Is There Really A Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign?

Each zodiac sign brings something to the metaphorical table. For example, Pisces is known for being creative, Libra is known for being a people-pleaser and having an affinity for the finer things in life, and Aquarius is known for being free-wheeling and independent, just to mention a few signs.

Despite the good qualities of each zodiac sign, each one has a dark side too. Wrong a Pisces and they'll never forgive you, get on Libra's bad side and they'll plot the revenge they plan to take on you (although their indecisiveness means it could take years before they finally decide what to do), and if you mess with an Aquarius, you better take cover because their temperament will go from relaxed to throwing glasses and dishes in all directions. No sign is perfect because no sign is without its flaws.

But when it comes to the most dangerous zodiac sign, it's not exactly fair to point to one sign and label it as such. According to Zodiac Sign, Scorpio is known to be manipulative and violent — both of which are signs of a psychopath — but that doesn't mean that Scorpio is the most dangerous, per se.

So, is there a zodiac sign that corners the market on being, well, the most perilous, so to speak? To get to the bottom of this burning question is to look at the signs of the evilest humans out there.

What the FBI has to say

In June of 2021, Archive Today posted an article titled, "Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs According to FBI (A Complete Guide)," which, of course, had everyone frothing at the mouth — especially those who live for true crime and serial killer documentaries. According to the list, the most dangerous zodiac sign is Cancer, followed by Sagittarius and Scorpio, respectively.

However, the list was proven to be false, which, if you think about it, makes sense for two reasons: First, there's no way the FBI would waste their time in compiling such a list, especially because their work is based on science and fact. And second ... Cancer, really? Cancer is loyal, emotional, and empathetic and often finds itself on lists in which it's considered the most affectionate zodiac sign.

Then in November 2022, astrologist Kreena Desai of Bonobology put together a list of the seven most dangerous zodiac signs. Nowhere on that list was Cancer, and, based on her research, the most dangerous sign is Capricorn. According to a study (that Desai references) of the zodiac signs of 488 serial killers, the most common sign amongst all of them is Capricorn, with 55 of them falling under the Capricorn sign. In second and third place, with 46 killers and 43 killers, are Leo and Scorpio, respectively. It seems Scorpio can't get a break no matter how legit or non-legit a list of the most dangerous zodiac signs happens to be.

So is there a most dangerous zodiac sign?

If we look at some of the most prolific serial killers, because if we're going for the most dangerous, there's nothing more dangerous than a serial killer, their zodiac signs run the gamut. American serial killer Samuel Little was convicted of killing 60 people, although it's suspected that number is actually into the mid-90s. Little was a Gemini. Ted Bundy, who was electrocuted in 1989, confessed to killing 35 to 36 women, although it's suspected that number far surpasses 100. Bundy was a Sagittarius. South American serial killer Luis Garavito admitted to killing roughly 193 children, although authorities put that amount at over 300. Garavito, who's actually up for parole in 2023, is an Aquarius. And Jeffrey Dahmer, whom we all know about thanks in part to the recent Netflix movie by Ryan Murphy, was a Gemini.

There are good and bad people of all genders, all ethnicities, all religions, all sexualities, and, yes, all zodiac signs. So is there a most dangerous zodiac sign? No. Evil is evil, and it's not connected to the stars. Unless you're a Scorpio, of course, based on all the lists — joking!