Here's How To Reject Someone In Every Situation

Most people have dealt with the uncomfortable and cringe-worthy situation of being approached by someone they aren't interested in, and rejecting someone is unfortunately incredibly awkward, no matter how nicely you try to do it. Telling the person you're already in a relationship, even if you're single, is one of the most common routes to take to get someone off of your back as quickly as possible. 

Nevertheless, rejection is simply part of the dating realm, whether you're doing the rejecting or you're getting rejected. Rejection tends to be a painful experience all the way around because no one wants to feel unwanted and no one wants to feel like the villain who shot someone else's advances down. It can be quite nerve-wracking to reject someone while trying not to come across as a shallow, mean, or dismissive person. 

You never want to be caught in a situation where you feel pressured to give out your phone number or accept a date invitation when you aren't actually interested. You also want to ensure your safety based on where certain conversations are taking place. These are some of the best tips for rejecting romantic advances from people you don't want to date in just about any situation.

Here's how to reject someone at a gas station

Why does the gas station happen to be one of the most common places for women to get hit on? It seems like gas stations automatically make people feel bolder and more daring than usual. PickUpLine.Net listed some of the funny things women have heard while trying to peacefully pump their gas and be on their way. "Are you out of gas? Because I will fill you up tonight" and "Do you work at this gas station, because you have ignited the engine inside me" are just a few cheesy examples. 

When you're rejecting someone at a gas station, you should be wary of your surroundings. After all, some men have fragile egos. When their pride is bruised, they might start to feel emasculated, which can lead to an outburst. Since this is the unfortunate truth, expressing your disinterest with several other gas station customers nearby is your safest option. If there aren't too many people around you, keep in mind that your gas pump can serve as a weapon in its own right if need some sort of protection from angry retaliation. 

Here's how to reject someone at a nightclub or bar

Rejecting someone at a nightclub or bar doesn't have to be a hugely complicated thing. Nightlife environments tend to be more relaxed, easy-going, and chill. There's usually loud music playing that will stifle other people from hearing any awkward conversations taking place. This is great news for the person you're rejecting because no one else will likely hear you shutting them down. What's more, you should stop the interaction as early as possible. 

The less time you spend chatting with them, the better off you'll be. Try not to accept free drinks from people you don't want to talk to. They'll use the drink they bought you as a segue-way into talking to you. If you know you're prone to being guilted into things, like lengthy conversations, based on the generosity of others, simply say "no thank you" to the free drink. For the best results, you should start off by being as polite as possible with your rejection.

Don't accept an invitation to the dance floor with them either to avoid dealing with unwanted touches or other physical advances. If the person refuses to leave you alone after you've rejected them already, it's your right to get a security guard involved for your own protection. Requesting an escort to accompany you to your car or mode of transportation at the end of the night is also reasonable if you feel unsafe.

Here's how to reject a colleague at work

Being forced to reject a colleague at work is the worst because you still have to go to work with them every day after. It's almost as bad as dating a co-worker and continuing to work with them after a breakup. The only difference is that this time, no relationship was ever formed. the feelings were never mutual, and in fact, they were unrequited. The easiest way to reject a colleague is to pull the "professionalism" card by saying you don't want to mix work and pleasure or cross over any professional boundaries. They'll feel bummed about being rejected, but it will soften the blow if they believe it doesn't have anything to do with them directly. 

If you know you need to reject romantic advances from a colleague, you should disengage whenever they approach you at your desk, in the break room, or elsewhere. If they try to spark up a conversation, act bored or pretend to be extremely busy. You can thank your colleague for the flattery of their interest while making it clear that your career is your top priority at the moment. Even if your career isn't actually your top priority at all, they don't need to know that. If your colleague isn't taking no for an answer, you need to report their misconduct to your boss or HR representative immediately. 

Here's how to reject a classmate at school

Rejecting a classmate at school is just as terrible as rejecting a colleague at work. The only thing that makes it a tad better is that school years eventually end, which means there's a light at the end of the tunnel here. You can use school as your excuse since this person is already hitting on you in a school setting. You can easily make the claim that academics are your top priority and you just aren't in the mental headspace to add dating anyone to your plate.

A rejection doesn't have to mean all interactions must come to an end forever. If you're still comfortable waving to your classmate before or after class ends, that's completely fine to do. If you don't want to give them the wrong idea or unintentionally send them a false sense of hope, you might want to avoid private study sessions, homework help exchanges, or sitting side by side in the classroom. If your classmate won't stop trying to pursue you after you've already rejected them, you can get the school board involved to ensure your safety on campus.

Here's how to reject someone during an outdoor walk or hike

You should tread carefully when rejecting someone during an outdoor walk or hike. Unfortunately, being stuck in a secluded area with someone you don't know could lead to a dangerous situation if they don't know how to handle rejection well. When some men get rejected, it can result in verbal attacks or even physical violence. You need to assess the seriousness of the situation by making yourself aware of your surroundings.

How far away from the parking lot are you? Did you notice other people on your trail coming and going before you were approached by a stranger? Are you hidden by trees and shrubbery, or are you in plain sight to others from a distance? After taking everything into account, the safest thing would be to politely engage in light conversation until you've reached an area where more people can see and hear you.

If you spew out a cutthroat rejection in the middle of an isolated zone, it could turn into a treacherous and threatening moment. If you know no one else will be around for a while, you can blatantly lie for your own safety by saying something like "my dad is almost here to join me" or "my dad is further ahead on the trail and I'm just catching up to him."

