Jewelry Trends That Are Out And What You Should Wear Instead

The right jewelry can make any outfit look absolutely perfect, no matter where you're headed. By that same token, the wrong jewelry can ruin what you're wearing by throwing off the balance of the look you're trying to achieve. Making sure that your jewelry looks absolutely flawless with your outfit is a must if you want to make a bold statement. Bright Side notes that jewelry can highlight the way you look by adding a unique twist based on current trends that are circulating, so one big mistake people make these days is trying to rock jewelry that is totally outdated. 


According to Ring Concierge, it's important to stay ahead of the trends by curating a lovely collection of jewelry that others might begin to covet before each trend has fully started saturating the market. You may still be depending on jewelry trends that no longer make any sense in the world of fashion, and you might not even be totally aware of it. So it's time to focus on some of the newest jewelry trends that will give your look an upgrade.

Yellow gold jewelry instead of rose gold

There's really nothing as timeless or as classic as solid yellow gold jewelry. Rose gold definitely had its moment, but it's time to shift all focus back to jewelry made of solid gold without any of the slight pink hues. Mode notes that rose gold has often been lumped in with low-quality and cheap materials, getting a bad reputation for itself. In the mid to late 2010s, however, rose gold jewelry became incredibly popular for people who loved wearing bracelets, necklaces, rings, and statement watches. Rose gold-colored iPhones and hair dye even became a thing for a short while too. At the end of the day though, solid yellow gold jewelry will still always come out on top.


According to Noray Designs Handmade Jewelry, solid gold is one of the most expensive metals in existence. To be sure to get your money's worth, it's key to understand the differences in gold types before getting started with a jewelry shopping spree. Once you know exactly what you're looking for, you can rest assured knowing that solid yellow gold jewelry will look fabulous on you.

Plated chokers instead of lace chokers

Chokers have been all the rage for a while, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. The main detail to take into account is the type of choker you choose to wear with a particular outfit. Plated chokers are the way to go instead of lace chokers if you want to keep up with ever-changing trends. The Hollywood Reporter explains that plated chokers have been designed to be your go-to statement necklace if you're hoping to wear something on the chunkier side. 


According to A Fashion Blog, chokers are truly elegant when they're worn the right way. Although lace chokers were incredibly popular recently after making a comeback from the '90s, plated chokers have taken over now. This is a good thing for people who aren't super delicate or gentle with their jewelry. Lace chokers can easily be torn apart or ripped if you're not super careful putting them on. Plated chokers don't come with that type of concern.

Large hoop earrings instead of small hoops

There's nothing wrong with rocking a pair of hoop earrings for a day at work or a date night with your significant other. The only thing you have to take into account is how big the hoops are if you truly want to be a trendy individual. Small-sized hoop earrings are no longer in style. Instead, Net-A-Porter recommends opting for "huggie" hoops, which cuddle your earlobe, or oversized hoop earrings that compliment any turtleneck sweater you might have in your closet. They also suggest trying hoop earrings with pearls dripping from the bottom, colorful hoops, and chubby hoops made with a more exaggerated thickness. 


As the New York Post explains, you can't go wrong with silver hoop earrings, diamond hoop earrings, and simple gold hoop earrings. As long as they are sizable enough, you'll certainly look as fabulous as you hope to look.

Seashells instead of feathers

Feather earrings, necklaces, and bracelets had their moment in terms of popularity. Now, it's time to swap them out for pieces made with seashells instead. Ocean Jewelry Store explains that there's a lot of symbolism and meaning behind wearing seashell jewelry. People have associated seashells with fertility and love for thousands of years. Jewelry is widely believed to represent a journey between the spiritual and physical world that isn't plagued with any danger. Many people believe that wearing seashells that have hard textures can strengthen your mind and the way you think about things. 


According to Beach Bliss Living, you can really enjoy your seashell jewelry if you decide to get into a DIY mode and handcraft some beautiful pieces. There will always be seashell jewelry to purchase from regular department stores and places like Etsy, but that doesn't mean it's not equally as exciting to create seashell jewelry on your own. As long as you know how to drill tiny holes in your shells, and you have the right amount of Krazy Glue, you'll be set.

Charms instead of letter-shaped jewelry

Emily might have a necklace with a dangling "E" letter at the bottom while Francesca might have an anklet with a dangling "F" letter hanging from it. If you own several pieces of jewelry that have the first initial of your name on them, it's time to pack those up and consider a different style of jewelry for a while. Simple Shine. explains that jewelry with letters can make you look a tad tacky and that it's always better to choose charms that make a statement.


