Your Perfect New Year's Resolution Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's incredibly common to come up with New Year's resolutions at the end of December and the beginning of January. Sticking to your New Year's resolutions can enrich your life by improving your emotional health and boosting your mood. Since New Year's Eve and Day follow Christmas, tons of people are already in a festive spirit filled with positive energy and high vibrations, so why not carry that energy into the new year?

What's more, there's nothing wrong with shaking things up when it comes to deciding which resolution suits you best. Getting more organized, breaking free from procrastination, and optimizing your sleep routine is just a small handful of ideas that people come up with when deciding how they want to move forward in life. Something else that should be taken into consideration for a decision like this is your zodiac sign. Luckily, we've done the research for you.  These are the best possible New Year's resolutions to choose based on your sign.

Aries: Achieve your dream body

Getting into good shape is arguably the most common New Year's resolution across the board. Aries individuals tend to be highly competitive and ambitious in their pursuits. Therefore, if an Arian decides that they want to achieve their dream body goals as a New Year's resolution, you can bet that they're going to stick to the plan. Still, sticking to a dream body New Year's goal is going to take some serious motivation and effort. 

Decide exactly what you want to accomplish before getting started whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, eat less sugar, exercise more, or try a specific diet such as a keto or Mediterranean. The outlet suggests creating a meal prep plan that fits into your daily routine. If you know exactly what all three of your meals will be each day, it will be more difficult for you to fall off track by pulling up at a drive-through window for unhealthy foods. Having your meals planned out might also encourage you to stay away from the snack section at gas stations. 

Achieving your dream body goals might also include dedicating a certain number of days per week to gym visits or home workouts. If you know that it will be too difficult to find inspiration to pull off consistent home workouts, this might be the best time to invest in a gym membership or a personal trainer. You can also keep a detailed record of your progress to help you on your journey.

Taurus: Take on a new hobby

If you're a Taurus, you likely already know that your sign is known for being dependable, elegant, and generally pleasant to be around. Taureans are willing to do whatever it takes to get a project done, even if it requires a bit of hard labor and focus. Taureans are determined individuals who don't like giving up on something once they've gotten started. The best New Year's resolution for a Taurus is to take on a new hobby. 

Since Taureans have the capability of achieving success with whatever they attempt to do, getting involved with a brand new hobby isn't going to slow them down in life or throw them off track. Instead, a new hobby will only serve a Taurean person by adding more excitement and value to their life. Taking on a new hobby doesn't have to be something complicated or boring.

It's ultimately your decision to hone in on something that interests you the most by bringing you the most pleasure and happiness outside of your regular day-to-day activities. Some of the most intriguing hobbies to consider would be learning how to play an instrument, hiking new trails, working towards participation in a marathon, or joining a recreational sports team in your local area. Signing up for a cooking class, having fun with photography, or starting a collection of valuable items are some other sweet ideas to think about.

Gemini: Make new friends

Many people agree that Geminis are known for having charming personalities and natural connections with others wherever they go. Geminis are represented by the twins, which means they are very versatile and capable of switching up their mood at the drop of a hat. Some people think of Geminis as being two very different people mixed into one body based on how many personality shifts Geminis can have. 

Since Geminis know how to flit around between different social groups of people with different interests and energies, it makes sense that they are considered the social butterflies of the zodiac chart. The New Year's resolution that Geminis should consider is the decision to reach out and make new friends. Geminis might already have some friends and acquaintances in their lives, but now it's time to seek out connections that truly add value. Having a solid group of friends can add an abundance of happiness to your life by providing comfort, relieving feelings of loneliness, and lowering stress levels. 

Some of the best places you can go to make new friends beyond school and work include meditation groups, church groups, book clubs, volunteer groups, recreational clubs, fitness centers, and local extended education classes. Meetup is a great site that exists as a place for people to connect with others who they have shared interests with, whether those interests are music, self-development, sobriety, or something else. There are also a handful of apps that exist for people who want to simply swipe right or left on potential friend matches to create platonic connections with people in the same way you might approach the online dating scene.

Cancer: Achieve financial goals

Cancers can be incredibly perceptive and intuitive individuals. Cancers are the type of people who admire success, enjoy giving and receiving gifts, and appreciate how beautiful true love can really be. When it comes to taking care of loved ones, Cancers will always step up to the plate. People of ths sign understand that being successful in life isn't something that necessarily happens overnight without any hard work or effort. 

Achieving financial goals is a great focus for Cancers to have going into the new year as a resolution. It's easy to have peace of mind about life in general when your finances are totally squared away and in order. Naturally, some of the most common New Year's resolutions surrounding money include saving, improving credit scores, following a tighter budget, and paying off debt. If your main goal is solely to start saving more money, all you have to do is figure out what monthly expenses you are willing to cut out in order to transfer the right amount of money from your checking account into your savings account.

