The 2023 Beauty Trend You Should Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are so many fun and exciting beauty trends to consider in 2023. Trends are always shifting and changing, but that doesn't mean they should be difficult to keep up with. Beauty trends are worth exploring whether you're honing in on makeup, skincare, hair care, nail care, or something else. You can visually switch things up in every department if you choose to.

What's more, mask mandates that started taking over in 2020 during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic have been lifted in most places. Life without masks has a lot of people questioning how they can look their absolute best with nothing to "hide" behind. Experimenting with new beauty trends is a lot of fun when you know exactly what to keep an eye out for, and it can help you find your new normal. Furthermore, narrowing down your options makes the process feel less overwhelming or stressful to think about. Deciding which beauty trend to try based on your zodiac sign can simplify things in a significant way.

Aries: ombré sunset nails

The first zodiac sign on the astrological chart is Aries, and it includes anyone born between March 20 and April 19. Arians fall into the fire element category since they are fueled by passion, they have no filter, they are incredibly competitive, and they're willing to put themselves out there without fear of judgment or rejection. Because of this, ombré nails are perfect for this sign, as they're considered trendy for any occasion. 

Arians might consider rocking red ombré nails that start with lighter shades of nude or white ending with darker shades of deep red such as maroon, burgundy, or crimson. Arians who are feeling extra fiery might even consider sunset ombré nails that include a mix of orange, yellow, pink, and red blended together flawlessly to create the illusion of a sunset on each fingernail. Although ombré nails tend to look better on longer, acrylic surfaces, Arians can still make these colors pop on natural, shorter nails.

One of the highlights of wearing ombré sunset nails is that you can imagine yourself on a beautiful vacation somewhere tropical every time you glance down at your fingers. You might be stuck somewhere with wintery cold temperatures, but your hands will remind you that the sun is brightly shining somewhere in the world. Your sunset ombré nails can include brighter shades of yellow or darker shades of red depending on how "early" or "late" in the day you want your sunset to appear.

Taurus: glazed temple highlighter

If you were born between April 20 and May 20, you're a Taurus. Taureans are dependable, pleasant, honest, and elegant. Since Taureans are recognized for being incredibly elegant individuals, it makes sense that the 2023 beauty trend that suits them the best would be opting for glazed temple highlighter. Rocking the glazed temple highlighter trend gives you the chance to take a dewy, glazed complexion to the next level.

You'll look as glossy and hydrated as ever after adding a drop of liquid highlighter to your temples in the area between your outer eye edge and hairline. In past years, beauty lovers have gone above and beyond with highlighter in places such as their nose tips, chins, foreheads, and upper cheekbones. Now, it's time to give the temples a chance to shine as much as the other areas of your face. If you know how to add the perfect amount of highlighter to your temples for a glazed look, you will come across as one of the more elegant makeup lovers out there.

Tons of makeup lovers were happy to say goodbye to the dewy makeup look trend that required you to cover your entire face with highlighter. Oftentimes, it made people look like they were glistening with sweat instead of makeup when it wasn't properly applied. When you're only adding a bit of glazed highlighter to your temple areas, you avoid running this risk entirely.

Gemini: bleached brows

Geminis are a group of people born between May 20 and June 21. The Geminis in your life are probably incredibly outgoing, funny, witty, curious, and inquisitive. When people realize they want to go on a fun adventure or try something totally spontaneous, they automatically know they can depend on a Gemini to create that particular reality. 

For these reasons and more, bleached brows are the beauty trend for Geminis to experiment with in 2023. Eyebrows have so much power when it comes to the transformation of your face and visual appearance. If you typically groom your eyebrows to be thin, arched, filled in, or something else, you already know the way your eyebrows can complete an entire look. 

What could be more spontaneous and adventurous than completely bleaching your eyebrows? Some of the edgiest celebrities to pull off this look recently include Kendall Jenner and Julia Fox. Showing up to an event with your friends after bleaching your eyebrows will leave everyone feeling absolutely shocked and stunned, in true Gemini style. One of the coolest details that comes into play when bleaching your eyebrows is the fact that you can admire what you would look like if you completely shaved your eyebrows off, without having to take such a drastic measure.

Cancer: mermaid braid

Cancers are people who were born between June 21 and July 22. Cancers tend to be faithful and loving people who are protective of those they care about most. They cruise through life catering to their emotions and following their intuition. Interestingly enough, Cancers fall into the water element category, which means they tend to feel their best whenever they're in large bodies of water. 

Since Cancers connect with water in a significant way, the beauty trend of 2023 that suits them best is wearing their hair in the mermaid braid hairstyle. One of the most popular mermaids that might come to mind when you think of these fictional sea creatures is Disney's Ariel. She wore her luxurious red hair down to flow behind her underwater wherever she swam about. This particular hairstyle is a lot more controlled than that since it requires a little bit of time, attention, and effort.

