The Pros And Cons Of Face Steaming

When choosing the perfect spa treatment, many get a relaxing face steam. There's no better level of self-care than surrounding yourself with warm water in a comfortable environment. MasterClass explains that facial steaming uses warm water vapor on the face through steam or a hot towel. Different face steamings can include various additions such as aromatherapy or exfoliation. However, as popular as face steaming is at spas, there are plenty of concerns surrounding the effectiveness of this beauty treatment. Some may say that face steaming is nothing more than a scam, but others are convinced of its various benefits.


No matter what you have heard about face steaming, it's important to research whether it is right for your skin. Like any skin treatment, certain skin types may not react well to the steam. At the end of the day, the efficiency of face steaming comes down to whether or not the benefits are appropriate for your specific skin needs.

Benefits of face steaming

According to fans of face steaming, this treatment can bring many skin benefits you might be looking for. Dermatologist Deirdre Hooper explains to Parade, "Steaming adds moisture to the skin, which is why facials can make you look so good. It gives you a nice rosy glow." Dr. Hooper explains that since steaming is simply using the advantages of warm water, it's essentially adding moisture to your skin with little risk. Unlike most trending face treatments, steaming is not as high-risk as other remedies that deliver the same results.


Life-N-Reflection adds that face steaming also helps clean the skin by opening the pores, making it easier to cleanse clogged pores. Opening the surface of the skin also helps to relieve excess oils that might be trapped underneath. Those with oily skin will find it beneficial to open up the pores and release this excess sebum that creates clogged pores and acne breakouts. Exposing your face to the warm steam can also help blood circulation throughout your skin, and increased blood flow can help bring oxygen to places that may need the extra help.

Why you need to face steam with caution

While many of the benefits that face steaming provides might be enough to sway anyone, there are plenty of cons when it comes to this popular treatment. Besides the fact that many of these benefits are only temporary, there are several risks you take with steaming. Maivara explains that face steaming can overheat your skin, causing it to burn. Burns can happen when you use extremely hot water for too long or get too close to the vapor. Besides the risk of burning, too much steam can cause your blood vessels to over-dilate, resulting in inflammation or worsening skin conditions.


Specialists in Dermatology add that face steaming can be harmful if you have sensitive skin or other skin conditions. Overheating the skin and taking out natural moisture can dry out sensitive skin. Those with conditions like rosacea must stay completely clear from steaming as it can worsen conditions. If done too often, any skin type can experience excessive dryness.