You'll Be Shining From Day Until Night With The Spring 2023 Silver Metallics Trend

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If you're looking forward to the fashion trends in store for spring 2023, you'll be pleased to know that one trend from the 2022-2023 holiday season is set to remain in the spotlight in the coming months. In fact, from what we've seen of the style trends for this spring, you'll be wearing your silver looks from day to night. This means that your silver metallics aren't going to have to stay tucked away in your closet until your next big night out, which is great news for you and your budget.


As noted by Woman & Home, silver ensembles were everywhere on the Spring/Summer 2023 runways, showcased by a variety of labels, including Elie Saab and Michael Kors. Likewise, Who What Wear pointed out an increase in silver-toned jewelry on the runways for the season in place of gold tones, proving that the influx of silver won't be reserved for clothing alone.

Get the silver look

For spring 2023, you won't need to settle for the type of attire you might see at a club or a cocktail party to hop on the silver trend, as evidenced by the Spring/Summer 2023 runways. In its Spring/Summer 2023 runway show, available to watch on YouTube, Theophilio showcased numerous metallics on the runway. These included plenty of garments such as jackets and trousers that could be dressed up or down, providing plenty of versatility no matter what you might have on your schedule.


Likewise, the Michael Kors show — which is also available via YouTube — featured laidback, beachy vibes throughout. This even included a silver skirt with a sarong-like appearance (as pictured above) that certainly wouldn't feel out of place on a tropical vacation.

No matter how you style your silver for spring 2023, feel free to embrace your sparkly side because it's clear that it won't seem garish, even for a casual occasion.

Silver jewelry and accessories will be more popular

Beyond your options for silver clothing, silver jewelry and accessories will be in style for spring 2023, giving you another opportunity to add the trendy metallic into your outfits with ease. We previously highlighted some of the jewelry looks that would be popular for the holiday season, and many of these also appeared in Spring/Summer 2023 collections in — you guessed it — silver (or silver tones).


Take, for example, a pair of large white gold Nikos Koulis hoops pointed out by Forbes. They might not be made of silver as a material, but they are closer to it in appearance. Arm cuffs also appear to be a popular choice for the upcoming season, including a large arm cuff shown on one model at the Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2023 show.

Meanwhile, a top trend in handbags for 2023 is the metallic bag. If you happen to carry one in silver, it's an ideal way to stay on trend without having to switch up your entire wardrobe for the season.

Silver metallic bags aren't off the table

The easiest way to incorporate any trend is by starting with your accessories. A silver metallic bag is a minimal but impactful way to give your look a sparkle without having to change your wardrobe. Fashion content creator Betul Zenginer shares on Instagram how a small metallic silver bag is more than enough to complete an all-black monochrome look. No matter what your outfit consists of, a silver metallic bag is going to be your new favorite accessory in spring 2023.


Upgrade your nails to silver

Thanks to the many ways you can wear it, there's no stopping the silver metallic trend. If you don't want to invest in silver metallic clothing, your nails are always an easy way to pull off this trend. Like fashion influencer Ezgi Findik, take your nail art to the future with a silver metallic manicure. Not only will this color last you long after spring but it's also a simple nod to the trend without having to go all in.


Metallic silver footwear is stepping onto the scene

Who said you couldn't make your footwear fun? A fun, subtle way to wear this silver metallics trend is by incorporating it into your footwear. From flats to boots, there's no shortage of options. Fashion influencer Magda shared on Instagram how a pair of metallic silver boots is the perfect addition to any outfit. Pair your boots with almost any look and you will have a shining new look. Ultimately, metallic silver footwear is perfect for those who might be afraid to jump completely into this trend but still want to try something new.


Wear a fun silver metallic skirt

One of the best ways to showcase a fun metallic silver look is by wearing a funky skirt. Since more people are opting for wearing nighttime looks for a casual look, fun metallic skirts are everywhere. Fashion influencer Polina Ilieva showcased via Instagram how a fun and shiny silver metallic skirt can be paired with a basic tee for an elevated casual look. Pair the look with silver accessories and you have the perfect outfit to take you from your daytime errands to your nighttime activities.


Dive into a silver wardrobe

The best way to show off the metallic silver trend is by going all in on it. Fashion influencer Audrey Afonso is a great example of how a metallic silver piece can be both unique and classic (via Instagram). Whether it's a sheer piece like Afonso or you go for a futuristic silver metallic matching set, there are endless possibilities for this trend. Because silver metallics go with almost anything, you can be certain it will fit in seamlessly with your closet.