Your Ultimate Guide To Dating A Libra

When you make the conscious decision to enter into a relationship with someone, taking their zodiac sign into account is a smart thing to do. If you decide that you want to date a Libra, there are several things you should know about your partner in terms of personality traits and characteristics. The Times of India describes Libras as being cozy, friendly, and extroverted. They care about maintaining balance, peace, harmony, and a sense of justice in the world. 


Co—Star Astrology notes that Libras might be slightly difficult to understand, since a lot of their behaviors and thought processes can be contradictory. That doesn't mean it's not worth your time to figure them out on a deeper level, though. Whether you're just getting started in a brand new relationship with a Libra, or you've been dating your Libra partner for a while, these are some of the things you should know to ensure that your relationship will stand the test of time.

Libras are incredibly social people

If you're not ready to expand your social circle in a big way, dating a Libra might not be for you. One thing that Libras have in common is the fact that they are incredibly social human beings. If you are the type of person who prefers spending time alone or really appreciate living your life in a low-key manner, dating a Libra will force you to abandon your old ways. 

Advertisement says that Libras love putting their friends in the limelight, which means friendship is a very big deal to them. The Times of India explains that Libras prioritize the importance of social connections, causing them to be some of the most agreeable individuals out there. People who care about maintaining solid friendships are willing to go above and beyond to keep their friends happy. 

If you are also a social person, dating a Libra will only stand to benefit you. The two of you will be able to turn into a power couple surrounded by tons of loving and accepting friends. Since Libras care so much about their friend groups, you can show them how much you care by showing their friends attention and positivity whenever possible. Introducing your Libra partner to the good friends you already have in your own life will also make them feel more understood.


Libras can be indecisive

Be prepared to make the majority of decisions in your relationship if you decide to settle down with a Libra. Another thing Libras have in common is the fact that they are super indecisive. Your Tango notes that Libras often stress out about reaching the best possible outcomes. Since they don't know how to ensure success with every possible choice, it makes the overall decision-making process a struggle. 


Asking them where they want to eat lunch or dinner can result in some major hesitation from your Libra because they won't want to mess things up by choosing the wrong place to eat. Identity explains that the indecisiveness of Libras is one of their greatest flaws. One of the ways you can show your Libra that you care about them is to help them make decisions, whether they are small or hugely impactful. 

Helping them narrow down a place to eat is a great starting point, but they may also look to you for guidance about bigger scenarios. If they're struggling to decide whether they should seek out a new job, enroll in further education, or start a new hobby, they'll always appreciate getting some insight from you, especially if you're honest and gentle with your approach.


Libras are non-confrontational

Libras are known for being non-confrontational, which can be either a really good thing or a really bad thing. The fact that Libras don't appreciate confrontation means that they'll avoid conflict and arguments with their loved ones at all cost. It also means that they might shut down or run away from serious conversations that need to be worked through. Non-confrontational people sometimes slide into the emotionally avoidant category. In worst-case scenarios, they become passive-aggressive. 


Our Mindful Life explains that since Libras often tend to be people-pleasers, talking about what's bothering them the most doesn't come naturally. This is a serious problem because when you don't talk about something that is upsetting you, it starts to get bottled up to the point of explosion. Bottling up your feelings can lead to a terrible fallout, but Libras typically won't acknowledge that tough truth. 

It's unhealthy to avoid conflict altogether, and this is something your Libra partner might struggle with. explains that a Libra's desire to avoid confrontation is actually one of their biggest weaknesses. When dating a Libra, you have to keep in mind that you might be the sole person who leads the way whenever a disagreement arises. Carrying the weight of that emotional labor won't always feel fair or comfortable.


Libras can be super witty and clever

Dating a Libra means that you're dating someone with a great sense of humor. This means that you'll never get bored when engaging in conversations with your Libra partner. Co—Star Astrology explains that Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow are two famous people who fit into the Libra category: Their wit and intelligence have served them well in the world of business. 


