The Easiest Hack To Make Sure Your Checked Bags Aren't Lost Forever

Picture it: after a long, grueling flight, you finally land at your dream destination ready to relax, but your checked bags are gone. It's a traveler's worst fear, and yours just came true. Now what? You can spend hours arguing with the airline, just to be told over and over again that there's nothing they can do, or you throw in the towel and make do with what you have. According to Simple Flying, more than 684,000 bags went missing or were mishandled by major airlines within the first few months of 2022.


That means almost 700,000 people were left without their luggage or received damaged belongings. Losing your bag is the ultimate case of bad luck, but there's a foolproof way to prevent it from happening (besides sleeping with it in the cargo compartment). To ensure your checked bags aren't lost forever, take a look at this easy hack.

Get yourself an AirTag

You may have heard people talking about the Apple AirTag, which was released in spring 2021. The AirTag is a Bluetooth tracking device you control through your iPhone's Find My app. It allows you to track nearly anything and everything (but please don't use it on your ex). The coin-sized tracker has been named "the best luggage tracker" by Wirecutter, as it's saved many people the trouble of searching for their checked bags when they land. Because of their small size, they can fit virtually anywhere — inside pockets, wallets, and, of course, your luggage.


Before you board, make sure your AirTag is secured within your luggage (you could attach it to the handle via keychain, but we suggest keeping it inside your bag). Once you've paired it with your iPhone, you're all set! Now, you can feel confident knowing you have eyes on your bag, no matter where it goes. 

Things to keep in mind

The most important thing to remember before purchasing an AirTag is that it's for iPhone users only. Fortunately, there are several alternatives on the market for those who don't have an iPhone, so everyone can track their checked bags. The AirTag is seemingly flawless, but it isn't perfect. The device lacks any sort of key ring hole like some of its competitors, so you'll have to purchase an additional accessory (such as the aforementioned keychain) to attach the tracker to your bag, keys, or other item.


The AirTag uses the Find My network, which is both a blessing and a curse. By using the Find My network, you can locate your luggage anywhere from any device within that network. Say you lose or break your phone — you can still check up on your bags via someone else's phone. If you're in an airport with a ton of devices on the network, you'll get a more accurate reading as to where your AirTag is. So, will you be investing in an AirTag?