Signs You May Be Falling Out Of Love

As sad as it might be, it's possible that you might be falling out of love with your partner. If you feel like your relationship is nearing its end, it's normal and natural for your feelings to start disappearing. Not every relationship is built to last for the long haul despite the fact that most people are hoping to live out a happily-ever-after romance. In fact, even if your relationship started out with tons of passion, smiles, and happiness in the beginning, it doesn't mean that those feelings will carry on forever. 


If the euphoric high of your relationship has started to dwindle, it's only fair to you and your partner that you break things off. When you break things off with someone you're having lukewarm feelings for, you open up the door to find someone you can truly be excited about in the future. You also give your partner a chance to enjoy a relationship with someone who really wants to be with them. Watch for these signs to know if your relationship may be coming to its conclusion.

You feel embarrassed by them

If you find everything your partner does embarrassing all of the sudden, it's a clear indicator that you might be falling out of love. The things that you once considered cute and quirky are now starting to make you cringe, which means your feelings are probably disappearing as we speak. Embarrassment can come in many forms including empathic, reflective, one-sided, and targeted. 


You might feel embarrassed of your partner if you consider them to be unattractive based on society's standards of beauty. Embarrassment might surface if you think they're awkward, too loud, uncultured, clumsy, or bad-mannered. If you feel like they're prone to oversharing whenever you're out in public, you might find them embarrassing for that reason as well. No matter what the culprit is behind your reason for feeling embarrassed, it makes more sense for you to date someone with whom you feel proud to be.

You're already thinking about dating other people

If you're already thinking about dating other people before your current relationship has come to an end, it's a huge sign that you're falling out of love. Having the fear that you might be missing out on something better with someone else means that your current relationship simply isn't working out for you. Those who are wrapped up in happy relationships where they feel fulfilled aren't concerned about what-ifs with other people. 


It's totally natural to be attracted to other people who aren't your partner, but fantasizing about what it would mean to act out on those feelings means things might be going a little too far. You might develop a small crush on someone else in your life, but if you're spending time daydreaming about what it would feel like to actually date that other person, it's not fair for you to stay in your unfulfilling relationship.

You're no longer interested in physical intimacy

If the idea of getting physically intimate with your partner is grossing you out and turning you off, you probably need to end the relationship as soon as possible. When physical intimacy disappears from your relationship, it can leave the unwanted person feeling hurt, rejected, and undesirable. It can cause the person who isn't interested in intimacy to feel anxious, guilty, or pressured into engaging even though they really don't want to. It's a lose-lose situation for both people involved.


Long-term relationships might start struggling with physical intimacy for a variety of reasons including underlying resentment and not feeling connected to your partner. If you're no longer physically attracted to your partner, you probably won't want to spend time with them in the bedroom. No matter what your reason is for closing down sexually, it's time to call it quits on the relationship.

Little things they do give you the ick

It's very likely that you're falling out of love with your partner if they've started giving you the "ick." If your partner is giving you the "ick, it means that little things that they do are starting to annoy you, disgust you, or anger you. The term "ick" has been circulating on TikTok referring to anything that makes you feel turned off by your partner.


When you catch the ick in your relationship, it makes you feel like you'd rather be dating just about anyone else. You can get the ick from your partner if you start hating the way they talk, the way they chew, or their general behavior. No one deserves to be stuck in a relationship with someone who is making them feel so repulsed. It would benefit both individuals involved if you ended your relationship after acknowledging feelings like these.

You're planning for the future without them

Planning what your future looks like with your partner is supposed to be fun and exciting. If you find yourself planning your future without your partner in mind, it probably means that you're falling out of love. It's important to plan for the future with a partner who adds tons of value to your life. If you don't feel like your partner is adding any value to your life, you're probably wasting your time staying in the relationship.


Thoughts of your partner should float into your head when thinking about new jobs, new academic programs, having kids, and everything else. While it's great to live in the moment, it's equally important to plan ahead for a bright and fulfilling future with the person you're romantically involved with. When you have no interest at all in setting up future plans with your partner, you're ultimately wasting both of your time since it's obvious that the relationship is headed nowhere.

They're no longer a priority to you

As soon as you feel like your relationship is no longer a top priority for you, it's time to reevaluate whether or not you're truly still in love. If you start treating your partner like an option instead of a priority, it can take a toll on both of your happiness levels. Making your partner your priority requires taking their needs into consideration, making an effort to spend quality time with them, and putting your phone down to give them your full attention when the circumstance is called for it. 


It means ensuring that they know you're listening whenever they speak, helping with things around the house, complimenting them at random, and supporting them when it comes to achieving their various goals. If the idea of doing these things doesn't appeal to you in the slightest, it's likely that you're falling out of love or stuck in a relationship with the wrong person.

You'd rather spend time with anyone else

Your relationship is definitely nearing its end if you notice that you'd rather spend time with anyone else other than your partner. Requesting extra projects at work so you can stay busy with your job or doing everything in your power to set up social outings with your friends means you're probably trying to spend the least amount of time with your partner possible. 


The Daily Mail published a story about a woman who claims to prefer social time with her friends more than one-on-one time with her partner. There's nothing inherently wrong with loving your social life and enjoying time with your friends, but if you start to go out of your way to hang out with other people without your partner around, this is a very bad sign that something is wrong. Quality time with your partner is one of the most fundamental aspects of a healthy relationship. Without that, the relationship is potentially doomed to fail.

You're starting to find them boring

When you first started dating your partner, you probably thought they were the most fun, exciting, and entertaining individual in the world. As soon as you start to think of them as boring, it's possible that your love for them could be drying up. Being bored in a relationship can make you feel uninspired, unsatisfied, or simply tired of the monotony. 


