Why You Want To Spray Shimmery Eyeshadows Before Applying Them

Adding a sprinkle of glitter and shimmer to your beauty is always a fun way to add some excitement to your look. Not only is shimmery eyeshadow fun but it's also a great way to add a statement piece to your makeup. While some might be apprehensive about using shimmers, they are one of the beauty trends that aren't going away anytime soon. Celebrity nail artist Mary Phillips explains to Refinery29, "All of my clients want this shimmery, lash-to-brow, wet washes of shimmer. I love that glitters are coming back because it's a subtle way of adding something to your normal makeup routine — there's something fun about it. I'm not a glittery person, but it really does help to add a little pop to the eye."


Phillips explains how the shimmer beauty trend has exploded thanks to the '90s nostalgic trends taking over multiple industries. However, as much as the shimmer is back on trend, it can be challenging to apply it. Thankfully, there are hacks you can make your life easier when applying shimmery eyeshadow.

The reason to spray shimmery eyeshadow

Because shimmer eyeshadow is difficult to apply, the best way to apply your makeup without a hassle is by wetting your brush. In fact, explaining why this hack works, celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose told Marie Claire, "It turns the powder into a liquid metallic that goes on smoother and more intense." Barose suggests wetting the brush for the eyeshadow product to pack more on the brush and keep it on the lid.


By dampening your eyeshadow brush, you can also darken the hue of the shade. This trick gives you the flexibility of using multiple shades with just one product. When spraying your eyeshadow brush, you can either wet the brush before picking up the product or after, as both will yield the same results. Besides darkening your color, using a damp brush will bring out the intensity and make your shimmer pop even more. If you've ever dealt with shimmers that simply don't show up on your lid, dampening your brush will help make your eyeshadow more intense.

How to get shimmer eyeshadows to stay all-day

Now that you know how to make your eyeshadow glide onto your lid smoothly and more intensely, it's time to get the shimmer to stick. Makeup.com explains that besides making your eyeshadow more intense, spraying your brush will help your shimmer stick onto the lid for a longer time. To ensure maximum sticking, use your setting spray to spritz onto the eyeshadow brush, as this will also hold your shimmer into place. Another option for making your eyeshadow stick is by using a glitter primer. Glitter primer has a stronger hold and will stop any fallout throughout the day.


De'Lanci Beauty adds another quick hack that can help to make your shimmer eyeshadow stay on the lid for longer. You can add depth to your eye look by adding a lighter eyeshadow color onto the lid before adding your shimmer eyeshadow. By adding another color underneath, you can also create a more creative and complex eye look. When adding your glimmer eyeshadow, opt for a flat brush, as these tools will help you spread the eyeshadow with more ease along the lid and won't dust it everywhere.