You can accomplish the perfect mermaid braid with just a few minutes of twisting, pulling, and a single hair tie. When getting started with your mermaid braid, you'll want to section your hair in a teardrop formation over the crown of your head and secure the top section into a ponytail. Once all the necessary pieces of hair have been braided together, you'll pinch and pull at each section to add a bit of messy texture.

Leos: colorful eyeliner

There's no denying the fact that Leos are some of the most likable members of the astrological chart. Those who were born between July 23 and August 22 fit into this sign. One of the most famous Leos ever happens to be Kylie Jenner, who currently has over 375 million followers on Instagram. It's obvious that she's pretty well-liked with all of those fans and followers! Leos are warm-hearted, creative, and cheerful individuals who are naturally confident. 

The outlet also reveals that Leos are attracted to bright colors. The 2023 beauty trend for Leos is colorful eyeliner since this is a type of makeup that gives people a chance to express themselves in an artistic way. Wearing bright and cheerful colors can boost your mood and showcase just how fun you are. If you have green eyes, you might consider wearing purple, bronze, or gold eyeliner. If you have brown eyes, then yellow, blue, and pink are some of the best eyeliner colors for you. 

If you have blue eyes, orange, red, and brighter shades of blue will work best for you. When someone shows up somewhere wearing colorful eyeliner, they instantly give off the vibe that they are the life of the party. It takes tons of confidence and boldness to feel comfortable enough to rock a makeup trend like this. Simple black eyeliner is the most common route to take when it comes to general eye makeup. Leos don't feel the need to hide behind simplicity, though.

Virgos: monochrome makeup

Virgos are people who were born between August 22 and September 22. If you were born between these dates, you're the type of person who loves feeling useful to others, has a quick fix for just about any problem, and can be slightly judgmental of others with the best of intentions. Virgos are known for having top-notch spatial awareness of the world around them with millions of brilliant ideas firing off inside their heads at any given moment. 

Virgos are perfectionists who have a keen eye for detail and a very particular way of doing things. This being said, Virgos mesh well with a beauty trend like monochrome makeup in 2023. It's difficult to be finicky about makeup when all the makeup on your face is matching, after all. Monochrome makeup is achieved when you use the same color on your eyelids, cheeks, and lips. 

Dabbing a little bit of makeup in all the right places using the same product is the easiest way to accomplish this look. Tons of people depend on lipsticks and lip stains when it comes to monochrome makeup because lipstick can easily double as eyeshadow or blush if need be. If you decide to use powder blush or an eyeshadow palette instead, just make sure you have clear lipgloss for your lips to keep the color set in place.

Libra: ultra-curled lashes

Libras were all born between September 23 and October 2022, living wonderful lives that typically showcase high levels of charm and appeal. Libras are ruled by a very special planet that represents beauty. We're referring to Venus. Venus is second from the sun, often nicknamed Earth's sister or Earth's twin by astrology gurus and science lovers. 

Venus tends to appear in Earth's sky staying close to the sun in the mornings or evenings. Visually, it's beautiful. It makes sense that it would be the main planet so deeply connected to beauty. Since Venus represents beauty and Libras are ruled by Venus, Libras are deeply connected to beauty too. One of the easiest ways anyone can upgrade their appearance is by making sure their lashes are curled to perfection. 

This is the reason why ultra-curled lashes are the 2023 beauty trend for Libras everywhere. If you want to achieve a look with extra curled lashes, you should brush your lashes out, eat a healthy diet, occasionally take breaks from heavy eye makeup, and apply moisturizing oil. Using aloe vera, lash-growing serums, lash-boosting mascara, and supplements can also come in handy. If you're too impatient to wait for your natural lashes to grow to the perfect length, ultra-curled faux lashes are always an option.

Scorpio: Glass Nails

Scorpios are unwaveringly honest, regardless of what the circumstances are. When a Scorpio gets caught up in an uncomfortable situation where it would be easier for them to lie, they'll still come forward with the truth. Scorpios are deep thinkers who thrive on genuine and open conversations. Those born between October 23 to November 21 understand what it means to live a life of morality and integrity. 

When you think of someone who doesn't have any dark secrets or skeletons in the closet, you might think of someone who can comfortably live in a glass fishbowl. Everyone is entitled to their privacy, but Scorpios are often fine with letting everyone know about what's going on in their lives. Scorpios have nothing to be ashamed of because coming clean comes easy for them. Glass nails are the 2023 beauty trend for Scorpios for this very reason. 