Your letter-shaped jewelry doesn't have to be tossed out for good, but for now, wearing jewelry with dangling charms is the way to go. Tiffany and Co. has a wide selection of gorgeous charms that can be added to any piece of jewelry for a more personalized touch. They offer charms shaped like crowns, palm trees, ladybugs, the Eiffel tower, and more.

Solo bracelets instead of bracelet stacks

Stacking multiple bracelets on both hands was the way to go for tons of jewelry lovers over the last few years. Now, it makes more sense to rock one solo bracelet on each hand instead of going for a multilayered look. According to Pause, one of the reasons women choose to wear bracelets is that they want to portray the symbol of beauty. Bracelets can be the perfect fashion accessory, whether your bracelet is an heirloom or a brand-new item you've purchased to showcase your personal identity. 


Find Things Handcrafted Jewelry explains that there's tons of symbolism behind wearing different bracelets. Beaded bracelets, for example, are supposed to provide you with more luck and energy. Gemstone bracelets are supposed to bring you good fortune if you opt for your own personal birthstone. Whatever your reason might be for wearing a particular bracelet, it's important to remember that solo bracelets look way more fabulous than having too many bracelets stacked all together.

Sphere-shaped jewelry instead of stars

While it might seem cute and fun to wear jewelry with star shapes adorned everywhere, sphere-shaped jewelry is actually all the rage right now. Keeping up with ever-changing jewelry trends means it's time to stow away your star-shaped jewelry for something a little more mature. Dearest is an upscale brand with a sphere-shaped diffuser pendant bracelet for sale right now. It appeals to the classiest jewelry lovers out there. The sphere itself is embedded with Swarovski crystals, and it comes with a silver beaded chain. 


There's a reason there are endless options of sphere-shaped jewelry on Etsy these days too. Etsy sellers are fully aware that sphere-shaped jewelry is having its moment. One of the pieces being sold on Etsy resembles a clear blue sky with puffy white clouds floating around the center. Another appears to be sterling silver wire wrapped around in a ball like a Christmas tree ornament. There are so many different routes you can take if you choose to rock sphere-shaped jewelry.

Chunky necklaces instead of chunky pendants

Wearing a necklace with a chunky pendant hanging at the bottom isn't necessarily in style anymore. Now, your best bet is to wear a necklace that is entirely chunky all the way around. The Hollywood Reporter notes that chunky necklaces have made their official comeback. The thicker necklace is, the better. The good news about chunky jewelry is that even though it looks like it might be a bit heavy, it's still generally lightweight depending on the brand you're shopping at. 


TikToker @_KatieHui modeled a series of necklaces with chunky pendants on TikTok for her followers to see. One thing she had to keep in mind while trying on the chunky pendants was whether or not the strings holding them were strong enough to carry their weight. If you opt for a necklace that is chunky all the way around, you don't have to worry about a skinny string potentially snapping.

Cuff bracelets instead of skinny bracelets

Cuff bracelets are the statement pieces that every fashionista must have in their closet (via Jewellery Insights by Katerina Perez). There's nothing inherently boring about skinny bracelets, but cuff bracelets are simply more stylish these days. When you're wearing the right cuff bracelet, it adds a dramatic edge to your overall appearance. TikToker @MarianaXCosta says cuff bracelets are super chic. She showed off an assortment of cuff bracelets in a variety of colors including black, pink, yellow, and animal print on TikTok.


If you're only planning to wear one bracelet on your hand, it should be a bracelet that truly stands out in a bold way. For this reason, skinny bracelets don't always do the trick. Another reason cuff bracelets are great is because of the way they clasp together around your wrist without needing any extra assistance. You don't have to worry about the chain of a cuff bracelet breaking because cuff bracelets tend to avoid chains altogether.

Multiple rings instead of one ring per hand

You can have a lot of fun with rings these days since wearing one solo ring on your hand isn't in style anymore. Instead, putting rings on multiple fingers at any given time is the trendier route to take. Pretty Progressive explains that when you're wearing multiple rings at once, you should have one major statement piece,  be comfortable mixing different metals, and be excited to match the other jewelry you're wearing to the rings on your hands. 


This means that if your rings have special shapes or designs on them, your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can match too. TikToker @CallsyMalaysia proves that wearing multiple rings on one hand doesn't have to be complicated if you know what you're doing. On TikTok, they showed off gold rings with crystals on the pointer finger, middle finger, and ring finger. The middle finger got an additional ring added right above the knuckle.

Unconventional pearls instead of simple stud earrings

It's time to spice things up with your earring choices. Instead of rocking simple stud earrings, you might consider wearing unconventional pearls instead. Yahoo! Life notes that simple stud earrings are the less popular option compared to unconventional pearls that really stand out across any room.


