How To Master The Moody Monochromatic Makeup Trend This Winter

Many people are afraid to fully commit to a monochromatic look, whether it be in their clothing, makeup, or interior design, but sticking with all one color doesn't have to be intimidating. This look usually isn't as bold as you think — going for a monochromatic color scheme only requires you to stick with different shades of the same tone — so it doesn't mean you have to pair bold, red eyeshadow with an equally eye-catching lip (via Vectornator).


Instead, this year's take on the monochromatic trend is more pared down than editorial. Instead of opting for a neutral eye with a bold lip, many people are choosing to keep their makeup all in the same color family to create a cohesive, often moody, look. Keep reading to learn how to pull off monochromatic makeup, and allow yourself to simplify your beauty routine and still look put together. We promise it's more wearable than you might expect.

How to pick a color

The easiest way to introduce yourself to the world of monochrome is to start off with the color you most frequently find in your makeup drawer. Big fan of cool-toned browns? Do your typical eyeshadow look, grab a brown gloss or lipstick, and forgo the blush for the day. You can even take it a step further by keeping your accessories and outfit in the same color family. The same can be done with peaches and warm pinks — because all the shades are so neutral, the look doesn't read as out of the ordinary. 


Once you get more comfortable, feel free to bump it up a notch with moodier tones for winter. In a popular TikTok, creator @anna_anora went for a deep burgundy lip and paired it with subtle liner, mascara, and blush in the same shade. The whole look blends seamlessly but still gives off that '90s vampy vibe — no extra effort necessary.

What to keep in mind

As with any trend, you can take this look as bold or as subtle as you want, so feel free to play around. If you're looking to branch out, however, the easiest way to guarantee you'll like the final effect before buying a ton of products in one shade is to shop for your skin tone. According to Healthline, all you need to do is look at the veins in your wrist or the color of the jewelry you find more flattering to figure it out — green veins and gold, you're probably warm. Blue veins and silver, you're likely cool.


Try out the monochromatic look with cool pinks, grey browns, or maroons if you're on the cooler side of the spectrum, or opt for peaches and golden browns if your skin is warmer. If your skin tone is darker, you have even more room to play with color without it looking ultra-bold. Try out warm purples or even a wash of black for a moody winter look. Whatever you choose, you're likely to look more put together without any extra effort.