Peep These Eyewear Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2023

We've all heard the sayings "new year, new hair" and "new year, new wardrobe," but what about "new year, new eyewear"? After all, eyewear is crucial for everyday life; we rely on our glasses to help us see and our sunglasses to make our eyes feel better in the sun. Thus, eyewear is a valuable investment. Think of choosing and buying a new pair of glasses or sunglasses like you would think of purchasing a new handbag or committing to a new hair color. Eyewear goes on your face, so it can significantly affect your appearance. Therefore, you should always take time to think about your choice before you select a new pair of glasses or sunglasses. Maybe, you'll even want to invest in more than one pair to match different outfits and moods!

Like what happens with any other accessory, eyewear trends come and go. Prominent eyewear trends in 2022 included '70s-inspired aviator frames, circular glasses, and ultra-big pairs. While many people will likely continue wearing these styles in 2023, some fun new trends are coming, too.

Environmentally friendly glasses

"Many companies are making a large effort to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint," eyewear designer Lihi Kopel told Forbes. Fast fashion is a term for items that are inexpensive and trendy because they were made fast but can be bad for the environment and typically weren't produced ethically. People are starting to recognize issues with this, becoming more interested in sustainability. One company that sells environmentally friendly eyewear is Eco Eyewear. For instance, the stylish Laguna sunglasses are made of recycled plastics found in the ocean and sell for $95.

Simple metal frames

If you don't want to draw too much attention to the fact that you wear glasses, why not keep it simple with a dainty metal pair? "Metal frames are back, silver especially," Heather Feldman, a Sunglass Hut trend expert, told Who What Wear. Anyone who wants to explore this trend should check out the Ember Square Silver Eyeglasses. These trendy frames are available for $22 at Eyebuydirect, look excellent on people of all genders, and have 4.7 stars.

Timeless black frames

Black never goes out of style and looks effortlessly stylish with various outfits, so you can't go wrong with black glasses or sunglasses. But in 2023, black eyewear will probably be trendier than ever because of Hailey Bieber. In December 2022, the supermodel posted many pictures of her enjoying New York on Instagram, wearing bold black cat eye frames in some pics and a more rectangular black pair in another photo. Bieber's millions of fans will likely follow her lead and purchase black eyewear in 2023 if they haven't already.

Classic cat-eyes

According to SOJOS Vision, chic cat-eye frames are going to be significant in 2023, as these designs typically flatter women's faces, especially when they wear their hair up. Even the iconic Marilyn Monroe wore glasses with a cat eye frame, and they complimented her face and famous eyes so well that she looked just as beautiful with them on as she did glasses-free. So, get ready to see many women embracing their inner Monroe in 2023 with cat-eye-style spectacles.

Glasses with a tint

This trend isn't so much about the frames as it's focused on the lenses. A hint of color in the lenses will be trendy in 2023, especially in warm hues like reds and yellows. If you want to look into a fun pair of tinted eyewear, you should check out the Moore Rose Gold Retro-Vintage Metal Round Tinted Sunglasses, available at Yesglasses for under $70 at the time of writing. These fun, daring glasses have 4.9 stars with an impressive 100% recommendation rate. 

Hexagons and other geometry-inspired frames

Frame shapes are getting more and more creative and will likely be even more trendy in 2023 than they already are in 2022, so get ready to see some fun octagon frames along with other shapes that will make you feel like you're back in high school geometry. One adorable pair of octagon frames is the Altar Geometric Pink & Gold Eyeglasses, selling for around $40 at Eyebuydirect. The ultra-cute glasses have 4.9 stars, earning high points for being high-quality, stylish, and fitting well on people.