How To Get Rid Of Skin Redness After A Tough Workout

Whether you're a workout junkie or go to the occasional HIIT class at your local gym, you know how red your skin can get after you exercise. When we work out, our body temperature increases, so to cool ourselves off, our blood rushes to the surface of our skin, which results in skin redness, Premier Dermatology explains. If you're fair-skinned, odds are this happens to you on a regular basis, as it is very common among people with your skin tone (sorry!). It's completely normal for this to happen during strenuous exercise, but it's still annoying to deal with.


If you have plans following your tough workout and not much time to get ready in between, it can be a total mood-killer, walking around, looking like a hot and sweaty mess (let's be honest, a bright red face isn't really the vibe). Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get rid of it, so you can enjoy the rest of your day and not worry about looking like a ripe tomato.

Reach for a face mist

Low on time? Applying a face mist works wonders if you're in a pinch. Face mists provide the skin with ample amounts of hydration, which in turn, reduces the redness you get after a workout, says Amber's Skincare Diary. With so many similar products on the market, the key is to find one with soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera, grape water, and chamomile, according to BeautyHub. It's best to avoid any type of skin care with harsh ingredients like alcohol or essential oils, which can further irritate your skin. 


One of the greatest things about face mists is how travel-friendly they are. Toss one in your gym bag for a quick freshening up after your workout — a few spritzes should do the trick. You can even keep a travel-size bottle in your handbag in case of emergencies (like sprinting to catch the next train on your way to work). Now, you'll be fresh-faced and ready to take on the day, no matter where you go.

Grab a cold compress

This is actually one of the oldest tricks in the book. Cold compresses have a soothing effect on inflamed or irritated skin and can help reduce any skin redness you may have. The reason is that cold temperatures lessen the blood vessels in your skin responsible for the redness, Global Health & Pharma states. Make sure you use a washcloth made of soft material like microfiber or linen. Otherwise, you can further irritate your skin and worsen the redness. Simply place a wet washcloth into the freezer for five to 10 minutes, then apply it to your face.


Healthline suggests holding the cold compress to your face for a maximum of 20 minutes. After the allotted time is up, dry your face (pat, don't rub!) with a soft towel. You should notice how fresh and glowy your skin looks. If you can't make it home before your post-workout plans, don't worry, you can still use this method. Just keep a washcloth in your bag and run it under cold water once you're finished working out.