Don't Make This Common Mistake With Fine Hair

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No one likes having dull, broken, or damaged hair. However, when you have fine hair, it often seems like your hair is lacking volume, life, and movement even when it's healthy. This problem is often worsened when you don't treat your hair as you should. 


One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to caring for fine hair is confusing it for thin hair. "Density is always a differentiating factor — fine hair means the strand of hair is smaller in diameter, while thin hair means there's simply fewer strands of hair growing, no matter how thick," hair stylist Paul Rus tells Martha Stewart.

Even after you have established that you have fine hair, you're likely making one common error that is not helping you get the hair you want.

Fine hair is a challenging hair type since there's plenty that can negatively affect it. If you want your hair to be given its full potential to shine, you need to examine whether you're treating your fine hair correctly and avoiding the mistakes that leave it feeling flat. 


Why you need to stop adding products to your hair

When maintaining fine hair, the most common mistake most people make is increasing the number of hair products they use. Coco & Eve explains that most tend to think that applying more volumizing products will increase their chances of getting fuller hair. However, applying too many styling products at the same time will weigh down your strands. Adding unnecessary products literally drags your locks down and can end up clogging your hair follicles. Not only will your hair not style the way you want it to, but you'll end up with product buildup on the scalp. This combination affects both your hairstyle and your hair's health.


Vegamour adds that it's imperative to use the right products in your haircare routine. When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, opt for those that provide hydration but are still lightweight and free of chemicals. In general, you want to avoid using heavy hair products. Hair creams, in particular, are too substantial for fine hair. Ultimately, when looking at your hair care routine, stick with only a few lightweight products and use them sparsely.

Fine hair maintenance tips

Even though you want to use as few products as possible, you don't want to skip the essential steps. Kiehl's recommends always remembering to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Keep the conditioner from your mid-shaft to your ends to avoid clogging your hair follicles. Conditioner is essential because it helps to keep your hair strands moisturized and healthy, helping you to avoid damage and dry ends. A volumizing conditioner, in particular, will add an extra lift to the hair strands.


Another product you shouldn't skip is a moisturizing and volumizing hair mask. While masks might seem like they could flatten your hair, they are what fine hair needs for more moisture, especially if your hair is colored. Ogario London explains that the more moisturized and healthy your hair strands are, the thicker they will appear. Add a hair mask to your weekly hair care routine for an extra hydration boost to give your hair the necessary nutrition and moisture.

Other products, like leave-in conditioner, are also safe for fine hair, as long as you keep them away from the scalp. To prevent you from making the same mistake again, establish a set scalp and hair strand routine to know where you will apply each product.