The Parisian Winter Skincare Advice You Need To Follow

We've heard of Korean beauty techniques and TikTok skincare trends that work to moisturize and better our faces. It can be really intimidating to try new skincare products or routines; sometimes these changes based on fads aren't for the better, and you find yourself back at square one. But the best skincare techniques to add to your regimen are those that add very little product and are all about your natural beauty and radiance. That's where French skincare comes into play.

Leonce Chenal, a French lifestyle platform, reported that a French skincare routine is about the betterment of your skin now and later. "French women don't have a bathroom cabinet filled with a million different skincare products," they write. They truly take to heart the old adage of "Less is more" and cling to minimalist skincare routines to keep their faces clear, clean, and glowing. Here's how you can also achieve a Parisian glow.

Parisian skincare is all about the natural glow

The reason that there's such an emphasis on French women's natural makeup looks, and the minimalist skincare to match, is the fact that they're known to lean toward less makeup. "I think French women are looked to as major players in the world of beauty and skincare because heavy makeup and glam looks are not so popular in French culture," Sabina Socol, a Paris-based digital creator, told Who What Wear. "We focus more on skin and enhancing our natural features." Socol said that in the midst of these TikTok skin trends, French women tend to stay with what they know works.

Léna Farl, a Parisian fashion and lifestyle content creator, agreed with this statement, telling Who What Wear, "Parisian and French women, in general, are used to a simple skincare routine with only a few steps and a focus on hydration and cleansing." In addition to those two aspects, natural products or "French pharmacy products with simple and clean formulas" are just fine for their skincare routines. Glowy skin is a must when you're not using a lot of makeup to cover up or divert attention.

To get that natural glow, Parisian skincare includes double cleansing

According to Leonce Chenal, a French skincare routine's one rule is to not overdo it. They note that modern skincare often promotes using a lot of different products to hit all of your trouble spots. But they could be layered in a way that irritates and doesn't help. Again, a common French look involves very little makeup, and in that respect, very few items go into a daily French skincare routine.

Even though they use fewer products, French women like to double cleanse. As Sabina Socol told Who What Wear, she double cleanses at night even though she doesn't wear a lot of makeup throughout the day. Interestingly, her mornings don't include cleansing at all, "just a splash of water." Léna Farl, a content creator, double cleanses with two types of cleansers. She uses a cleansing oil and then a cleansing gel "to make sure my skin is perfectly clean," she said.

FrenchStyle reported that hard water in France is very drying, so a lot of times, cleansing with micellar water and a cotton round is better. This can be incorporated with cleansing as well, producing yet another way to double cleanse. However you cleanse to get the French glowing look, Dr. Debeshi, a clinical cosmetic and aesthetic expert at Lueur Aesthetics, told HealthShots that the French use very natural, gentle cleansers and toners, to "pamper their skin as gently as a baby's."