Republic World describes Libras as being some of the most highly intelligent members of the zodiac chart due to the fact that they have so much knowledge under their belt. If you have questions about something floating around in your head, think about asking your Libra partner for an answer before reaching for your phone to search on Google. 

Chances are, your Libra will know at least some of the details connected to the question you have. Since Libras are so clever, the way they talk is typically very eloquent. You'll never be embarrassed when taking your Libra to work events or introducing them to your family members. The wit and cleverness of a Libra make them some of the most well-spoken individuals out there.


Libras aren't always the most reliable

One of the most unfortunate things to keep in mind while dating a Libra is the fact that they aren't the most reliable individuals out there. You can't consistently trust them to show up for you on time — or at all. Reader's Digest explains that Libras are the second least reliable members of the zodiac chart, only missing out on the worst possible position to Geminis. 


Although Libras care about equality, fairness, and balance, those positive characteristics don't perfectly equate to a deep sense of reliability or trustworthiness. The Times of India explains that Libras can be incredibly self-indulgent. In other words, worrying about their own self-interest above others might occasionally come into play. If they would prefer to indulge in an extra hour of sleep instead of being there on time to pick you up from the airport, that might become a reality you have to deal with.

If they'd rather hook up their phone to the aux cord in their car for music instead of answering your phone calls, you have to accept that constant communication from your Libra might not be in the cards. These are things anyone can work on and change, including a Libra, but changing unreliable behavior isn't something everyone will be willing to do. You might be deeply in love with your Libra, but don't put all of your eggs in one basket and assume they'll be there for you at the drop of a hat.


Libras are natural-born leaders

Since Libras are natural-born leaders, their strongest romantic relationships allow them to take charge — when it doesn't require too much decisiveness on their part, anyway. Co—Star Astrology says that one of Libras' positive traits is the fact that they can see every side of a subject when something is laid out in front of them, whereas many others can only see things from their own perspective.


The best leaders in the world are able to maintain some objectivity because they don't close themselves off to singular viewpoints. The Times of India notes that Libras tend to be incredibly dedicated leaders when it comes to their work environments. They might not be the best at narrowing down decisions at home, but if you observe them at their job, you might see an entirely new side to them. They are fully equipped to lead others in a just, balanced, and seamless manner. They just need to be willing to take those opportunities by the horns.

Libras loathe loneliness

Libras genuinely hate being lonely. Loneliness is the bane of their existence, in fact. That being said, you have to be absolutely sure that the Libra in your life isn't trying to connect with you on a romantic level out of their fear of loneliness. You want them to be with you purely because they actually care about you as a person. says that Libras are prone to wallowing when it comes to obsessing over negative things happening in their lives. People who wallow end up struggling with loneliness, because others may find this quality difficult to be around for long periods of time.


Livingly notes that Libras fear being alone just as much as they fear conflict and confrontation. Once a Libra embraces the belief that it's actually okay to be alone sometimes, they'll also reach a beautiful point of enlightenment. Being alone gives you the chance to watch the shows you love, eat the food you enjoy, and spend your time freely as you wish. It shouldn't be considered something negative or scary. As soon as a Libra understands this, they become a healthier person to be in a relationship with. Having conversations with your Libra about a potential fear of abandonment could help your relationship grow stronger.

Libras appreciate great aesthetics

If you're dating a Libra, the place you live in is probably about to get a major visual upgrade. A huge benefit that comes along with dating Libras is how much they appreciate great aesthetics. The New York Post explains that Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of beauty and is often associated with aesthetics. Co—Star Astrology notes that one of Libra's best traits is their desire to create beauty wherever they go. 


If you're living in a home with mismatched furniture and tacky art on the walls, the Libra in your life will probably encourage you to redecorate in a way that will get you into the mode of living in luxury. The first time you visit your Libra's place of residence, you might notice how lovely their set-up is. The most impressive thing about a Libra is that it doesn't require much effort or energy from them to create a great visual palette. The place they live, the car they drive, their desk space at work, and everything else they're in charge of probably already looks absolutely incredible, thanks to their keen eye for detail.

