Astrology Expert Tells Us What You Should And Shouldn't Do During Mercury Retrograde

Have you ever had an off week and simply wondered why? Maybe your first thought was to blame Mercury's retrograde, but what does that actually mean? When Mercury is in retrograde, it appears that the planet is moving backward when, in reality, it's slowed down its rotation. Mercury is the planet of communication, news, travel, information, gossip, and technology, so when it slows down, you may experience issues in one (or several) of those areas. You may have trouble speaking, like stuttering or tripping over your words. 


Maybe you have non-stop brain fog, which starts affecting your everyday life. Your flight could be canceled, causing you to miss your connecting flight. Perhaps your phone stops charging or you can't turn on your computer. These are just a handful of unfortunate scenarios you may experience during Mercury retrograde. To prevent yourself from facing serious consequences, professional astrologer Liz Simmons told Glam exactly what you should and shouldn't do when Mercury is in this period.

Save your documents often

Unfortunately, Mercury retrograde has significant effects on technology, so Liz Simmons highly recommends saving your work early and often. "Mercury retrograde is notorious for causing technical difficulties, which can cause unnecessary stress with work, school, and more when we can't access or find what we need," she explains. You've probably had a moment or two where you're just about to finish an assignment for school or work, just to be interrupted by an unexpected device reset.


Yes, some unsaved documents can be recovered, but it could take a great deal of time (and possibly money), and the results aren't guaranteed. With that being said, now is the time to back up your hard drives, organize your documents, and make sure you have a place for all your significant files just in case. This will save you the humiliation (and possible consequences) of showing up empty-handed the day an assignment is due. Remember, you can never save too much; it can only help you in the end.

Upgrade your storage

Similar to the last tip, Liz Simmons suggests upgrading your iCloud or Google Drive storage for more space. "It might seem silly to invest in this technical space, but it could help offset the chance of your phone deleting special photos or your laptop crashing from being overloaded," she says. You're saving yourself from a total meltdown if your phone or laptop runs out of space and starts automatically deleting items to make room. Backup storage, such as an external hard drive, also comes in handy should your device crash or become broken beyond repair. 


According to Apple, its users can purchase up to 2 TB of storage in the U.S. for an extra $10 a month. Every Google account includes 15 GB of storage, which covers Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, but the user has the opportunity to upgrade to more than 100 GB when they switch to Google One. Plans vary by price and storage capacity, but if you have a ton of information and photos you'd like to back up, it's well worth looking into.

Update your internet security

Speaking of technology, Liz Simmons explains that it's crucial to update your passwords across all your platforms, from banking to social media, as Mercury retrograde leaves us "susceptible to cyber-attacks and hackers," she states. Strong passwords typically consist of uncommon words (utilizing both uppercase and lowercase letters), along with an assortment of special characters and numbers. "Go the extra mile by updating your passwords and turning on your authentication security," Simmons recommends. If you aren't sure whether or not you have the latter feature turned on, it's a good idea to double-check.


By leaving your accounts exposed to hackers, you hand them the opportunity to make false purchases and transfer money from your bank account. They can also gain access to your email and social media accounts, which can get you in plenty of trouble. To keep you and your data safe, do yourself a favor and update your passwords as soon as possible.

Avoid taking on new commitments

While we're all for taking risks and opening ourselves up to new possibilities, Mercury retrograde isn't the time for big changes. "Retrogrades are usually a time to reassess whatever is already in place or motion in our lives, so adding something new to the mix may jumble everything up," Liz Simmons explains. If you're searching for a new job or looking to purchase a home, wait it out until Mercury retrograde is over. The planet enters retrograde three to four times a year, so you have plenty of other opportunities to make big moves.


The same goes for romantic relationships. Remember, Mercury rules communication, so you don't want to put yourself in a position where miscommunication can ruin a new fling. With so much communication happening behind screens, it's easy to misinterpret what the other person is saying, and lack of communication could start fires as well. The point is simply to save the love for another time. (Trust us; it will be worth the wait.)

Still, if matters are pressing, especially for money-related endeavors, you may still be able to act. "However, if time is of the essence, then have a few trusted confidants look over any documents or ask for a second opinion before agreeing to something new," Simmons adds.


Steer clear of exes and former flings

It's typical for exes and past flings to pop up during Mercury retrograde. She encourages taking advantage of this moment. "Use this as a time to consider why someone is popping up and what you could learn from this experience during Mercury retrograde," Liz Simmons explains. This is true for all relationships, not just romantic ones. Perhaps a family member has reached out who isn't involved in your life anymore, or maybe a former friend is trying to reconnect. No matter the situation, consider opening yourself up to what they have to say. If you really want to ignite your relationship with that person again, now may be the best chance. "It might be a great time to clear the air, lay old feelings to rest, and let go."


On the other hand, you may also find yourself more short-tempered than usual during this period of time. Because tensions are high and tempers are short, you're much better off saving these conversations for another time. Wait until your emotions are regulated and then see how you feel about the situation. If you start speaking to that person before you're ready, it could escalate the issue and ultimately make things worse.

Now, with these tips from Simmons, you can enter the next Mercury retrograde a little more at ease.