User @Mon.Ete.Studio explained on TikTok that you can decipher genuine pearls from fake ones using a few simple techniques. The temperature test is simple enough to try because if you're dealing with genuine pearls, they'll be cool to the touch before warming up in your fingers. Fake pearls will instantly warm up as soon as you grab them. Whether you choose to wear genuine pearls or fake ones, knowing that unconventional pearl earrings are trendy right now will keep you on the right track in the world of top-tier fashion. Simple stud earrings made of gold or silver just won't make as much of an impact.

Mixed-color jewelry instead of monochrome

Monochrome jewelry was just as popular as monochrome makeup for a while there. Wearing monochrome makeup and jewelry simply means you're wearing the same color from top to bottom. With jewelry, monochrome means wearing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are all the same exact color. Now, you don't really have to worry about making sure everything is perfectly matched up because, as Yahoo! Life explains, wearing perfectly matching jewelry is incredibly outdated. 


According to John Atencio, mixing metals in your jewelry box has become a defining trend. This means that you can feel comfortable wearing bright pink earrings, a purple cuff bracelet, and a neon-plated choker necklace together. The more colorful you are, the better. There's no reason to put yourself in a box when it comes to color schemes in your jewelry choices. Monochrome jewelry is a tad bland compared to all the colorful combinations you can come up with.

Energy crystal jewelry instead of diamonds

Thanks to Marilyn Monroe, a lot of people believe that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamond jewelry doesn't have to be the end-all-be-all, though. Despite the fact that they are timeless and beautiful, one of the most unfortunate things to note about diamonds is the fact that they are incredibly expensive and rare. For these reasons, plenty of people are opting for energy crystal jewelry instead. According to Crystal Happenings, when you wear energy crystal jewelry, it can provide the right amount of stimulation and balance to your body to promote natural healing. If you need improvement in your physical, emotional, or spiritual life, energy crystal jewelry can help provide that.


Energy Muse explains that healing crystals are also uplifting and purifying as support systems for whatever intentions you might have. There is a crystal for just about any desire or need that could float into your mind. The best part of all is that energy crystal jewelry can be just as visually beautiful and sparkly as diamond jewelry.

Dainty layered necklaces instead of bib necklaces

There's something slightly aggressive about a bib necklace. Bib necklaces are typically very large, dripping over your neck, collarbone, and upper chest in a significant manner. Keeping up with ever-changing jewelry trends means that you should consider wearing dainty layered necklaces instead. According to Gabriella Arruda, layering your dainty necklaces comes down to making sure the scales are different and there are varying lengths. 


You also need to define your style. Do you want to aim for a minimalist approach or do you want to aim for a more high-end result? Either way, these are important details to figure out when layering your necklaces. Net-A-Porter says that there's nothing shockingly new about layering your necklaces since this is a trend that has been around for a while. It's up to you to layer your necklaces in a way that suits you best to showcase how fashionable you are. Swapping out bib necklaces for dainty layered necklaces will give you a sense of elegance, harmony, and chicness.

Drip earrings instead of simple stud earrings

As mentioned earlier, simple stud earrings simply aren't going to distance these days. Replacing them with unconventional pearls is one way to go, but it's also a great idea to think about swapping out your simple studs with drip earrings. As demonstrated on TikTok, user @Yuuka_Universe says it's easy enough to create drip earrings out of clay if you have the right molds to use. If you don't have any interest in DIY drip earrings made at home, there are tons of boutiques and jewelry stores to find this exact earring style instead.


Yahoo! Life notes that drip earrings are the latest jewelry trend to swoon over because of how dazzling they can be. There's nothing boring or basic about wearing the perfect pair of drip earrings along with your outfit of choice. While simple stud earrings are easy to ignore or overlook on any given day, it's incredibly difficult to miss out on the gorgeous details of drip earrings since they dangle much lower than most.

Rhinestone headbands instead of flower headbands

Headbands have been some of the prettiest and sweetest accessories to add to an outfit since the days of "Gossip Girl" starring Leighton Meester and Blake Lively. They were rocking stunning and bold headbands on their way to class at their upscale private school, and they looked incredible in each episode. Flower headbands rose in popularity between 2013 and 2015, and then headbands fell off the map altogether after that. Now, they are back and better than ever. 


Instead of wearing flower headbands, headbands covered in rhinestones and crystals are the way to go. TikToker @BeautifulBrillianceBri showed off crystal headbands on TikTok that are pretty and sparkly. And despite misconceptions, they are definitely made for adults. Editorial List says fashion lovers need to separate the mindset that headbands belong on middle school children since they can be used as classy accessories in your adulthood too.