The Product To Reach For If Your Perfume Never Seems To Last

There's nothing more enjoyable than spritzing perfume and experiencing that first whiff of delicious fragrance. Conversely, there's nothing more annoying than when an hour goes by and that fragrance is nowhere to be smelt. If your perfume never seems to last, this conundrum may hit a little close to home. And the truth is that you can splurge on your favorite luxurious perfume, and still feel the need to reapply it throughout the day.

There are a handful of reasons why your fragrance isn't lasting long. It could be that your skin lacks moisture to lock in the perfume, or your body chemistry naturally causes the fragrance to dissipate quicker. Or, you could be doing everything right, and the perfume itself is to blame. Some fragrances are simply formulated poorly, with low concentration and a lack of base notes, which are needed to make the scent last.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean you're doomed and destined to spend the rest of your days constantly reapplying perfume. In fact, there is a beauty secret we'd love to share to fix this issue for good. Want to smell yummy from the moment you spritz until the day ends? Here's what you should reach for.

Reach for a hair perfume

That's right! Ditch your body perfume altogether, or pair it with a hair perfume for an extra-long-lasting fragrance. Hair perfumes are specifically designed for the hair and are an excellent pick-me-up between washes when your hair could use a boost of freshness. Not only that but there is a scientific reason hair perfume lasts longer than traditional perfume you would spritz on the body.

"Fragrances latch onto hair fibers, therefore hair will carry the scent of the fragrance for a long period of time," senior perfumer at Takasago Steven Claisse told Self. Since your hair strands are highly porous, the perfume is easily absorbed into the hair, causing it to last longer than perfume spritzed onto the skin. Plus, hair perfume is an excellent option for those who have sensitive skin and have difficulty applying fragrance to the most important places to use perfume, like the body's pressure points.

When using a hair perfume, you want to apply it on top of your hair once it's been styled. When spritzing hair perfume, apply a generous amount all over the hair like you would hairspray, holding the bottle at arm's length. You can even spritz some on your roots for extra lasting power.

Benefits of using hair perfume

For those who may be thinking: why can't I just spray my body perfume in my hair? While it sounds totally harmless, you'll want to reconsider. "Normal perfume is alcohol based and can be extremely drying and damaging to hair," celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett told Women's Health. "Most perfumes are made with harsh alcohols that dry out your hair, and untreated dryness can cause long-term damage."

Since hair perfume is explicitly made for the hair, it is infused with tons of beneficial and nourishing ingredients, making your hair healthier in the process. Not only that but hair perfumes can even shield the hair from UV rays and breakage. Plus, it can add a sleek shine and mask that unwashed hair odor, which is extremely helpful if it's been a few days since the last hair wash day.

Sure, using a body perfume on your hair every now and then won't completely kill the health of your strands, but doing it frequently or for long periods isn't recommended. The next time you need a bit of fragrance, reach for a hair perfume and see for yourself how long the scent lasts. Your hair will thank you!