Why You Should Consider Exfoliating Your Dry Elbows

Anyone who has dealt with dry skin knows it can look and feel uncomfortable. While the skin can handle a lot, dryness can be tough and irritating. Having dry skin is not necessarily a cause for concern, but it can still be an issue you seek to remedy. During the winter months especially, dry skin can become more common and apparent, but dry skin can happen at any time of the year. For those who tend to have oily skin, it can be challenging to know the signs of a dry dermis. While your dehydrated outer layer may not be as apparent as others, you should watch out for potential signs of trouble. The American Academy of Dermatology Association explains that dryness can show up as flakes, cracks, peeling, and rough skin. Depending on the severity, these symptoms can show up separately or together.


One body area that is particularly prone to dryness is the elbow. While we all know the importance of moisturizing the skin, the dermis on the elbow joint can present particular problems because it's almost constantly being pushed, pulled, and pressured. Many focus on moisturizing areas like the legs, so the elbows don't get much attention, and this lack of care causes them to be a common skin issue. Luckily they can be easily treated, and a good exfoliation session is key.

Exfoliation ditches dead skin and encourages regeneration

Besides aesthetics, there are plenty of reasons you need to exfoliate dry elbows. When dry elbows reach a certain point, you need more than just a good body lotion to recover them. According to New Beauty, exfoliating is the best thing you can do to remove dry skin. Products with AHAs like glycolic acid or lactic acid are the best to remove dead skin cells from the elbows. Before adding moisturizers, you should remove the dead skin layer on top, as those cells will prohibit the moisturizing products from penetrating the skin.


Viviane Woodard adds that not exfoliating will only cause dead skin and moisturizers to build up and cause flaky skin. The purpose of exfoliating dry elbows is to stimulate the area for new skin cells to regenerate. The regeneration of skin cells is the process that will have your elbows looking and feeling smoother than ever. With the right exfoliating product, you can remove the unwanted, dead layer of your elbows and encourage healthy skin growth. Just like in your skincare regimen, the exfoliating step is essential for optimal skin and works hand-in-hand with the moisturizing step to achieve healthy and glowy-looking elbows.

How to exfoliate your dry elbows

When exfoliating your elbows, you want to be as cautious as you are when exfoliating the rest of your skin. Bionyx Skincare suggests using a physical or chemical exfoliator (but don't double up). Exfoliating sensitive skin can be irritating, and it can be challenging to know how your skin will react if you've never tried it before. If you are new to exfoliating or know you have sensitive skin, start off by only exfoliating your elbows once or twice a week. You can slowly build up the number of times, but only after being certain that your skin isn't damaged by the process.


Dr. Elizabeth Houshmand tells Skincare.com, "Some patients take physical exfoliation too far and do it daily. This can actually inflame the skin because physical exfoliation can be too harsh for some skin types." To avoid extreme roughness during your exfoliation, use a scrub that contains softer, moisturizing, and soothing ingredients. Not only will it help smoothen the surface of your elbows, but they will avoid any type of skin irritation.