Some banks offer options for customers who don't want to deal with the trouble of moving their money around regular basis. Having a certain percentage of your money automatically pulled out and placed into your savings account can be incredibly helpful since you don't have to take any extra steps. No one feels good about being weighed down by debt or money struggles, which is why this New Year's resolution is incredibly valuable.

Leo: Learn a new language

Leos are arguably the most social members of the zodiac chart because of how well they naturally get along with everyone. For some reason, it always looks like Leos aren't putting forth any effort when placed in brand-new social settings surrounded by strangers. It doesn't take them very long to start vibing with everyone in the room. What's more, Leos are cheerful, generous, humorous, and warm-hearted.

These are some of the best character traits to have if you're hoping to make a lot of friends wherever you go. The best possible New Year's resolution for a Leo would be to learn a new language. The reason this resolution suits Leos so much is that the more languages a Leo knows, the more chances they'll have to connect with different people. Learning a new language doesn't have to be difficult or scary if you practice with flashcards, watch movies with subtitles in the language you're trying to learn, and listen to music in the language you're focused on.

If you have the opportunity to seek out real-life practice, you should take it. This means that if you're trying to learn French, joining in a conversation with a friend visiting from France will help you in a significant way. Hiring a language tutor can speed along the process, but there are also tons of apps and programs you can download to help you in the way a virtual teacher would. Duolingo, Memrise, and Rosetta Stone are some of the language-learning options to consider for Leos who are hopeful about expanding their social circle with new languages.

Virgo: Travel more

One of the more common traits to consider when thinking about Virgos is the fact that they love having control over any given situation. Virgos love to feel useful, they come up with a million new ideas every second, and they can be a tad judgmental with good intentions. Since Virgos can come across as high-strung and easily stressed out by any given situation, the New Year's resolution that suits them best would be traveling more. 

Virgos should understand that it's important to take time for themselves to relax, recuperate, and enjoy a solid break from their routine. If anyone on the zodiac chart truly needs a vacation, it's Virgos. Having a New Year's resolution dedicated to traveling more can easily become your reality if you figure out a game plan. To start, you should designate how much money you're willing to put aside for travel in your monthly budget. 

Decide on one place to visit in your own hometown that won't require the payment of any excessive travel costs. Venture out to at least five cities, even if they are in the same state. Driving to a new city from where you currently live might only take you half an hour, which means this can still be a totally realistic resolution to uphold. Do your best to travel somewhere international if possible. If Virgos are willing to step outside of their comfort zones and open up their eyes to different cultures around the world, traveling can be a life-changing New Year's resolution.

Libra: Spend less time on social media

Libras are kind, intelligent, and happy to put others before themselves in most circumstances. They genuinely value a harmonious life, though this might look different for each Libra. Furthermore, Libras enjoy surrounding themselves with loved ones, especially those that they know they can count on. This said, the best New Year's resolution for Libras to consider would be taking a break from social media. 

It's smart to take a break from social media if it's leaving you too distracted, publicizing your personal life too much, making you feel down on yourself, or distorting your reality. It's important to keep in mind that people mainly only post the absolute prettiest moments and grandest highlights of their lives. For example, no one posts about their relationship struggles, diet failures, or car issues. Taking a break from social media will put you in a better mental headspace because you won't feel like you are comparing your life to the lives of others.

Some of the best ways that Libras can work on spending less time on social media include not checking their phone first thing in the morning, turning off their phone at least an hour before bedtime, utilizing the "do not disturb" option, and temporarily deleting all social media apps. If you want to keep your social media accounts up and active, you can always turn off your notifications so your phone isn't consistently lighting up with new pings all the time. Instead, Libras should focus on spending more face-to-face time with the people they care about the most.

Scorpio: Quit a bad habit

Scorpios are passionate individuals known for being profound thinkers. Interestingly enough, Scorpios are also recognized for being a tad bit secretive. In other words, Scorpios might not be comfortable opening up about every little detail of what's going on in their lives, including bad habits that need to be broken. Everyone has a bad habit or two to break, beyond Scorpios on the zodiac chart. 

Still, this is the best New Year's resolution for a Scorpio to consider since getting rid of your skeletons can boost your mood, improve your confidence, and lift your self-worth. Naturally, bad habits are difficult to kick after they've been established. When you give in to a guilty pleasure, it prompts your brain to release dopamine, which is a pleasure chemical. If you continually engage in the same habit repetitively, your brain will start to love that habit in connection to the dopamine release. 

Scorpios can work on breaking bad habits by learning how to develop more self-control. Breaking bad habits is not is "one size fits all" thing to do. It's different for everyone! Some common bad habits to have include fingernail biting, smoking cigarettes, drinking too much caffeine, binge-watching reality TV, and slouching your shoulders. Gossiping, monopolizing conversations, engaging in negative self-talk, and oversleeping are a few more major examples. Scorpios should decide which bad habit to let go of and start working toward it.