Glass nails are considered festive and holiday-ready for people who enjoy massive celebrations around all of their friends and loved ones. A talented nail artist named Eunkyung Park is the one who brought the idea of glass nails to life using thinly sliced pieces of holographic foil. The shiny surfaces create the illusion of glass shards catching the sparkle of any reflected light. Once you lay the pieces of foil into the proper positions on top of someone's nail bed, all you have to do is paint over everything with a clear topcoat to ensure that everything stays in the right place. The topcoat won't take away from the gorgeous reflective shine, but it will certainly add to it.

Sagittarius: gold eyeshadow

One thing that most Sagittarians can agree on is that they deserve to be treated like utter royalty. If you are a Sagittarius, it means you were born somewhere between November 22 and December 21. Sagittarians are fine with forming their opinions based on pure emotion, obsess over the notion of self-improvement, and use their honesty as their way of communicating successfully with others. 

Sagittarians are also often thought of as the friendliest people at a party. You'll never feel outcasted or out of place somewhere with a Sagittarius nearby to bring some social comfort your way. Since Sagittarians have so many top-tier qualities, it makes sense that they're often compared to royalty. Since the Sagittarians belong on thrones with crowns on their heads, they can easily rock gold eyeshadow as their makeup trend for 2023.

Gold eyeshadow is smoldering and glamorous. The shine of gold eyeshadow adds a sense of playfulness to any look, but it also adds an unusual level of depth. Gold eyeshadow is the metallic eye makeup Sagittarians can depend on for some extra edge and intensity. This isn't a makeup trend that should be stowed away for parties, festivals, or other big events when it can be worn on a regular basis by stylish Sagittarians.

Capricorn: butterfly haircut

There's a lot to be said about Capricorns on the astrological chart. Capricorns are people who were born between December 22 and January 19. These holiday-born individuals know exactly what it means to evolve from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Capricorns fall into the Earth element along with Taureans and Virgos as people who do well with connecting with nature.

Capricorns are all about remaining grounded and focusing on practicality, the way caterpillars are before they start building their cocoons. The process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly requires patience, self-growth, and metamorphosis. These are things Capricorns can relate to since they are willing to expand their knowledge, learn new things, and aim for their aspirations.

For these reasons, Capricorns should be open to trying out the butterfly haircut as their 2023 beauty trend. The butterfly haircut is all about creating voluminous layers that resemble the fluttering wings of a stunning butterfly. The shortest layer chopped should stop around near your chin's level while the longest layer can be as long as you prefer. Anyone who isn't comfortable cutting their hair in a way that would be too drastic can attempt to copy the butterfly haircut with the use of a lace-front wig.

Aquarius: galaxy nails

You know that you're an Aquarius if you were born between January 21 and February 18. Aquarians are air signs who are widely recognized for being analytical in nature, wise, and objective with their thought processes. You won't catch an Aquarius getting too overly swept up in emotion since they know how to handle things in a logical manner. 

One of the most impressive things about Aquarians is the fact that they are so attracted to the notion of freedom. The more independent, rebellious, and adventurous an Aquarius can be, the better. Aquarians appreciate what it means to be a true visionary, taking time out of their often busy schedules to admire how vast the universe really is. For these reasons, galaxy nails are the perfect 2023 trend for Aquarians to hop on board with. 

Galaxy nails are simple enough to do on your own at home. All you'll need is black nail polish and some acrylic paint in colors such as silver, blue, white, turquoise, and plum. You'll also need a bottle of clear topcoat and a plain makeup sponge. Last but not least, you'll need some toothpicks if you want to add extra shapely stars and planets to your fingernails. The galaxy we live in is never-ending, which naturally appeals to the mind of an Aquarius in a significant way.

Pisces: face gems

Despite the fact that Pisces individuals fall into the 12th and final zone of the astrological chart, there's nothing about a Pisces that comes in last place. Pisceans were born between February 19 and March 20 with a natural gift for creativity. Pisceans lean into their love for others, natural sense of compassion, and emotional sensitivity when making major life decisions. 

Whether they're focused on their career, their relationships, their weaknesses, or their strengths, Pisceans tend to be some of the most artistic, imaginative, and creative people out there. When you think about creative makeup looks, adding rhinestones and sparkling gems to your routine sounds like a totally valid plan. Face gems will certainly have you looking glitzy if you have enough patience to pull off the look.

Adhering gemstones in a lovely formation on your face requires lash glue, tweezers, and the glittering rhinestones of your choice. You can place the germs around your eyes or on your cheeks in different shapes such as hearts, circles, and diamonds. Glittery eyeshadow is super fun, but adding face gems takes your appearance to another level. Face gems spice things up by adding such a bold statement, giving total "Euphoria" vibes. If you're in the mood to look like Maddie and Cassie from the hit HBO show, this is the makeup trend to explore.