10 Jewelry Trends That Will Be Big For Winter 2022-2023

Each year, new jewelry trends emerge, and those who like to keep up with fashion tend to accessorize according to them. However, in today's world, which is tainted by consumerism and fast fashion, one should certainly think twice before they jump on a trend just to fit in. "Think about how the piece makes you feel," Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz, the designer of Beck Jewels, tells The Zoe Report. "As you grow, will you continue to find it interesting? Will it become part of your life story? These are such personal purchases that will be with you forever, you want to make sure to choose them for the right reasons."

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with rocking a trend, especially if you just so happen to already have the jewelry. In fact, plenty of today's biggest jewelry trends have been popular in the past, which means that your mother or grandmother could have a couple of items you can borrow. Either way, while some of the trends you can expect to see this winter are nostalgic, others seem to have become widely popular for the first time. We took a closer look at what the runways were filled with this fall, what stylists say when it comes to accessorizing, and what the rich and famous have been rocking in private and on red carpets. Here's our round-up of the 10 biggest jewelry trends for winter 2022/2023!

Birthstones, gems, and crystals

With healing crystals becoming more and more popular, it was only a matter of time before jewelry with crystals and gems would be in the spotlight again. High fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Ulla Johnson are only some that have showcased jewelry with gems in their recent fashion shows (via Forbes). "One trend I adore is the resurgence of birthstones," Shopbop fashion director Caroline Maguire tells Harper's Bazaar. "I'm loving anything related to zodiac signs because it makes for a thoughtful and personal gift when it comes to the holidays."

According to the Gem Society, each month of the year has a designated gemstone — a tradition that originated in Poland (sometime between the 16th and 18th centuries). While there are different charts, the modern birthstone chart says that "January is garnet, February is amethyst, March is aquamarine, April is diamond, May is emerald, June is alexandrite, July is ruby, August is peridot, September is sapphire, October is tourmaline, November is topaz, and December is blue topaz."

If you're someone who loves astrology — or you just like the idea of wearing a stone that matches your birth month — picking a ring or pendant with your birthstone is a great way to personalize your jewelry collection. But hey, if you like a gem that matches a birth month that isn't yours, no one says you can't rock it. Even though they are very trendy now, crystals and gems are also timeless, which means that any piece of jewelry you get will last you forever. 

Colorful statement pieces

Jewelry can immediately take an outfit to the next level, and if the outfit is rather boring, nothing can elevate it like statement pieces. "This season, you'll definitely see me rocking colorful enamel pieces," Caroline Maguire, the fashion director of Shopbop, tells Harper's Baazar. "It's an easy way to add some vibrancy and playfulness to your winter wardrobe. Try throwing on a pair of pink baby hoops or stacking some multicolored rings to flaunt this trend."

If you want the colors you choose to be even more on trend, make sure to follow the Pantone Color Institute's Color Trend Report for New York. Per Sotheby's, the leading authority on color is so influential that its New York Spring/Summer 2023 shades were all over New York Fashion Week runways in fall 2022. "Colors for Spring/Summer 2023 are recalibrated for the new era we are entering. Blending escapism with reality, wholesomeness, and joy, we embrace the exploration of extreme contrast in mood and color," Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute tells Sotheby's. Some of the shades the Pantone Color Institute picked for 2023 include fiery red, beetroot purple, peach pink, empire yellow, and classic green. But, of course, you should always keep your skin tone in mind. "Choose colors that light up your face and complement your skin tone," jewelry designer Melissa Kaye tells Net-a-Porter.

And as far as the jewelry shape goes there's only one rule: the bigger, the better. Think of chunky bracelets, dangly earrings, and fun necklaces. In fact, you can combine multiple jewelry trends, which is why picking a statement ring with a gemstone in a trendy color is an easy way to rock multiple trends simultaneously.

Cuff bracelets

While layering dainty bracelets has been popular for a couple of years now, the new trend when it comes to arm jewelry is stacking big and bold cuff bracelets (via Luxus+). "My absolute favorite jewelry trend for the winter 2023 season is maximizing bracelets," fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe tells Marie Claire. "We saw this year that cuffs and bangles were a huge trend, so why not roll that trend into next season by layering and stacking your bracelets? I mix the ones with and without diamonds to add dimension to my stack because more is more here, so excess is encouraged."

