How A Professional Organizer Can Transform Your Life

Organizing your space will come with some obvious perks. To start, when your home is neat and tidy, it's much easier to find the things you need, which will save you time. Orderly areas may also make you feel at peace, as you won't be surrounded by clutter. And, of course, an organized home is much more aesthetic.

While you could organize your home yourself, hiring a professional could come with even more benefits, including that they can keep you from feeling overwhelmed, purchase the tools needed, and do most of the work for you. However, they can also be quite pricey. For instance, an organizing company in Tennessee called H.O.M.E. by Shay costs $85 an hour and depending upon how large your project is, you may need to pay for 40 hours or more. Therefore, you could be dropping $3,400 to get your space organized.

At the same time, many agree that these services are well worth it, even with the high price tag. Below, you'll discover what makes a professional unique from someone who just loves organizing, as well as how to get the most out of their services.

They have a fresh perspective

Since you live in your space, it may be difficult to consider alternative organizational setups. For instance, maybe you've been keeping your linens in one area, but this isn't the most efficient way to store them. This is where professional organizers can make the largest difference, as they come with a perspective that could lead to a much smarter use of your space. And, since they also have much more experience than you do, they'll come equipped with ideas before they even see your situation. This could be especially helpful for those who have cramped homes or closets, as they'll be able to advise you on how to best use the small area.

Professionals can also be invaluable for those who struggle with getting rid of items. Perhaps your home feels overwhelming because there's so much clutter. If so, they could be the voice of reason that tells you which possessions to get rid of. Similarly, they could also provide you with a new perspective on clutter. For instance, if you've been holding onto things that are making your everyday life more challenging, they could help you understand how letting go of these items would improve your life.

How to get the most out of a professional's services

In order to get the most out of a professional organizer's services, you need to be realistic about both your goals and the amount of time it will take to accomplish them. While some professionals are paid by the hour, most also have set plans that involve working for anywhere from 10 to 40 hours. For example, if using an organizing company in Minnesota called Breakaway Organizing, you could either pay $65 by the hour or choose a pre-priced plan, which could possibly save you money. Therefore, when hiring the right organizer, you'll need to decide which plan will work for you and then communicate precisely what you desire.

In addition, you should also be as involved in the organization process as possible. Of course, you'll need to be present during the decluttering process to say which items you want to keep and which ones to part with. However, make sure you're also involved in the other portions of the process as well, including planning and implementing a system in your space. This is important because you'll be responsible for maintaining the system once the professional leaves. Therefore, you to understand where everything goes and what steps to take to manage the space.