The Zodiac Signs That Are Total Cheapskates

It's an excellent skill to be responsible with money, as reckless spending is a bad habit that typically leads to unpleasant consequences. However, there's a fine line between being a savvy saver and full-on cheap. For instance, do you have that one friend who always "forgets" to tip the bartender when you go out drinking? Or the family member who only suggests the most inexpensive restaurants when you go out to eat, even if they know you don't like the food? Or do you have an ex who never bought you flowers or chocolates on Valentine's Day because the "prices are a rip-off?" If any of these situations sound familiar, you have experience dealing with cheapskates.


An iconic example of an ultra-cheap TV character is Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants. In the beloved cartoon, Krabs does whatever it takes to have as much money as possible, even if it means acting unfairly or unethically toward others (via YouTube). Which zodiac sign do you think he is?

Some zodiac signs happen to be cheaper than others, and we know which would make even Mr. Krabs proud with their stingy tendencies.

Indulgent yet stingy Taurus

Taurus is famous for enjoying treats, luxurious items, and great experiences, so we're aware that it might seem surprising to hear that this zodiac sign is one of the cheapest of them all. But just because Taurus enjoys elaborate objects and experiences, that doesn't mean that this sign wants to pay for them. "Taurus is mistrustful of anyone who persuades them to part with their cash, and probably still remembers you owe them $10 from three years ago ... at a new restaurant they'll order the most indulgent item, but they might mysteriously vanish when it's time for the bill," Marion Williamson, an astrologer/author, told BestLife. So, yes, we all know that Taurus loves getting their hands on lush items, but they'll likely try to get out of paying for those extravagant products — and still, never expect them to let it go if you ever borrowed money from them.


With birthdays between April 20 and May 20, people belonging to the Taurus sign hate the thought of wasting money, per YourTango. Therefore, you can expect a Taurus to sit down and think for hours or even days about all the different options when deciding which one to purchase, whether they'll be purchasing a new car or a new pair of glasses.

Extra organized Virgo

Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos always feel they need to stay on top of every cent they've ever had (via YourTango). It's great to be organized, but Virgo is the one zodiac sign who can be too obsessed with organization. For example, a Virgo might ruin the vibe during a day at the mall with friends by triple checking that the cashier gave that Virgo exact change back for their purchase and constantly checking that the receipt is still in the bag, followed by refusing to lend you a few dollars so you can grab a soda.


According to Pinkvilla, many Virgos have judgmental attitudes regarding other people and money in addition to being cheap with their own money. So, a Virgo might criticize a family member, roommate, co-worker, or friend for their bad spending habits, even if those habits don't affect that Virgo. A Virgo probably won't make fun of you for being cheap — since Virgos are typically cheapskates — but they'll likely make opinionated comments about people spending cash on expensive items they don't need or lacking savings.

Super stingy Scorpios

Don't expect a Scorpio to spend their paycheck — or even a fraction of it — on others because they probably won't want to bother doing that. "Scorpios may spend money on themselves, but because they prefer to travel alone, they dislike trips with friends when they must spend money on others," Emily Newman, a psychic reader/astrologer, told BestLife.


Scorpios have birthdays between October 23 and November 22, and they often like to be alone more than surrounded by other people, per Vice. So why would this water sign want to spend money on others when the Scorpio would rather be doing their own thing in the first place? Thus, don't be too surprised or offended if a Scorpio turns down an invitation to a night out at a trendy bar with friends, a group dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a weekend getaway with a lot of people. Chances are, the Scorpio doesn't have a problem with you; they most likely just don't want to spend all that money on group activities. This famously sexy yet frugal zodiac sign would probably instead save that money for themselves or buy a long-lasting leather jacket or a satisfying new adult toy.


Famously practical Capricorn

Capricorns are known for being super hard-working, so why would they want to waste all their hard-earned money? With birthdays between December 22 and January 19, people belonging to this zodiac sign are always looking for ways to save money and typically don't want to hand out money to other people for nothing in return. Yes, Capricorns enjoy some indulgent products, but only when those Capricorns are 100% sure that they can afford such lavish items. So, a Capricorn will likely never be in financial debt to anyone. However, other people will probably end up owing the Capricorn, as people belonging to this sign won't forget about the money someone borrowed from them.


Moreover, Capricorns take great relief and satisfaction in having a lot of money saved up, so you should never expect them to splurge on other people, per Pinkvilla, even if those people are friends and family. Thus, that infamously practical Capricorn mindset could lead to them buying you a pragmatic present, such as a new stapler or makeup wipes, rather than an expensive or touching gift. Furthermore, expect them to show up to a house party empty-handed, as they probably won't desire to bring anything just because they received an invite.