How Much Moisturizer Should You Be Using In Your Skincare Routine?

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When it comes to skincare, we all have our routine items and steps. These steps may vary from person to person, but the goal is always similar: In the end, we all just want the best skin possible. One of the best products in our routine, no matter the skin type, is face moisturizers. The right moisturizer will help seal your care routine and get you closer to your dream skin. According to Dermstore, these lotions help repair the outside layer of the skin through hydration via oil and water-soluble components, and the right product will help to hydrate your skin without making it too greasy or shiny.


However, choosing the best moisturizer is only part of the problem when it comes to this skincare product. Once you've picked the right emollient, the second issue is knowing how much to apply to your skin. Although some products state a recommended amount, not every product will tell you the right quantity to use — and even with a suggested amount on the packaging, the correct ratio for you might differ depending on your skin needs. Knowing how much moisturizer to apply will be the difference between hydrated and dehydrated skin.

The right amount of moisturizer to use

If you are used to slathering on moisturizer, you may need to rethink your portions. Renée Rouleau explains that the ideal amount should be enough to spread a thin layer of product on the face. The rational thought would say the more moisturizer you add, the more hydration you can bring to the skin. However, the skin won't absorb this excess emollient, and you will lose the product over time. The consistency of your moisturizer will also determine how much product to apply. For example, if you apply a simple cream type, you should use around a nickel-sized amount.


Dermacare Direct adds that an average 50ml bottle should be enough to last around two to three months if used two times a day. If you are applying a nickel-sized amount, this timeframe should line up. Sometimes if you feel like your skin is still dry, it's rational to think that more moisturizer will get hydration. However, adding more product will not necessarily hydrate your skin but rather create a film around your face. If you need more hydration, you need a richer formula or other ingredients to supplement your moisturizer.

How to correctly apply moisturizer

Once you know how much moisturizer to apply, you must know how to put on the product. Like any skincare product, there are correct ways to put this lotion on. Tracie Martyn explains that you need to apply your moisturizer to damp skin. If you are using other products, put them on first and use your moisturizer as they are still drying. If you aren't using any other emollients, use a moisturizer immediately after washing your face or getting out of the shower. This method will help seal all the hydration from the products or water into the skin. If you wait for your skin to dry, the product will only rehydrate your skin instead of adding hydration.


Birchbox adds that you want to start your application process with the cheeks. The cheeks are the driest area and need the most hydration. When spreading the moisturizer, use circular motions to move the product on the skin. This way, your skin absorbs it better and in the correct order. Finally, when adding the moisturizer to your neck, stroke the product upwards and lightly to get it on the whole skin surface.