Sagittarius: Read more books

There's something friendly, inquisitive, and philosophical about Sagittarians. They tend to have floating questions about what's going on in the world around them. They'll wonder about mankind, the universe, the meaning of life, and more. Sagittarians are the type of people who love to explore due to their adventurous nature. There's never a dull or boring moment with a Sagittarius because they prefer to view life through the most optimistic lenses ever. 

Since Sagittarians appreciate what it means to learn new things and expand their wealth of knowledge, reading more books is the best solution for them. There are several easy ways Sagittarians can incorporate a little more reading into their schedules. Reading a few pages before falling asleep or a few pages when you first wake up in the morning can get you started on the right track. Following social media accounts that give inspirational details about good books to read is another great idea. Always making sure to have a book on deck will work in your favor as well.

This means keeping a book on your bedside table, keeping one in your purse, keeping one in your car, and keeping one on your desk at work. Participating in a reading challenge or joining a book club will also help you keep up with a resolution like this. If you know that reading books page by page probably isn't your vibe, you can invest in an e-reader or a tablet for quicker access. You can also depend on Audible to have your books read to you by a narrator.

Capricorn: Prioritize self-care

Capricorns are disciplined, responsible, traditional individuals. They're great when it comes to managing others, having self-control, and handling serious situations. Capricorns are typically leaned on when it comes to making major decisions like guiding others in doing the right thing. For these reasons, the New Year's resolution that suits them best happens to be prioritizing self-care. Instead of consistently worrying about what's happening in the lives of others, it's time for Capricorns to sit back, relax, and treat themselves with love and care. 

Self-care shouldn't be seen as something excessive or luxurious. Instead, it should be thought of as an essential. When you don't take time out of your schedule to practice self-care, you can end up burned out from overextending yourself in too many directions. Capricorns can achieve higher levels of self-care in the new year if they agree to dedicate at least 15 minutes per day to themselves without forcing any productivity or giving attention to other people's needs.

Capricorns can start being nicer to themselves, eating the right foods for more energy, and being careful of how they speak to themselves in their own minds. Capricorns show themselves self-care when they get enough sleep and treat themselves to thoughtful gifts, vacations, and personal compliments as they see fit. Self-care doesn't have to equate to an entire spa day worth hundreds of dollars. It can simply mean you're reminding yourself of how special you are by taking a day off work or ordering your favorite dinner to be delivered to your doorstep.

Aquarius: Develop a growth mindset

Having a growth mindset is more important than ever in this generation. People are starting to discover how important it is to grasp the concept of self-development. Those who aren't willing to adopt a growth mindset are being left in the dust, unable to escape the matrix of self-deprecation, depressive thoughts, and hopelessness. Aquarians are wise, analytical, and objective individuals.

If you are an Aquarius, you probably appreciate independence, freedom, and adventure. For these reasons adopting a growth mindset makes the most sense for Aquarians everywhere. Having a growth mindset is simply understanding that your skills, talents, and intelligence can continue building and growing with the best strategies and the right guidance from other wiser people. Instead of being closed off by convincing themselves that they already know everything, people with a growth mindset are open to learning new things from other people and through examples.

Having a growth mindset means that you should be willing to accept feedback from others about how you can continue becoming a better person. It means that you should be comfortable learning from your mistakes after messing up instead of throwing in the towel and giving up entirely. People with growth mindsets aren't ashamed when it comes to looking up to others who have achieved the success they're after. Instead, looking up to successful people brings inspiration and motivation to growth mindset individuals.

Pisces: Upgrade your wardrobe

Some of the best qualities to consider with Pisces individuals is the fact that they tend to be imaginative, creative, and acutely sensitive to the emotions of others. Pisces is a water sign, and it takes its time before making major decisions. There's no reason for Pisceans to waste time when it comes to upgrading their wardrobes, though. Since Pisces people genuinely care about the opinions of the people closest to them, it can make them feel hesitant about changing things up with their appearance or clothing. 

The best New Year's resolution for Pisces people to consider is upgrading their wardrobes without worrying about what other people might think or say. Upgrading your wardrobe can start with simply putting everything in a pile so you can see it all at once. Next, you'll categorize your clothing by separating them into piles of what you want to keep and what you want to donate.

Next, figure out which staple pieces you're missing. Do you have a little black dress or a blazer already? If not, now is a great time to purchase them. After that, you'll hone in on all of the outdated styles you might have laying around your closet. Once you've made enough space in your closet, you can enjoy a shopping spree for pieces that fit your current style. You can save money by online shopping from discounted websites or buying from recycled clothing centers, which is eco-friendly to boot.