Per Net-a-Porter, Maria Dueñas Jacobs, founder of Super Smalls, couldn't agree more. "I collect bangles and wear them nearly every day; I buy new ones to commemorate special days or memories, such as the births of my children and anniversaries," she revealed. The key when it comes to layering chunkier arm jewelry is to experiment with colors, textures, and materials to create that perfectly unique look (via Missoma).

If you opt for multiple bracelets with expensive stones, be careful that they don't damage one another. "Take extra care when wearing bracelets with gemstones, because they might rub against hard materials, such as diamonds. If you feel compelled to stack up a collection of gem bracelets, make sure the stones are protected – in bezel settings, for example," jewelry writer and stylist Tanya Dukes advises (via Net-a-Porter).

Asymmetrical earrings

A true trendsetter, Meghan Markle rocked mismatched earrings back in 2019 — something we got to see a lot of on fashion runways for fall/winter 2022-2023. "I adore Meghan's mismatched styling," the founder of Zofia Day, Lisette Polny, told People. "In fact, it's something I do personally and suggest to all my clients — it's very playful!" While you can always mix and match earrings you already have, one thing that many may not know is that when it comes to designer pieces, you can often buy a single earring. "We offer the options of purchasing earrings as singles," designer Gabriela Artigas revealed to People, noting that individuality should always be embraced.

When deciding how to wear your mismatched/asymmetrical earrings, you can go a couple of ways. You can pick one statement earring for one ear and keep the other ear simple, or you can pick two statement earrings that match in style but are not the exact same (via Jewelry Shopping Guide). And if you are opting for a bold color, make sure that both of your earrings are the same color so that they don't clash.

Famous Italian jewelry store Fecarotta Gioielli also pointed out on its website that lone earrings have been very trendy lately. In fact, the business predicts that this trend will only grow in the next five years "because it multiplies the possibilities of wearing [earrings]." What's more, New York-based jewelry designer Maria Tash tells Hemming Jewelers, "We are seeing more people embrace asymmetry and multiple lobe piercings," before adding, "People do not feel like they have to have matching first hole studs or matching first lobe rings. [They are] treating each earlobe piercing as its own autonomous vehicle to adorn."

Body chains

Body chains have been around for as long as jewelry even though most people remember them as a trend from the '70s and '00s. According to Drizzle, body chains date back as far as 5,000 years ago. The Hollywood Reporter notes that while body chains are mostly considered summer jewelry, this fall/winter they can be worn over figure-hugging clothing such as bodycon dresses and jumpsuits.

In the 2000s, body chains were all the rage, with celebs like Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, and Paris Hilton rocking the trend regularly (via NSS Magazine). With the resurgence of fashion from the aughts, it was only a matter of time before body chains became trendy again. Designer Jacquie Aich, whose designs have been worn by musician Billie Eilish, told Vogue that "body jewelry is timeless."

According to jewelry brand Elvie, you can dress down a body chain by wearing it with a crop top; this way, it only shows around your belly. Or, you can dress it up with a simple backless dress, which will accentuate your back. However, if you plan on wearing a body chain in cold weather, rocking it over a tight turtleneck dress can take a simple look to the next level.

Pendant necklaces

Just like with dainty bracelets, layering dainty necklaces is so 2021. This winter, it's all about a statement pendant necklace which can look particularly incredible if worn over a turtleneck. "I love a statement pendant necklace, and I'm so excited to see this as a trend" Rachel Zoe tells Marie Claire. "When I wear this style, I either like to pair it with a plunging necklace or a much higher neckline, rather than something in between. This really allows the pendant to pop in your styling."

When choosing the right pendant necklace, designer Sewit Sium suggests asking yourself a couple of questions. "Is it classic? Does it have longevity? What's the story? If I can walk away from a piece of jewelry, then it's not for me. If it feels like an obsession, then it's on," the designer tells The Zoe Report. Considering that crystals and gemstones are on trend right now, picking a pendant necklace with one is a great way to incorporate both trends into your look.

The Zoe Report notes that '90s cord pendant necklaces are also having a huge comeback this winter. The grudge accessory was a staple in every teen's collection back then — and it seems as if teens are just as obsessed with it now. "I think that [the] Gen Z [crowd] is loving this trend because of how fun and easy to style the necklaces are," Pia Mance, the founder and designer of Heaven Mayham, a vintage shop, tells The Zoe Report. "The vintage nature of this style of jewelry makes each necklace feel timeless and special, almost like they are a piece of art."

