Signs You Are Due For A Haircut

Although there are plenty of trendy haircuts to pique your interest, sometimes day-to-day life has a tendency of getting in the way of your trips to the salon. Whether you're too busy or can't find the right stylist for you and your hair, there's a lot that can stand between you and your next haircut.

If it's been a while since your last haircut, you might be left wondering how much longer you can stretch it out. (That is, is it really noticeable that your hair is in need of a trim?) While Good Housekeeping points out that different types of hair can go different lengths of time between cuts, including factors such as whether or not you're growing your hair out, there are some key signs that point to your hair's health that indicate that you might want to book your next haircut sooner rather than later, as haircare experts have told sources including Elite Daily.

You have split ends

The biggest red flag that you need a haircut is if you have split ends, as discussed by a wide variety of online sources. As noted by Healthline, split ends are caused by different types of damage to your hair, and it's important to address these split ends to maintain your hair's overall health.

Some experts have had even stronger takes on the subject. "If you're waiting for split ends, it's a sure sign that you've waited a little too long in between haircuts," hairstylist Tina Dizon explained to Byrdie. Similarly, hairstylist Gregg Giannillo told Sunday Edit, "The sooner you cut them off, the sooner you will begin to have healthy hair."

Looking for a haircare product that can repair your hair and fix the issue for you? You're better off making that salon appointment since Healthline writes that cutting off split ends is the only way to remove them for good.

Your hair is getting tangled

If you're finding that your hair is becoming a tangled mess, that's another sure sign that it might be time for you to get a haircut, a point mentioned by both Joico and Good Housekeeping.

Skinkraft Laboratories writes that tangled hair can mean damaged hair, which also helps to clear up why this is another sign that you should set up an appointment for a haircut. Dermatologist Iris Rubin, MD, also commented to Byrdie on the subject, saying, "Tangling is more common in dry and damaged hair because the cuticles don't lie flat, which allows strands to snag against each other and become intertwined."

With seriously tangled or knotted hair, to the point that it has become matted, you might need a haircut to revitalize your hair and undo the damage that has been done to it, but brands such as L'Oréal Paris have discussed that there are many products that can keep hair from getting to the point of needing a drastic new cut.

You're wearing your hair up more than usual

Another visual cue that it is time for you to get a haircut is if you find that you have been wearing your hair in an updo more than you usually would. While this tip might not apply to all hairstyles or lifestyles, sites such as Organic Authority point out that this might be one hint that you need to make a salon appointment instead of passing off messy hair as your go-to look.

Hairstylist Brian Magallones additionally mentioned this point to Oprah, where it's suggested that wearing your hair up constantly could mean that you're trying to hide something about your hairstyle as it currently is. Whether it's because you're dissatisfied with your current stylist or looking to make a bigger change to your hair overall, taking notice of your constant updos might just be the push you need in order to take that big plunge with your hair.

Your hair texture has changed

If you have noticed a change in your hair texture or curl, that could be another sign that it's time for a haircut. Good Housekeeping mentions curl patterns here specifically while thinning hair can also be another sign of damage, per WebMD.

There are various other causes for changes in a person's hair texture, including those related to medical conditions and age, according to Women's Health, but these might not be applicable in all situations. If you notice that your hair tends to curl more right after you've gotten a fresh haircut, for example, it's likely that you have waited too long to get a haircut.

If you have recently gotten a haircut and have found that your hair texture has changed for good, the best thing to do is find a way to embrace it. As hairstylist Nunzio Saviano told Elle, "You have to work with the changes in your new texture, rather than fight them."

Your style isn't what you want it to be

As pointed out by Insider, the sign that you need to get a haircut might not be related to damage; instead, it might be because the hairstyle you've worked to maintain is no longer the hairstyle you have. Shorter or more extreme hairstyles are more likely to be affected in this regard — or if you're someone who maintains a signature look.

As discussed by hairstylist Clayton Hawkins to Glamour, for example, "If you have a sharp bob that hits above shoulders, ideally you're going in every six weeks." Haircuts featuring bangs are also likely to require greater maintenance to keep at a specific length based on the rate at which hair grows, as additionally noted by Healthline.

Insider also mentions haircuts such as fades as requiring a higher level of upkeep than some other styles, and the same is true of popular tapered haircuts. If you find that you don't have the time to devote to maintaining your hairstyle, it might be time for a haircut and a style change.