The Best Ways To Style A Basic Jean Jacket

Dedicated fashionista or not, chances are you have a jean jacket. Some days we can't wait for a slight chill in the air to throw it on. The denim staple came to be in the early 1900s as a durable work uniform, according to Levi Strauss & Co. It was loved across cultural groups, from cowboys to hipsters. This denim article is more than just clothing but is a part of history. It is one of those crazes that never goes away, even if it's transformed with a twist like the printed denim fashion trend.

Even though the jean jacket is a part of everyone's wardrobe, you can always stand out with how you style it. Emily Current, stylist and co-designer of fashion label the Great, says it speaks to personal fashion, "whether it's rolling your sleeves, popping your collar or buttoning your jean jacket all the way to the top" (via Los Angeles Times). When it comes to styling a basic jean jacket, the options can be overwhelming. Luckily, we are here to help. Chances are you already have exactly what you need hanging in your closet.

The perfect addition to a little black dress and casual sneakers

Every woman has some variation of the little black dress hanging in her closet. And If you don't, you definitely should. Whether casual or fancy, a little black dress is a staple you can pair with almost anything, including a basic jean jacket. Throw on some sneakers for a casual look, or spice it up with some heels or booties. Either way, the jean jacket and black dress combo is a timeless ensemble.

Throw a jean jacket on over a hoodie for those chilly days

Layering essential pieces together to create a fashion masterpiece is a proper art form. And how much easier can it get when you layer a basic jean jacket over a cozy hoodie? Layering is most successful when done intentionally. On their own, a basic hoodie and classic jean jacket are great, but when paired together, you get a look that's definitely elevated. Pair the combo with a tried-and-true pair of leggings for a relaxed, cozy fit.

Tie it around your waist with a graphic Tee

A graphic tee is a must-have when achieving an edgy, cool girl vibe. If you want to take it up a notch, tie a denim jacket around the waist. New York City-based fashion photographer and "The People's Paparazzi" Johnny Cirillo takes candid photos of fashionistas on the streets of The Big Apple. He snapped a photo of a trendsetter slaying a graphic tee and denim jacket pairing, sharing the photo on Instagram with the caption, "Love a denim jacket tied around the waist. Keep the 90s coming!" And we couldn't agree more. 

Pair your jean jacket with a matching two-piece set

Matching two-piece sets are taking over the fashion world, and for good reason. Coming in several fabrics, textiles, colors, and patterns, you can rock a versatile matching set while lounging at home, or dining in a fancy cocktail bar. Do you know what fashion staple is also versatile? A jean jacket, of course. Throwing a classic jean jacket on top of these complimentary pieces is the perfect choice for those casual and breezy days.

A jean jacket is a maxi floral dress' BFF

It seems like one of the more classic uses of a basic jean jacket is when it's paired with a springtime essential, like a floral dress. Casual yet classy, it's no wonder! This pairing is perfect because the two pieces balance each other out. The floral dress is a bit dressier, which elevates the jacket. But the jacket is casual, so it offers that comfy element. When combined, you get an outfit that's informal yet fun.

Denim on denim à la Y2K

When Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showed up at the 2001 AMAs wearing denim head to toe, it was a major fashion statement. Who would have thought over 20 years later, the trend would be resurrected and rocked by fashion-forward celebs like the Hadid sisters and Selena Gomez? Well, here we are — and it's better than ever. Don't be afraid to mix your jean jacket with a pair of denim pants or shorts for a trendy monochromatic ode to the early aughts.

A jean jacket off the shoulder is the trendy way to rock it

The off-the-shoulder jean jacket look is a popular style that has remained a fan favorite over the years, with stars like Demi Lovato, Rihanna, and Khloé Kardashian rocking the look. No matter how impractical it seems, wearing the jacket off one shoulder or at the elbows is a sultry twist that elevates the look. You can pair it with a dressy blouse or even a basic tee. The basic jean jacket is incredibly versatile, proving to fashionistas everywhere that it can be paired with practically anything.