Hoop earrings

While hoop earrings have been worn regularly over the decades, it seems as if designers are particularly fond of them now as they have been seen all over runways. "These are a staple piece, just like having a pair of diamond studs. Although they may seem like earrings that you can only wear out to nice dinners or events, that is not the case," designer and stylist Chantelle Hartman Malarkey tells InStyle. "You can style these with anything and everything." Hoop earrings will instantly make you look more put-together, even if you're just wearing sweatpants.

Net-a-Porter notes that there is plenty of variety when it comes to hoop earrings, and some of the most popular styles right now include huggies (tiny hoops that hug the ear), oversized hoops, and pearl hoops. However, if you don't own hoops yet, make sure your first ones are versatile. "Your first pair of hoops should be something clean that you can wear morning, noon, and night. Your fifth pair of hoops should be something that has texture and maybe a larger diameter. Something that rounds out your collection," jeweler Jennifer Fisher tells Vogue. "I always say that hoop earrings are like the perfect pair of jeans; you need a few styles to round out your collection."

Lip jewelry

As L'Officiel notes, Angelina Jolie rocked lip jewelry at the "Eternals" premiere in Los Angeles in November 2021, and ever since then, the trend has been popping up more and more. The Academy Award-winning star isn't the only celeb who has been spotted rocking the trend; stars like Machine Gun Kelly, Lizzo, and Joan Smalls have also been spotted rocking lip jewelry.

In fact, Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 2023 show was in the spotlight because of the piercings the models wore (apart from the fact that they walked through actual mud). Many of those piercings were lip piercings, and the show's head of makeup, prosthetics, and piercings, Alexis Stone, revealed to Hunger TV just how they managed to pull that off. "We actually raided a piercing shop in Paris the day before," Stone explained. "We bought every single piercing from the shop."

Luckily, you don't really have to have pierced lips to rock lip jewelry. Most of the chunky lip jewelry we see are fake piercings anyway, and the dainty, real-looking ones can also be bought as a faux piece that will allow you to rock the trend without committing to the pain.

Chandelier earrings

In the 2000s, every girl opted for chandelier earrings when dressing up for a night out, and those who stored them away in a box in their closet can consider themselves the lucky ones now. While chandelier earrings have been seen on the fashion industry's biggest runways recently (via Buro 247), it is primarily reality television star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian who brought the trend back. Kardashian seems to have decided to bring her favorite accessory from the 2000s back. Per People, the reality television star paired Marilyn Monroe's Norman Norell dress — the actress wore it to the Golden Globes in 1962 — with a pair of classic emerald chandeliers. Those who have been following Kim Kardashian's style closely over the years also know that the reality television star never really gave up on chandelier earrings by wearing them regularly over the years.

According to Luxury Bazaar, long statement earrings are not just for fancy occasions — they can dress up an everyday look too. In particular, they are a great choice for those who like wearing their hair up, as they instantly add a touch of glamour with much effort. "Chandelier earrings frame the face of the wearer and make for an elegant look. It's a timeless look fueled by short hairstyles. They are a real statement piece that has moved from the ballroom to the office," designer McKenzie Santimer notes (via the Gemological Institute of America).

Large rings on multiple fingers

Rings never really go out of style, but just like with most jewelry, they also go through different phases. While dainty rings have been common over the past couple of years, designers are now telling us to go big and bold. "For rings, more is more. Anything goes. When mixing metals, I like a tiny bit of silver in the gold mix," designer Sewit Sium tells The Zoe Report. "Also, I wear as many gold-plated silver pieces as I do solid gold. They're indistinguishable to the eye."

Of course, this doesn't mean you need to ditch all of your rings for new bigger ones. Mixing and matching is the key which means that you can rock daintier rings with chunkier ones. "With rings, I like to balance large and delicate pieces. I'll pair a large signet-style ring on my index finer with a soft, curvaceous snake ring on my ring finger and a trio of bands on my pinky, for example," stylist Tanya Dukes tells Net-A-Porter. "And by all means, if someone wants to pile rings on a thumb, they have my complete and total support!"

Liza Urla, London-based gemologist and the founder of GEMOLOGUE says that rings are her favorite way of accessorizing an outfit. "My main stacking tip is don't be shy with your rings. Stack several rings — a fabulous cocktail ring, delicate wedding band, solitaire ring, and contemporary signet ring can all work in harmony," she tells Net-a-Porter. "I don't have rules about the order of rings; it's all about experimenting." Still, always make sure that your hands are still comfortable and that you can grab things and move your knuckles.