Beauty Expert Explains Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair Daily

It's not a secret at this point that a common tip for keeping your hair happy and healthy revolves around not washing it daily. However, how often you should wash your hair is highly debated because some people have a hair type that needs to be cleansed daily or other people can't stand the feeling of day-old hair or grease. And it's a question that Krysta Biancone, co-founder of Amari Salon & Spa and a hairstylist at Hair by Krysta, gets asked by her clients often, as she tells Glam. And it's one that has an answer that can be simply boiled down to "it depends on your hair type."


She explains that while some people are able to wash their hair daily and have healthy hair afterward, others are better off washing it a few times a week. If you've noticed that your hair is too dry or your curls aren't bouncing like they used to, this beauty expert has you covered with some pristine advice on hair washing.

Washing daily can hurt damaged hair even more

If your hair is already compromised from too much bleach or color treatments, putting water on it often is not going to help it get better. "Dry and damaged hair needs to be washed less often because washing it daily will strip your scalp of its natural oils which help keep it healthy and hydrated," Biancone tells us. Sure, there are products that promise to hydrate dried-out or damaged hair, but they won't be able to work their magic if you oversaturate your locks with water every day.


What's more, Biancone says that if you currently don't have scalp issues or have to deal with an overly oily scalp, washing your hair more often can have adverse effects in that regard. "Washing your hair too often can also cause scalp irritation and make your scalp produce more oils than normal, leading to greasy hair," she adds. You don't have to go out and buy a ton of new products or tools, but checking in on your hair and figuring out where it's at, including current damage and your hair type, will help you decide on how often you should wash your hair — which will ultimately help your hair's health in the long run.

Curly hair will get too frizzy with too much washing

Similarly to why you don't want to wash your damaged hair too often, there is such a thing as too much washing if you have naturally curly hair. "If you have curly or wavy hair, it's important not to wash it too often as this can cause frizziness and dryness," Krysta Biancone tells Glam. Having curly hair doesn't inherently mean it's damaged, but this hair type needs a lot of care and attention that other types don't. For instance, curly or wavy hair needs a lot of hydration to keep those bouncy curls healthy. Also, depending on whether your hair is wavy or has tight curls, too much water can over-dry curly hair really quickly. So, again, your curls might not be damaged, but they have a tendency to dry out easier.


If your curls are getting a tad frizzy or drying out, the hairstylist has a valuable tip. She says that when you do wash your curly locks — again, probably not daily —  you're going to want to get specific products to help keep those curls moisturized and healthy. "I recommend using conditioner after every shampoo so that the natural oils in your scalp don't get stripped away completely," Biancone adds.

If you have to wash your hair daily, do it wisely

Despite the fact that some hair types could benefit from hair washing only two to three times per week, there are situations where daily hair washing is necessary. Biancone says that people with oily hair are fine to wash it daily. Sometimes hair can't go a day without being visibly greasy or oily, and if you feel more comfortable having it freshly washed every morning, go for it.


If you find that your hair gets too oily between daily washes or you don't like the fact that it needs washing daily, there are ways to train your hair to need less frequent washing. But even if you need to wash your hair daily because of your hair type, you could still dry out the ends, leading hair to produce even more oil. That's why Biancone says it's important to choose your haircare products wisely. "Make sure you use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that won't overly strip away the natural oils from your scalp," she advises. This allows you to clean your hair, making it less oily but allowing your hair to stay hydrated.

Again, hair is unique, and "there's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to washing your hair every day," according to Biancone. She recommends checking in on your hair and figuring out how you want to shape your shower regime. "Pay close attention to how your scalp feels after each wash and adjust accordingly."