Here's how to reject someone at the store

Going on a shopping trip to the grocery store for food or a department store for clothes doesn't mean you're interested in receiving unwanted attention. Sometimes, all you want to do is shop in peace. If someone approaches you while you're shopping, there's nothing wrong with rejecting them so you can be on your way. The easiest thing you can say to someone is that you're in a hurry with a shopping list to handle and you don't have time to chat or exchange information.

Stores tend to be busy and crowded places with cameras everywhere, so your safety might feel like less of a fear. You can be as blunt, clear, and honest as you'd like. You don't have to apologize for your lack of interest either. You can say "no" twice if you have to, depending on their persistence and determination. If you feel unsafe heading to your car in the parking lot after checking out, you can always request an escort to walk you out with your purchases.

Here's how to reject your neighbor

Rejecting a neighbor's romantic advances is such an annoying thing to be forced into because you're stuck living next to them for the foreseeable future. Unless you have a lease ending or concrete plans to relocate, you'll be thrust into a situation where you have to see the person you've rejected any time you're arriving at or leaving your home. 

According to Psychology Today, you should graciously thank your neighbor for their advances and politely decline their offer without rushing to the end of the chat. Since you live next to this person, you don't want them to think of you as a rude or ill-mannered person. If your rejection spills out of your mouth before they've even finished what they're saying, they'll likely feel disrespected. 

What's more, you can use your body language to your advantage by turning slightly away from them while they talk and looking over their shoulders instead of connecting eye contact. If you'd like, you can use the excuse of not wanting to get involved with anyone in the neighborhood as your own personal set of boundaries. If your neighbor is relentless in their pursuit to the point where you feel unsafe, you can file a complaint with the police. If your paper trail of their obsessive behavior is valid, you could even be granted a restraining order. Consider installing a camera at your front door and adding a secondary lock to your door if necessary. 

Here's how to reject a friend

Having to reject a friend is one of the saddest and most uncomfortable scenarios ever. The idea of losing your friendship forever, simply because you aren't interested in them romantically, is a legitimate fear to have. You didn't ask them to develop feelings for you, and the friendship was doing just fine before they went and complicated things. Now, you have to figure out how to let them down easily without losing them for good. 

You can explain that you value your friendship with them more than taking the risk of entering a relationship. You can tell them that since you've been good friends for X amount of time, it's much too difficult for you to view them in any other light at this point. One of the most thoughtful things you can do after rejecting a friend is to give them space if they need it. 

You might not be able to call them up and vent about your work day or complain about the ending of your latest Netflix show, but that's okay for now. Eventually, if the friendship is built to last, you two will undoubtedly get back to that place someday. Your friendship can survive if there's proper closure, forgiveness, and sincerity. Ease your way back into those pleasant and casual moments you once shared together.

Here's how to reject someone at the gym

Does anyone really want to be hit on during a gym workout while they're all sweaty? Some people consider the gym the ideal place to meet a romantic match since you're able to connect with like-minded people who equally care about fitness. If you don't want to be bothered during your workout though, there are ways you can avoid dealing with this. When someone at the gym waves you down to talk, simply point at your headphones silently and shrug to let them know you can't hear them. 

If you're not wearing headphones, you can tell them you're focused on self-improvement and achieving your body goals at this time in your life, which means you're simply not at a place in life to date anyone. Some people might use the tactic of sharing gym advice as a segue into starting a conversation with you. However, you can shut down whatever advice they try to give you by saying you appreciate their thoughts but you already have your own fitness plan in place.

If the person won't stop flirting with you at the gym, you can get the staff involved to ensure that you're being treated respectfully in their vicinity. The good news about most gyms is that they often have cameras installed everywhere and mirrors strategically placed all around making it tough for someone to do anything outlandish without the fear of getting caught.

Here's how to reject someone in public transportation

When someone starts flirting with you in the middle of a route on public transportation, it can be incredibly bothersome. You're just trying to get from point A to point B in peace, after all. Just like at the gym, your headphones can come in handy in a major way on public transportation. You can pretend like you can't hear anything with a simple shrug after pointing to your headphones if you want to avoid a conversation altogether. 

If someone comes to sit right beside you to engage in conversation, you can say something like "I'm a germ-a-phobe" or "I'm still recovering from an illness; I don't want to expose you" before getting up to move to another seat. You can always dial a friend on your phone to keep anyone in public transportation from trying to talk. If you have no one to call, a fake phone call works just as well. 

Flirting typically becomes harassment when the person's unwanted advances become obscene or overly sexual. Being hit on by your Uber or other ride-share driver counts as an uncomfortable moment in public transportation. If your driver did anything that was over the edge, you can report them to have legal action taken. You don't deserve to feel trapped in a sketchy or unbearable situation just because you're getting around on public transportation.

Here's how to reject a customer as an employee

Showing up to work doesn't mean you deserve to be on the receiving end of flirtations that you aren't into. A lot of companies and businesses operate on the idea that the customer knows best. If the customer is making you feel uncomfortable though, they are not in the right. You can turn down a customer while on the job by simply blaming it on your job. You can say something along the lines of, "Thank you for your kind words, but I'm never allowed to date customers. It's against the rules." You can be even more dramatic to drive your point home and say, "I could lose my job if I get caught dating customers." 

If they're a decent human being, they'll understand that your livelihood is more important than their crush on you. You shouldn't waste time with your rejection statement while on the job, but you'll want to avoid burning bridges too. For example, you don't want to say something that will make the customer despise your workplace enough to never come back. If the customer is being inappropriate with you, your management team should be more than willing to intervene on your behalf if you speak up.