure to show it off on the dance floor!



What could be more romantic than wearing pearls on your nails? These little pearls, as seen on the Dewi Magazine Instagram page, can give your mani an exquisite, haute-couture look. Simply glue them on with nail glue in your desired design and you can count on one thing: no one will have the same manicure as you on December 31.


Sleek cat-eye

The cat-eye nail art trend was born in 2022 and has especially been popular on TikTok, where the biggest beauty trends are born (per Be Beautiful.In). Why is it called cat-eye? Because it is inspired by this feline with almond eyes; when these shimmering nails are in motion, they look like the eyes of a cat. 


This special effect that is reminiscent of science fiction movies can be easily achieved at home. With the help of a special varnish containing metallic microparticles and a magnet, your nails can look like Learnah Starbuck's do on Instagram.

Holographic tips

Today nail art has no limits, it's easy to achieve all possible designs and effects. The holographic one is a great example as it allows one to illuminate the nails in just a second. The look is achieved by rubbing a small amount of holographic powder on the tips of a freshly painted mani. You can use a burgundy base coat, like Palette Beauty Salon (via Instagram), or you can try other NYE colors like black, purple, or gold.


White and gold

The color gold is a good choice to start the year with positive resolutions, as it is a symbol of triumph, success, and achievement, according to Designs. This graphic two-tone nail art is elegant and will not leave you unnoticed at your New Year's Eve party. Use a brushed gold base coat and paint on a graphic rectangle in the middle of each nail, as demonstrated by Palette Beauty Salon (via Instagram).


Forest green

As winter sets in, fresh foliage is slowly disappearing to make way for snowy landscapes. Put a little bit of greenery back into your life by way of your fingertips with plants, glitter, and a forest green nail color in place of a basic one-color manicure. With just a few brush strokes, you'll have an extraordinary look, à la SILKBEAUTY (via Instagram).


Time to celebrate

Tick, tock, tick, tock ... When the clock is ready to announce the first day of January, you'll be prepared to celebrate it with a toast, both in your hands and on your nails. 

This nail art, as seen on Instagram user @lj_nailz_beauty_may, surprise your friends and family with its complexity, but it will also impress them with its originality. With a bit of patience and discipline, this creative nail art could quickly become one of your all-time favorites. 


Matte nails

Chic mani option: the matte, velvet effect! Smooth, polished, and soft-looking, the matte finish gives a sophisticated effect to a manicure, which is perfect for December 31.

You can apply matte nail polish on the whole nail like user @bornpretty.me demonstrated on Instagram, or for more originality, you can paint it on only half of the nail by placing adhesive tape over the part you don't want to mattify.


Minimalist glitter

If you don't like eccentric and unusual manicures, it's okay to go the simple and elegant route. On a light-colored nail polish base such as beige, you can add a little spice with a thin line of silver luster on the nail tips and along the cuticles. The delicate look gives a soft and pretty effect, as seen on @palette_beauty_salon on Instagram.


Winter wonderland

It's almost winter, so now is the time to get in the mood for a completely frosty end of the year. This winter nail art (via Anita Martinec Ristić on Instagram) will leave you ready to face the low temperatures on the last day of December. 


To reproduce it, you must have white nail polish in your collection. Polka dots can represent snow, or you can even paint on real snowflakes if you are artistic. This look lets the world know the winter cold doesn't scare you!

Black and silver

Wavy, swirly nail art is a real trend that keeps growing on social media (via Parade). We saw it created with multiple bright colors during the summer months, but now it's time for deeper colors to emerge. That's why black wavy French tips embellished with a mini-wave of silver glitters will make a statement for New Year's Eve. This nail art by Instagram user @tiffanyabbigailebeauty requires only two colors of polish and very little of your time.


Starry night

If on New Year's Eve you always want something unusual, you can try the original and sophisticated starry night design on your manicure, à la @palette_beauty_salon (via Instagram). On matte black nails, add some white glitter in a swirl design to create the look of the Milky Way. You'll be seeing stars all night during your New Year's Eve party. 


Mulled wine

Mulled wine, a favorite hot winter beverage, can inspire your nails for just a moment to warm up your end-of-the-year bash. This manicure, by Instagram user @palette_beauty_salon, looks as though it smells deliciously like cinnamon, wine, and orange. The mulled wine manicure replaces the classic red, a perfect twist to try at least once a year. 


Red glamour waves

Because red is a color of Christmas, it makes perfect sense to prolong the classic vibes it gives off and carry it over to your New Year's manicure. The unique pattern of @palette_beauty_salon's nails will add an asymmetrical beauty to your aesthetic (via Instagram). You can pair them with a light base color such as beige or white to bring out the bright red.


Countdown to 2023

Have you thought about your 2023 resolutions? Maybe it's to read more, exercise more, or stop snacking. If you can't wait for a fresh start in the new year, why not wear that inspiration on your nails, like @longnailspage on Instagram? Then you can look to your manicure to help you start 2023 with positivity, confidence, and motivation. 


Iridescent constellations

According to Symbolism and Metaphor stars are a symbol of life, magic, and guidance. That's why they are often associated with the wishes one makes when seeing a shooting star. The brightness of the stars and constellations can be placed on your nails in order for you to start the following year with aspiration and optimism. Create the twinkling stars and the darkest night with some perfectly placed gems, and iridescent and black polishes, à la @tiffanyabbigailebeauty on Instagram.


Mini hearts

If you're looking for a simple, elegant, and feminine manicure, you may fall in love with tiny hearts for your NYE mani. Simple to achieve, the golden hearts — as seen on @tiffanyabbigailebeauty on Instagram — add purity and refinement to your New Year's Eve outfit, plus their cuteness will enchant you. 


Graphic colors

If you can't decide what trends to follow for December 31, bet on something safe, but unique at the same time. This colorful tips look, as seen on the InStyle Deutschland Instagram page, is quick and easy to achieve. On the tips of your nails, create graphic triangle shapes with tape, then embellish them with a few bright, trendy colors. And voilà, you have a manicure completed in less than 10 minutes!



Do you want to make a statement on New Year's Eve? The glow-in-the-dark manicure is the one everyone will notice from afar. 

This nail art, as seen on @nails.mixailidi on Instagram, is surprisingly easy to recreate in no time. You can purchase nail polish already made with particles that light up in the dark, so all you have to do is apply it to your nails. Have fun playing with different designs. 


Disco ball

For a touch of uniqueness, why not be inspired by an NYE disco ball? After all, you want to make the last night of the year a memorable one, right? To achieve the look, as seen on @bubblepopclub on Instagram, adorn individual pieces of glitter to the entirety of each nail. It's an ambitious look to attempt, but the payoff is great.


Reversed French

What's a New Year's Eve party without diamonds? Yes, there's always jewelry, but why not add them to your nails, too? This look, as seen on Instagram user @isabelmaysurtees, is an especially great and subtle option if an entire glitter dress is too much for you. And there's no need to go to a manicurist to achieve the look. All you need to DIY it is nail glue, shiny crystals, and a pair of tweezers.


Baroque art

As you've seen, all kinds of art can be done on nails as imagination has no limit. This is also the case for this stunning baroque art look. As seen on user @mydumbnails on Instagram, this design is gold-meets-shine-meets pearls. When paired with matte forest green nails, the look is intricate and beautiful.