What Is A Dark Moon In Astrology?

If you're new to astrology but eager to learn, many experts will stress the importance of understanding the power of the moon. The moon plays a significant role in our lives here on Earth because of its close proximity. Just as the moon affects aspects of our planet, such as its oceans, astrologers believe that it impacts everything from our mood to our emotions, too. Some astrology experts strongly believe that the moon is actually the sole ruler of our emotions.

In total, the moon takes 28 days to make its way through the zodiac, and it spends about two-and-a-half days in each sign. Depending on your sun sign — the position at which the Sun was located at your time of birth — you may be affected differently by the moon, depending on its state. For example, Moonglow explains that during a full moon, a person with a Taurus sun sign might have more success with their finances and relationships.

Astrologically speaking, it's important to note that the phase of the moon plays a vital role in how it impacts us as well. For instance, many believe that the energy we put out into the world during a new moon carries over for weeks after the fact, but what about the dark moon? If you've dabbled in astrology before, you may have heard the term. Here is what you need to know.

What is the dark moon?

In the most basic sense, the dark moon is considered the waning crescent phase of the moon. This is the period right before the new moon, but it's not as frequently discussed, perhaps for a few reasons. For starters, a new moon is a perfect time to begin manifesting goals — some people perform manifestation rituals during this moon phase. As previously noted, the energy conjured during a new moon supposedly carries over into the weeks ahead, giving power to any manifestations.

The dark moon is not as ideal for manifesting, but this doesn't mean it lacks an important place in astrology. Depending on your Sun sign, this phase may impact you differently. Aries babies may feel a spark of inspiration, while Tauruses might start to get creative. Geminis could feel closer to their true selves during a dark moon, while Cancers may be more emotional than usual. Leos tend to be more performative during this time, and Virgos often look inward and reflect. Libras may reconsider their relationships during a dark moon, while Scorpios might feel extremely powerful. Capricorns will usually feel more motivated to work hard, and Sagittarius babies often exude a desire for adventure. A Pisces may notice their intuitive side during a dark moon, while an Aquarius might feel a stronger need to help others.

Generally speaking, a dark moon will give you an opportunity to stop, reflect, and identify areas where you could benefit from self-care.

How to benefit from the dark moon

If you're interested in how to harness all of the benefits the dark moon phase has to offer, you don't need to become an astrology expert to do so. There are many ways you can easily tap into the moon's energy at your own comfort level.

In addition to using this period to reflect, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to cleanse and make room for what no longer serves you. This can include activities, such as cleaning your living space, donating old items you no longer need, and even clearing out your refrigerator. The dark moon is also an ideal period to cleanse your home. This can be done through a process called smudging, which involves burning sage and allowing its smoke to waft through your space. Just don't forget to open your windows to ensure any negative energy exits the environment.

Finally, you can use this time to reconnect with yourself by letting everything else fall by the wayside. For instance, rather than doomscrolling, disconnect from social media for a bit. Block off time in your calendar to meditate, reflect, and charge your (life) battery. You may just be surprised at how refreshed you feel in the end.