Libras get lost in daydreams

One of the sweetest details about Libras is the fact that they tend to get lost in their daydreams. Daydreaming is a wonderful thing to do, which means that if you're dating a Libra, you should never shut them down in the middle of these fantasy moments. Know the Zodiac says that Libras end up spending their time hosting parties, decorating their homes, and daydreaming about their lovers. This isn't a bad thing at all, even if it seems like a waste of time. 


Daydreamers have huge imaginations and the potential to live highly successful lives. The Beacon explains that in Libra season, most people might find themselves daydreaming a lot, whether they fall into the Libra category or not. There's something about Libra energy during their season each year that makes people believe they can really achieve anything they aspire to. Libras who fantasize know how to think outside of the box, not limiting themselves by being too realistic about things. They know they have the power to turn their daydreams into beautiful realities through manifestation and dedication.

Libras are influenced by the opinions of others

If you're dating a Libra, you should know ahead of time that they can be easily influenced by the opinions of others. Oh! My Mag explains that Libras appreciate what it feels like to be admired by other people above all else. For this reason, the opinions of others are incredibly important to a Libra. They like to maintain appearances and be in control of the vibe they give off so that others have a positive view of them.


Behavioral Scientist explains that being influenced by others isn't always actually a bad thing. It's okay to listen to insight from other people about how to improve your life. The only way this can become a problem when dating a Libra is if they start becoming influenced by opinions that are detrimental to your relationship. Making sure that your Libra only makes decisions about your relationship from the depths of their own heart is the most important factor here.

Libras can be really flirty

Libras are known for being incredibly flirty, which can be a great thing for you when your relationship is just getting started. It can also turn into a negative thing after your relationship is established if you notice that your Libra is still acting flirtatiously with other people. Vice describes Libras as being shameless flirts who are blissfully unaware of how manipulative their flirtations can be.

Advertisement says that Libras flirt using graceful, direct, and charming style. Since Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of aesthetics, love, sensuality, and pleasure, it makes sense that flirting would be a big deal for any Libra. Since Libras are well-spoken individuals, they can lean on their words to captivate the people they're interested in. If you already struggle with jealousy, dating a Libra might not be for you. Even if they aren't trying to be flirtatious with other people, their friendliness can come across as flirting, which might lead to unfortunate drama.

Libras fear the unknown

The fear of the unknown is a little bit daunting for everyone, but it's especially scary for a Libra. When dating a Libra, you have to understand that the fear of the unknown might really impact the way they live and the decisions they make. Healthline notes that this terror can leave people in a debilitated state because they don't know how to move forward in life. 


This wraps back around to how indecisive Libras can be. Knowing that things aren't predictable and risking a total loss of control can cause Libras to struggle to overcome their fear of the unknown. Harvard Business Review explains that it is possible to overcome this fear if Libras balance out the uncertainty with possibility. Having conversations with your Libra that spin the unknown into something exciting rather than scary will help them feel understood, heard, and loved by you in your relationship.

Libras prefer following tradition

Getting into a relationship with a Libra means you might have to get on board with following some old-school traditions. If you're not the type who's interested in keeping up with conventional customs, this could a sacrifice you make for your Libra. Vice explains that Libras cherish tradition so much, they might be naturally connected to historical artifacts and stories of their ancestors that have been passed down through generations. 

Advertisement says that Libras will always have a strong pull in the direction of tradition, even if you want your relationship to look a little more spontaneous and modern. Dating a Libra possibly means dealing with someone who is more comfortable conforming to societal norms and rules in a relationship. You have to find out early on how they feel about splitting household chores, bills, and everything else. Libras are fully capable of changing their views and opening their eyes to more contemporary ways of thinking, but that isn't always to be expected.