Makeup Trends You'll See Everywhere In 2022

Makeup trends have been emerging and re-emerging for decades. Some iconic looks — like the smoky eye of the '20s, the post-war winged liner, and bold lip look of the '50s — have stood the test of time, per Woman & Home. Skinny brows and frosted brown lipstick were all the rage when the '90s came calling, while frosted pink lips and chunky highlights made a comeback, dominating the early 2000s. Despite what we think about them now, each trend set the tone for decades of beauty. The relatively low cost and low commitment investment in many of these cosmetics allows us to experiment with what's popular, while simultaneously serving up looks that make us feel empowered, as noted by Australian Beauty School.

The 2020s have barely begun, but the decade's makeup trends are already revealing themselves. So far, the looks that will be all the rage are focused on an inspiring mixture of natural beauty — thick, fluffy eyebrows, subtly stained lips, and glowing skin — and bold colors. There are plenty of trends to look forward to in the coming year.

Negative space eyeliner and eyeshadow

Negative space eye makeup is a 2022 beauty trend you're going to see a lot of. This sharp, structural makeup look is a bold revamp of traditional eye makeup. Some looks create negative space by applying concealer over applied eyeshadow, while others use a brightly colored liquid liner to define the eyelid's crease, per L'Oreal. No matter how you create the negative space, your face will look like a stunning work of art.

White eyeliner

White eyeliner has gone viral thanks to TikTok beauty gurus who claim the look is so enchanting it could help you fall in love (via The Cut). While that has yet to be proven, it certainly makes your eyes pop. To create the look you can apply dots of white liquid liner at each corner of your eye, in the center of your eyelid, and in the center of your lower lash line.

Popsicle lips

Popsicle stained lips are a gorgeous and whimsical makeup trend, made popular in South Korea, as noted by Femina. The look involves applying cherry reds, corals, or deep pinks to the center of the lips and blurring it outward for a soft, ombré effect. Once the color has set, apply a coat of clear or sparkly gloss for a beautiful shine.

Glitter makeup

The maximalist, grungy glam of glitter makeup, originally made popular by Kesha in the 2010s, is making a comeback in 2022, as noted by Fashion. From silvery sheens of glitter eyeshadows to bold, colorful sparkle on the cheekbones and nails, glitter is a fun way to add a dash of whimsy and fantasy to your everyday makeup look.

Purple blush

Another makeup trend made popular by TikTok is purple blush. Applying soft violet and lavender hues to your cheeks in lieu of more traditional colors is a surprising way to brighten your skin, per L'Oréal Paris. The look is also versatile, complementing spring pastels or the cool tones of a winter wardrobe.

Face gems

In lieu of glitter, you can add a pop of sparkle to your look with face gems. This bedazzling trend is straight from the '90s, a look touted by celebrities like Björk and Gwen Stefani (via Kyko). From individual sequins, to pearls and rhinestones, face gems give a dynamic 3D effect that complements a range of casual and formal looks.

Blurred eyeliner

For those of us that have yet to master the razor sharp eyeliner look, blurred eyeliner is a 2022 makeup trend we are happy to get behind. The look includes a soft blurring of the top edge of the eyeliner line which can be achieved by using a soft brush and dark eyeshadow to soften the look, as noted by Metro. The result is a sexy, smoky look with a hint of structure.

Bleached brows

Playing with the shape and structure of your brows has always been on trend in the makeup world. This year, instead of over-tweezing or letting your brows grow wild, try bleaching them. Bleached eyebrows are a bold and exciting look, making a return since previously becoming popular in the '90s. On their own, they provide an ethereal quality, per W Magazine. They also create a blank canvas that allows you to experiment.

Lower lash designs

Lower lashes are no longer an afterthought with the new lash design makeup trend. Thanks to the pop culture TV phenomenon "Euphoria," the lower lash line is finally getting some love. The best part? Nothing is off limits. Long strip lashes, graphic eyeliner, gemstones, and vivid eyeshadows are all ways to show off the eyes and embrace the decorative trend (via USA Today).

Overlined lips

The overlined lips makeup trend looks fantastic and is easy to achieve. Also known as gym lips, the trend elevates the natural lip, giving it a pretty, cushioned look that can be worn to workout, run errands, or meet up with friends. Simply overline and fill in the lips using a liner the same color as your lip, adding a shiny gloss over top to finish the look, per makeupxka on TikTok.

Double winged liner

Another popular eyeliner trend for 2022 is the double winged liner. This striking look can be done in a couple of ways. The first features two wings on the outside corner of the eye that run parallel to one another, as noted by Maybelline. If that look is too bold for your needs, try lining your normal eyeliner on top of the lid with a different color for contrast.

Two-toned eyeshadow

If you struggle to pick an eyeshadow color when you do your makeup, try the two-toned eyeshadow trend. This uncomplicated makeup trend allows you to use different colors on each eye for a burst of beautiful color, per Well Squad. To keep the look cohesive, stick with the same finish and select colors that complement each other.

Glossy lips

Nude, glossy lips are back. This beloved Y2K trend is a key feature for modern women who want a minimal, no-fuss, post-pandemic makeup look (via The Guardian). The mirror-like shine of a high-quality gloss not only provides a touch of glamour to even the most casual of outfits, it also helps give the appearance of fuller lips in a more natural way.

Bold wine lips

Bold wine-colored lips are a popular makeup choice, perfect for a night out on the town. They are also a growing wedding trend for brides who want to embrace equal parts drama and vintage glamor in their makeup looks, per Wedding Sutra. The emphasis on bold beauty is a refreshing contrast to the minimalistic makeup looks that are better suited for everyday wear.

Faux freckles

This year's fresh, natural beauty makeup trend is brought to new heights with faux freckles. When executed with the right product and a light hand, the resulting temporary freckles lend a soft and dreamy look to the skin, as noted by PureWow. They also implicitly relay the message that stepping away from a full-coverage makeup finish is beautiful.

Pastel eyeshadow

Baby blue, pastel pink, and shimmery lavender eyeshadows are a beautiful way to make your eyes pop. The shades range from soft to bright, with placement ranging from the corners of the eyes to a beautiful watercolor blend over the entire eyelid, per Makeup. Pale eyeshadows pair well with a bright lip or a thick black winged liner for added drama.

Neon eyeliner

If you long for color around your eyes but don't care for eyeshadow, the neon eyeliner trend is for you. Makeup artists and TikTokers have embraced the bright, bold colors, using fine tipped liquid liners to create hot pink, neon yellow, blue, and green cat eyes. If you're nervous about rocking a bright liner, start with a regular black cat eye and add in a line of color above, per Kingdom of Lashes.

Fluffy eyebrows

Thick, fluffy, and styled eyebrows are a major style trend for 2022. This beauty look adds a touch of drama to an otherwise natural appearance, which is something brow fans have been waiting for. To achieve this voluminous look, simply use a spoolie brush to push the strands up towards the forehead, per The Brow Fixx.

Glowy skin

Dewy, glowing skin has finally beat out heavy foundation makeup looks. It focuses on perfect-looking, smooth, hairless skin without imperfections, that also has a lit-from-within shine, as noted by Natural Plant Products. Also referred to as glass skin or dolphin skin, this radiant no-makeup look relies heavily on the presence of an established skincare routine full of hydrating serums, moisturizers, and effective cleansers.

Barely-there foundation

The barely-there foundation makeup trend is as low-maintenance as it is beautiful. It provides a good base to work from without sacrificing the natural appearance of the skin. To create this look for yourself, focus on using a minimal, sheer product like a BB cream or skin tint on top of your favorite moisturizer, per The Every Girl.