Your Guide To Dressing For The Ballet

Going to the ballet is a magical experience. With so many different ballets to choose from, it's fun to take in a performance from time to time. Surrounded by enchanting dancing, sets, and costumes, picking out your outfit to match the occasion might be the most daunting part of the whole experience. If you are a fan of films and shows, you've probably seen a few scenes on the screen depicting audiences dressed in floor-length gowns and gloves. While no one will stop you from wearing this at the ballet, there are many more wardrobe options to choose from. Ballerina Gallery explains that while some theaters and performances have dress codes, most of the time there are no expectations as far as what audiences wear to the ballet. But that doesn't mean you can go in your favorite sweatpants to the theatre.

Before deciding how dressed up you want to go to the show, consider whether you are attending a daytime or nighttime performance. Typically, daytime performances will allow for a more casual setting. Whichever the case, ballet is a wonderful art to take in as well as an amazing place to show off a gorgeous outfit.

Fashion-forward matching set

A matching set is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to be overdressed or underdressed. With the various options in prints and colors, a matching set is a great way to stay elegant no matter the season. Influencer Holly Titheridge showcased on Instagram a two-piece pinstriped suit with a button-up crop top underneath as a great option for looking stylish but modern. If you find the weather too warm, simply swap out your set for one that includes a skirt or shorts, and you still have an elegant outfit for the ballet that isn't overly formal.

Midi skirt and sweater

Even when the weather outside is chilly, that doesn't mean you can't have an ultra-chic outfit. Try taking some inspiration from fashion influencer Blair Eadie, who showcased on Instagram how a midi skirt and sweater can be the solution for a winter ballet show. Whether you opt for a tulle or leather midi skirt will depend on your style, but adding a sweater on top will give you much-needed coziness and style. Depending on the show, a midi skirt is also a great opportunity to add some whimsy to match the ballet's theme. 

Chic jumpsuit

For those looking for an outfit with more comfort and flexibility, a jumpsuit might be a great option. Influencer Melissa, from @themelissalifestyle on Instagram, rocked a one-shoulder number that would make a perfect mix of comfortable and formal for the ballet. When looking at jumpsuits for the ballet, try to avoid any denim jumpsuits, which may give off too much of a casual vibe. A jumpsuit may also help make the styling process quicker and simpler as you don't need to plan out multiple outfit pieces.

Monochrome outfit

One of the most well-known hacks in fashion is using colors to elevate your look. Using a monochrome palette will help make any outfit look expensive and formal. Fashion influencer Freya Killian wore a black monochrome outfit from head to toe, which makes for the perfect outfit to wear when you are unsure if you want something casual or formal (via Instagram). Try sticking with a neutral color palette if you plan to wear monochrome as these colors tend to give a more formal illusion.

Slip dress

Slip dresses, while not ideal in colder weather, are beautifully feminine pieces that can make any outfit look fancy. Fashion content creator Mara Lafontan showed via Instagram how soft and beautiful a slip dress can look on its own. There are a lot of ways you can rock this minimalist piece as it's dainty enough to be worn by itself in warmer months but can also be layered when the weather gets chillier. Style these dresses with equally dainty jewelry for an elegant and feminine look, perfect for a day at the ballet.