The boredom might make you start considering what it would look like to move on and start over fresh with someone new. The most boring relationships include two people that might've stopped caring for each other, two people who often sit in silence, and two people who don't know how to successfully communicate with one another. People who are way too bored in their relationship feel the need to branch out to embark on new adventures with different people outside of the relationship. It's always more honorable to end your boring relationship first before seeking out new and exciting connections.

You fall silent instead fighting back in arguments

If you still have enough passion inside you to fight back in an argument with your partner when you're not seeing eye to eye about something, there might be hope for your relationship yet. On the contrary, if you find yourself falling silent whenever you two are having a disagreement, it means that you're definitely falling out of love. When passion dwindles, dullness overtakes a relationship.


When the fighting stops completely, it's signaling the beginning of the end. Breakups are easier when you are more emotionally detached. If you're too detached to care, then it's safe to say that the heartache will impact you less. As soon as you start falling silent in the midst of an argument thought you probably would've engaged in back in the day, you're openly revealing that you don't care enough to fight for your relationship in any capacity.

The relationship feels like a burden

There's no reason to stay in a relationship that is starting to feel like a burden to you. The more burdensome your relationship feels, the more likely it is that you're falling out of love with the person you're with. If your relationship is starting to feel burdensome, you might be carrying the weight of your partner's needs on your shoulders. 


You might even feel emotionally drained and topped out if your relationship has gotten to this point. You don't deserve to be stuck in a situation where you feel frustrated about how much effort you're giving your partner. Showing your partner attention and love should come easily and naturally to you. If it feels more burdensome than anything else, there's nothing wrong with walking away. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your mental health is more important than taking care of the needs of someone else.

You're daydreaming about former flames

You might not be fantasizing about new relationships with people you're meeting on the street or at the bar, but what if you're daydreaming about steamy moments you had with former flames? If you're comparing your current partner to experiences you've had with past partners, it's a huge sign that your relationship is falling apart. Dreaming about your old flames in a sexual way isn't the worst thing in the world, even if it makes you feel slightly guilty.


You can always take that energy and turn it toward your current partner, after all. On the contrary, it might be time to accept the end of the relationship for what it is. Thinking about your old partners doesn't mean you actually have to reach out to your old partners or anything of that nature. But it does mean that your current relationship probably isn't satisfying you anymore.

You're always coming up with reasons to be busy

Is it easier for you to come up with an excuse for why you're too busy to see your partner rather than to actually spend time with them? If this happens to be the case for you, you could definitely be falling out of love. It's fairly common for people to do their best staying busy in order to avoid dark and depressive situations. Pretending to be busier than you are to escape the downfall of your relationship doesn't make you a bad person.


You do have to handle your avoidance head-on, though. We suggest living in the present moment as you're going through your break up. You can't run away and hide when it comes to something as serious as the end of a relationship. Making yourself busy only takes you so far for a temporary amount of time. If you're truly falling out of love, eventually you will have to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner about what you're feeling and whether or not you want to stay in the relationship.

You've already been doing the break-up-make-up thing

Falling into a pattern of breaking up and making up with your partner is incredibly unhealthy and toxic. One of the most unfortunate things that comes along with these types of romances is the fact that you might be falling out of love a little more each time a breakup occurs. Psychology Today explains that some relationships are hard to let go of because they feel incredibly meaningful to you, which is reasonable but also may be holding you back from better happiness.


The fear of abandonment, the fear of being alone, and the fear of never finding love again might also be consuming you when you decide to reconcile with an ex-partner on a repetitive basis. There's something comforting about the cycle of making up and breaking up with a partner. At the end of the day though, the number of times you split and try to make things work again might be the reason you're no longer deeply in love with them anymore.

You no longer trust them

Trust is an incredible foundation to have within a solid relationship. If you don't have trust, it's possible that your relationship is destined to fail. A lack of trust can destroy a relationship the way wildfire destroys the forest. Trust needs to come from both ends of a relationship for things to last long-term in a healthy way. Trust issues can lead to constant feelings of jealousy, worry, and skepticism. 


If your partner has already betrayed your trust in a significant way at some point in history, it's possible that your love for them has slowly started dying off, even if you originally intended to fully forgive and forget their indiscretion. No matter how hard you try to move past something they did to lose your trust, it's possible that your mind simply won't let you feel relaxed and in love with your person anymore after what they did to you.

You feel like conversations are always dry and empty

Tons of long-term couples run out of things to talk about, but it doesn't mean that their relationship is totally doomed. Couples who know that their relationship is worth fighting for will figure out fun and exciting topics to discuss, regardless of how long they've been together. If you run out of things to talk about with your partner with every conversation feeling dry and empty, you could be falling out of love depending on whether or not you care to change the narrative.


The sound of silence between you and your partner can become incredibly uncomfortable. It takes effort to put a dent in monotony, including spicing things up with new conversation starter lists you find online or new date night locations. If you feel like none of these things are even worth the effort in the first place, the love you had for your partner might be disappearing.

You no longer feel like yourself in your relationship

Being your most authentic self in your relationship is super important if you want your relationship to be as healthy as possible. If you feel like you can no longer be yourself with your partner, you might be falling out of love. Your difficulty in being yourself with your partner can lead to resentment, numbness, the desire to keep a scorecard, and even a sudden feeling of total hate for the other person. 


Losing yourself in a relationship can look like many things, including neglecting your friends, no longer prioritizing your career or interests, and giving up on your passion projects. If it's possible for you to start being yourself again while remaining in your relationship, things might just work out. If you know that your partner is always going to be a hindrance between you and what it takes for you to be your most authentic self, then it wouldn't be surprising at all for your sentiments of love to be disappearing.