Do Pore Vacuums Actually Work?

No matter the skincare issue, you can rest assured that there's a tool to solve it. From gua shas to blackhead strips, there's a skincare tool for just about anything. One of the latest skincare crazes is the pore vacuums. From the satisfaction it creates to the benefits it states, there are plenty of reasons to want your very own vacuum. According to Ro, these tools suck up dead skin cells and impurities on your skin. They do this to unclog your pores with any junk that could get in the way of your clear skin. It's known that dead cells, dirt, excess oil, and other impurities can clog your pores and create various forms of acne. From pimples to blackheads, there are plenty of reasons to want to keep your pores clean.

However, like with any new skincare trend, it's essential to see how safe and effective it is since many of these fashions mean well but do not deliver the results they should. Some have even ended up being damaging to the skin. Still, every once in a while, there are new trends that do work and can have incredible results, and that's why it's vital to research skincare fads before attempting something that could have the opposite effect. When it comes to pore vacuums, the purpose and benefits seem like a dream. But how effective are these tools on the skin and are they worth your time and money?

Are pore vacuums worth your time?

As satisfying as pore vacuums are, their worthiness depends on your expectations. The Klog explains that while these devices suck up some extra junk, they aren't the solution to your skincare issues. For the vacuum to work, you should loosen the pores with ingredients like salicylic acid. Simply on its own, the tool cannot deep clean the pores as much as you would hope it does. Even with deep blackheads, pore vacuums are not enough to unclog the pores to get rid of these pustules. While it seems like they would be the quickest and easiest solution for blackheads, these devices are just another tool to be used with your skincare routine.

One of the factors to consider the most when looking at pore vacuums is safety. Physician Cula Dautriche, MD, Ph.D., tells Byrdie, "High suction settings may create micro-tears in the skin and lead to many unwanted side effects. Therefore, as a general rule, any form of manipulation to the skin should be done by professionals who are trained to address possible complications. These side effects outweigh modest benefits from pore vacuum use, especially when there are better, gentler, and safer treatment options for blackheads." When using pore vacuums, proceed with extreme caution as it's easy to damage your skin with high suction, so even when using the lowest setting, if you linger in one spot for too long, you can create these micro-tears.

Alternatives to pore vacuums

If the risks that come with pore vacuums are too much for you, there are other ways to get rid of clogged pores. Dermatologist Anetta Rezko tells Harper's Bazaar, "I always strongly urge my patients to use a daily cleanser that is tailored to their skin type and to incorporate an exfoliating toner that contains AHAs and BHAs. AHAs like glycolic and lactic acid remove the superficial pore congestion, and BHAs like salicylic acid penetrate deeper into the pores and efficiently dissolve oil buildup." Rezko explains that the same chemicals you would use to prep your skin for a pore vacuum can be the best solution to help remove your blackheads in the long term. In addition, building a proper skincare routine with ingredients that help dissolve clogged pores is the best way you can successfully get clearer skin without the risk of damage.

Heyday adds that products like exfoliating peels and moisturizers are the two most essential items you can use to remove blackheads. Even though you can get a safe facial extraction from a professional, the best way to get clear and healthy skin is by using these products. Exfoliating gels and creams help remove the impurities from the skin like a pore vacuum, but without the suction damage. Moisturizers keep your skin healthy and hydrated, meaning it is at its optimal state to combat acne.