Blokecore Is The Sporty New Fashion Trend You'll Be Seeing Everywhere

As we've seen in recent years, social media has the ability to propel different ways to dress to millions of eyes. The preppy era of the 2000s helped pay Abercrombie & Fitch's bills for years, and the alternative indie way of dressing took over all of our wardrobes in 2014 after appearing on Tumblr. Now due to TikTok's popularity, tons of aesthetics have been introduced to even more users. 


Blokecore takes from British mentality and their favorite pastime: football (called soccer in the States). Not a revolutionary trend, blokecore is a bit more casual than athleisure but it also requires more specific items. 

This is a trend that allows the tables to be turned on boys who demand that girls wearing a famous band t-shirt — like Nirvana or Pink Floyd — name said band's top five songs. Now, people can go up to someone decked out in blokecore and ask, "So what position do you play on the pitch?"

Blokecore is a bit more specific than athleisure

Social media consultant Georgia Aldridge told Vice that to achieve the blokecore aesthetic, one must have, "vintage replica football tops, baggy or straight-leg jeans (often Levi's), and mainly Adidas trainers." Basically, if you can't imagine it yet, blokecore looks like your average British football fan ready to head to the pub on game day. The word "bloke" is U.K. slang for a guy, while "core" refers to an official TikTok fashion trend. In The Know attributes the beginning of the blokecore aesthetic to TikToker Brandon Huntley, who ironically coined the term by wearing his own soccer jersey, nothing-special jeans, and Adidas in a video on the platform.


As with many things online, the irony of the mundaneness of this outfit disappeared as the trend became more viral. For some, blokecore can be a proud way to show off their regular attire. And for others, it's a way to hop on the World Cup bandwagon for the sake of a fashion trend. Stylist also argues that even though this is a male-oriented trend, women have every right wear it too.

How do you dress in blokecore?

Again, this trend is pretty effortless-looking. As GQ Australia explains, the biggest and most important part is the soccer element. Any soccer jersey or team scarf will do, but the more retro the better. Plus, official jerseys come in a lot of different styles, from collared to long-sleeved, so this aesthetic can work in many different ways. Also, it's a good idea to make sure you at least know the team represented by the jersey you're wearing, or you may be accused of being a fake, especially in the U.K.


"Blokecore means something to me because it's an authentic expression and fashion trend because of its roots," owner of Toronto store In Vintage We Trust Josh Roter told Streets of Toronto. "The fact that North American consumers have recently tapped into a long-standing European way of dressing might be new here but has been a staple for many, many years."

The original blokecore trend kicked off by Brandon Huntley features loose, straight-cut jeans, and the third part of the outfit is Adidas shoes, which fit in with the retro vibe of the look. However, you can mix it up and pair your soccer jersey with just about anything, from silk pants to a denim skirt.